Thursday, November 06, 2003

As Tuesday is for DVD's. Wednesday is for comic books, and there were some good ones this week.

Supreme Power #4
What you need to know:This is the history of the Squadron Supreme, Marvel's take on the JLA. So far it's been the origin of Hyperion, a being from another world raised to be the US's secret weapon by the government.
This issue:Mark Milton tries to adjust to being the Earth's only superhero only to discover his "parents" have died. Meanwhile, enter street vigilante Nighthawk!
Why you should be reading it:J.M. Straz. continues to craft an in depth back story on the members of the Squadron Supreme, with stellar art work from frequent collaborator Gary Frank. This series has been quite impressive so far, a little slow, but still fantastic. If you're a fan of what some call the "deconstruction" of superheroes, you should give this book a try.

Thanos #2
What you need to know:Thanos has turned over a new leaf, vowing to help the world of New Rigel-3, a group of people he once terrorized. Tagging along on his journey is his oft-times nemesis, Adam Warlock
This issue:The Rigellian council debates accepting the mad Titan's offer, but when it's decided to accept if a coup d'etat is threatened, as is Thanos' life. Disposing of the threat, Thanos once again offers his help, but finds he may have signed on for more than he bargained. It seems Thanos must face the mighty Galactus.
Why you should be reading it:Jim Starlin is a master storyteller, and with him once more behind the reigns of Marvel's cosmic characters, space never looked so beautiful. This book has everything you could want, at least from Marvel. Larger than life characters, comedy, stunning art, surprise endings, and a story that seems almost Shakespearean. Oh, and the best inks in the business, courtesy of Al Milgrom.

Wolverine: The End #1
What you need to know:Marvel continues its "End" projects, this time focusing on Wolverine.
This issue:Wolverine recieves a letter informing him of Victor Creeds death, then returns to the place of his birth only to find a familiar book waiting for him.
Why you should be reading it:I enjoyed the previous entries into this little experiment, but this one seems a little forced. Jenkins does a fine job of handling Wolverine's character, but the art leaves you wanting, and it feels more like a sequel to Origin than it probably should. I might buy the rest, but you should probably wait for the trade if you get it at all.

Y,The Last Man #16
What you need to know:It's pretty much in the title. A plague has wiped out ever male mammal except for Yorick and his pet monkey, Ampersand.
This issue:We actually get a lighter tale than normal. This issue focuses on an acting troupe that travels the US performing for cans of food and trying to bring a little escape into the lives of tired women. But what will they do when the discover a male monkey hiding in the nearby woods?
Why you should be reading it:Because it's the best damn thing being put to paper. Well that's a little overboard, but it is excellent. Paul Chadwick provides the art, giving regular artist and co-creator Pia Guerra a well deserved break, and Brian K. Vaughns story is as superb as usual. He takes every man's fantasy and turns it into one mans nightmare.

Dark Days
What you need to know:The sequel to the much hyped 30 Days of Night, Dark Days is the story of widow Stella Olemaun and her struggle to bring to the public eye the existence of vampires.
This issue:Stella and her new vampire partner Dane fight off the undead to meet the leader of all vampires, Lilith.
Why you should be reading it:Because it's horror at it's best. This book is better than most horror movies that see release. Steve Nile and Ben Templesmith do for vampires what John Carpenter did for knife weilding murderers.

Thats it for this week, and for today. I'll have some thoughts on a few movies tomorrow, and hopefully a few other things.

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