Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Daniel Way+Steve Dillon (and Tex)=Wolverine is actually an interesting character

I've been hooked on Daniel Way since his short lived Venom series a few years ago. As much as I loved his Venom (and everything else since), his Wolverine tops it all.

Wolverine: Origins and Endings HC

Setting up his new "ongoing" series, Way also ties up some loose ends from the Winter Soldier storyline in Cap. A storyline I had completely spoiled for me. Well, to be honest I hadn't planned on reading it anyway. So, apparently Bucky is back from the dead. I guess that just leaves Gwen Stacy. Anyway, Wolverine knows who he is now, Bucky's still alive, the Marvel Universe as we knew it is no more. I think Mike might be closer to the truth than even he thinks. But, it's a great story, regardless of whether or not it will all be negated in a few months.

It doesn't begin to touch on what BWS accomplished with his Weapon X story, but you can really see that Way is only skimming the surface of things, he clearly has some major events in store. The art by Javier Saltares and Mark Texiera kicks uber ass. It's nice to see a writer that can handle Logan the way he deserves, and even with parts of the mystery already unfolded there's plenty of secrets left to uncover.

Wolverine: Origins #1-3

Like here for example. The fact that Way not only is tackling maybe the toughest character in mainstream comics (and succeeding), but he's showing us just how bad a guy Wolvie used to be just blows my mind. Here we find out that Logan was a pivitol part of Nuke's origin, killing (well, kind of) his father and babysitter after having him practically brainwashed into killing his own mother. Not such a great guy, eh? Add in Steve Dillon on art and it's like a new golden age for the clawed one. I'm absolutely enthralled with what Way is doing with the character and I cannot wait to see what comes next.


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