Friday, September 08, 2006

Are You Ready?

Tonight marked the season opener for the NFL. It was the Steelers vs. the Dolphins in Pittsburg. The Steelers trounced the Fish, despite a few stumbles by interim QB Charlie Batch. The Dolphins didn't look terrible though, and it was a great game. Personally I find it insulting that the opener was on a Thursday, but, whatever. Also, I don't see Thursday faring much better than Monday.

So, my Falcons start their season this Sunday...and I'm not holding my breath. A winning season would be a major victory at this point, a trip to the playoffs would be Heaven. After last years 2-6 finish I just want the team to be fuctional and wind up 10-6. Opening against the Panthers might put the team on the downward spiral early. Yeah, I sound like a bandwagoner, I prefer to be called a realist. I do think they'll have a decent season though.

More speculating to come, and eventually my recount of Dragoncon!


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