Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some Tales, some Talent, some Aliens, some Roomates, a Boy Genius and Wolverine

Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius: Super Summer Spectacular

Yeah, these strips are basically "Marvelized" Calvin & Hobbes tales, but they're still amusing and often hilarious. I've enjoyed every collection they've released so far, and right now it's the only Sumerak i've been following. For some reason I dropped the Power Pack books he'd been writing, even though I was enjoying them. I think I was planning on buying the trades.

Wolverine: Origins #4

I (heart) Steve Dillon and Daniel Way. But, I've decided to drop this book for the sure-to-come hardcovers. This issue Cap and Wolvie go at it and it really is a hell of a brawl. I think Cap was slightly out of character, but I really don't give a crap, the whole MU is off it's rocker right now anyway. I still can't get over the use of the brown costume, definitely my favorite suite he's ever worn, I thought we'd seen the end of it for sure.My only problem with the issue? Who the heck is Hellion?

Tales of the TMNT #24

Wow, fantastic issue, mostly because of Hawthorne's excellent art. The plot's good too though, two "aliens" are uncovered amd begin wreaking havoc on the city. Tirns out it's only self defense and the duo unlock some interesting history of this world. I'd definitely like to see this story followed up on, but with this books history of that it might take a year or more.

Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight #1

Case in point, this is a conclusion to a story I don't even remember. But, it's still a good one. Leo has lost his sight and begins pondering his purpose on Earth. The "What if? " nature had me scratching my head for a few minutes, but in the end it turns out to be an excellent tale. Can't wait for issue #2.

Archenemies #4

Well, while I really dug the first issue everything sort of whimpered out with the story. Nothing really gets resolved and the hero and villain learn to basically tolerate eachother. There's even a few dangling plotlines. And the art really suffered the last two issues, feeling very rushed. Probably not the worst first-eefort by a comic creator, but it never lived up to its concept.

Talent #1-2

But this, this is exceeded any expectations I had for it. The sole miracle survivor of a plane crash must help those who died with their unfinished business on Earth. Meanwhile the government and some religious sect is out to kill him. I remember it being touted as "Lost"-like, but I never made that connection, I assume it was only to try and bring in readers. Extremely well written with pretty good art, looks like Boom! Studios has another excellent product on its hands.

War of the Worlds: Second Wave #3-4

I've read a few complaints about the art, but it really hasn't bothered me that much. In four issues it's proven to be a better effort than Spielberg's film. After the group confronts an alien in the sewer they seek shelter at a farm house, only to find more survivors. When they make it to a nearby town, with even more, they find the natives are a bit hostile. I'm liking it so far, but I guess it's not for everyone.


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