Friday, April 02, 2004

A Fond (Hopefully Not Permanent) Farewell

Though I have never met the man in person, I consider Alan David Doane to be a friend, and I hope that he thinks the same of me. His blog is on hiatus, and looks to be for quite sometime. I'm hoping beyond hope that it isn't permanent. If it is, it was great while it lasted, and I hope that the site stays up, along with his forum, for the forseeable future.

I miss Comic Book Galaxy, as I'm sure most of Alan's followers/stalkers do, but to me the best part about that site was always Alan's blog. Now, I will miss Alan's blog. You'd think that in his wake I would've stepped up my posts, as it's likely (and hopeful) traffic here will increase, but I didn't.

For that, I apologize. It's a bit disconcerting when things change, be it for the better or for the worse, and often times I find myself losing my motivation. Not that I spend my entire day upset at Alan's hiatus, but just that my web presence didn't seem quite as much fun as it had been.

Mind you, this never lasts for long, and with me hitting two conventions in the next three weeks, you're likely to get more comic book posts than normal. So, if it's opinions and information you'relooking for, check back with me on Monday and I'll likely have something interesting to talk about.

For now though, consider the next few days a moment of silence on my part for the "passing" so to speak, of the best damn comics blog on the web. Alan raised the bar, in my opinion, and personally pushed me (whether he knew it or not) to try new things, and to make better my little corner of the web. Or, to at least try and make it better. So, here's to you Alan, and to hoping your return won't be far off, as the comic book community as a whole is a much sadder place without you.


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