Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Ded Mix Vol. 4

So, for this next incarnation of Lefty Brown's Mixed Bag I decided to do a three disc set. Mainly because I couldn't boil it down to one disc, but I also wanted to have a little bit of a theme. Heroes and villians is what it started out as, and when I decided on the name I decided to add a thied disc of mostly rap songs that I enjoy. No, not all three discs are within the same theme, but I think it works out pretty good. So, here's my commentary for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Ded Mix Vol. 4.

The Good

The Mystery Men Oath-Ben Stiller & William H. Macy

Because it makes me laugh every time I hear it and I think it's a perfect way to open what is going to be a very bizarre mix of music.

Back in 1999-John Oszajca

It's only real connectio to "heroes" is that it's on the Mystery Men soundtrack, but I love it. Then again I love everything he does. I first heard his music via this album and fell into his first CD by accident, been loving it ever since. This is the first of two songs by him on the mix. The other is a far stronger, much more serious tune, but it's just as fun as this one.

My Hero-Foo Fighters

I could have easily filled the disc with songs that have Hero in the title, but that would've sucked. Instead I just picked a few, this one is probably my favorite. Every time I hear it I think about Varsity Blues, say what you will about the flik, but it's hard not to smile when they take the field to this tune.

Teen Titans Go!-Puffi Amiyumi

I'm not even sure that's the name of the song, but who cares. I love(d?) the show and I think the theme song is responsible for first getting me hooked. Every time it comes on TV I can't help but dance around to it. Not a pretty picture, I promise.

It's Goin' Down- The X-Cutioner's

The lead singerof Linkin Park takes the mike in the only single I think they've ever had. Still, it's a good one. If you're curious the "hero" conection comes in the chorus. I don't think they're really talking about the X-Men, but still...

Heroes-The Wallflowers

Probably the only reason to buy the Godzilla soundtrack. I actually like this more than the original, I'm sure that puts me on someones hate list, but I don't care.

Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast- Eddie Horst

Yes, another theme, and a pretty short one at that. You just can't not jam to the killer guitar.

Fire Escape- Fastball

There aren't too many pop songs that I'm into, this is one of them. Not sure why, but I dig it.

Wonderboy-Tenacious D

I think this one speaks for itself.

What If- Creed

The only Creed song I really love. The rest of it is mostly pop crap and psuedo religious junk. I grabbed this off the Scream 3 soundtrack, though I'm pretty sure it was on one of their CDs. It's not really a song about heroes but some of the lyrics evoke that feeling.

Superhero Girl- Eve 6

Well, it's in the name and I just love this tune along with almost every other song by the now defunct band. The opening is just brimming with energy, the "Whoa whoa whoa" just gets me psyched.

Ghost Rider- Rollins Band

Do I need to tell you? Also cribbed off a soundtrack, to a comic book flik, The Crow.

Batman & Robin- Snoop Dog (and some other people I don't know)

This is definitely on the goofy side. Basically just Snoop and friends clownin about being superheroes. My favorite line is the one about the Riddler, which I won't repeat here.

Superman- Lazlo Bane

Another theme from another show I love, Scrubs. Not really about heroes, or super heroes, just a great song.

Spider-Man-The Ramones

Another theme from another show, this one actually hero based. I just love the Ramones cover of this.


Yeah, lotsa Supes stuff on the disc, I know. This is a bit ska-ish, which menas it's peppy and upbeat, but I don't hold that against it.

Ode to a Superhero-Weird Al Yankovich

Friggin hilarious.

Hong Kong Phooey- Sublime

Another cover, another theme, another fun song.

Holding Out For a Hero- Jennifer Saunders

How could I NOT put this on here?

Turtle Power-Partnerz in Kryme

I like to end it one a completely ridiculous not, heh.

The Bad

Pumpkin & Honey Bunny/Miserlou- Dick Dale & the Del-Tones

I wanted to open with some dialogue, I don't think there's any better opening, the music just drives it home.

Bad Meets Evil- Eminem & Royce Da 59

I think the title says it.

Sympathy for the Devil-Guns N Roses

Yeah, another cover and from another soundtrack, don't worry, there's even more to come. I had a version of this song on my last mix so I almost didn't keep it on this one, but considering it is arguably the greatest rock song ever AND it's about the greatest villian of all, I figured why not. I like this version as much as the original, maybe more. So don't kill me.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap- AC/DC

One of the first songs I knew I wanted to include, it's the live version. They might be the only band to ever sound better live than in the studio. Next to Thunderstruck, my favorite song by them.

Three Little Pigs- Green Jelly

Just a completely whacko song about the Big Bad Wolf. The video was hilarious and I wish there was a way I could have included it.


In my opinion the only song on his Batman soundtrack worth a damn at all. It's the song Joker trashes the museum to...or was it an art gallery? Who cares, it's a great tune.

Hit 'Em High- B Real/Busta Rhymes/LL Cool J/Method Man/Coolio

Pulled off the Space Jam soundtrack and sung as if they were the Monstars, the villians of that flik. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I have no idea why I love it so damn much, out of the context of the movie it's completely ridiculous.

Go To Sleep- Eminem/DMX/Obie Trice

This song will probably make you all think I'm psychotic, it's definitely the angriest song on the set.

Ballroom Blitz-Sweet

You could argue that this doesn't really belong but I've always thought it was a pretty villainous song.

Smack My Bitch Up- The Prodigy

I don't think they're necessarily promoting spousal abuse here, but besides that it's a pretty catchy Electronica song, one of a handful I really like.

Space Lord- Monster Magnet

This whole band screams bad guy to me. Most of there songs are decent to good, this being one of the few I think is exceptional. I love the line "Built in my nightmares and using my name you're stroking my cortex and you know I'm insane."

Nice Guys Finish Last- Green Day

I just had to get them in here somewhere. Not their best song, for certain, but it's still a good one.

Hair of the Dog-Guns N Roses

Another GNR cover of a classic. And yes, I think I like this one better as well. One of the few songs others could probably stomach off The Spaghetti Incident, though I enjoy most of the album.

Bad Guys Always Die- Dr. Dre/Eminem

Like Hit Em High, a guilty pleasure. This one came off the Wild Wild West soundtrack and is a better song than the movie deserved. Also like Hit Em High, it makes no sense outside the flik. Rapper cowboys, just ridiculous.

I'm a Thug- Trick Daddy

It's all in the name, heh.

In Time-Mark Collie

From the Punisher soundtrack, it's the song the guy sings to him in the diner before he tries to kill him. One of the movies coolest moments.

You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch- Thurl Ravenscroft

Has there ever been a better fictional baddie? Not for my money, he stole Christmas! And almost got away with it...stupid Who's.

The Ugly

Runaway-John Oszajca

Off his latest album, it's arguably the strongest song on it, definitely my favorite. For the life of me I can't figure out how it's not getting massive radioplay.

California Love-Dr. Dre/Tupac

One of my most favorite rap tunes of all time. I loved the video.


The biggest (literally) member of D12 released his solo album sometime last year and this is one of the better (and funnier) songs on it.

Sofa King- Dangerdoom

Probably the best track on the collaborative album, it's funy AND has some excellent beats as well as killer lyrics.

Get Down-Everlast

I'd thought about including the House of Pain song Jump Around, but I think it was on someone else's previous mix and it's a bit played out. So, I went with one of his solo tunes instead. This hits on all my requirements, it's cool and silly all at the same time.

Sabotage- The Beastie Boys

It was between this and Intergalactic, and while I like that song better I couldn't get rid of the annoying little freestyle that is immediately after it on the CD, so I went with this. It's probsbly a better song with the video than it is solo, but it's still a pretty excellent tune.

(Fuck It) I Don't Want You back- Eamon

A definite guilty pleasure song. Anyone that's ever had a bad break up should find it pretty amusing. Hell anyone who hasn't should get a laugh as well.

Clint Eastwod- Gorillaz

You didn't think I'd have a mix called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and NOT have this on here did you?

Diamond From Sierra Leone(Remix)- Kanye West featuring Jay-Z

A pretty strong song by itself, even if it's a bit ridiculous (West talks about the conflict of buying diamonds because he wants to"bling" and knowing about how those diamonds came at the possible expense of someone's life), but the remix brings Hova into the mix and it makes it ten times better. I love his introduction.

Run Off to L.A.-Kid Rock

Another break up tune, not as focused as Eamon's, but still, it gets the point across. In case you're wondering, yes, that's Sheryl Crow singing back up.

White Kids Love Hip Hop-MC Chris

Since the two songs I'd have loved to include here were both on previous mixes (Geek, Fett's Vette) I opted for this one. It fits better with the theme probably and it's hilarious.

Rock Star- N*E*R*D

You know, it's easy to jam to this song, it's a definite ass kicker, but then you come to the lyric in the chorus "You ain’t heard that we swallow guys" it just makes you want to laugh your ass off.

B.O.B.- Outkast

Probably the most influential rap group of the last ten years, this is one of their crazier songs (but not the craziest, not by a longshot).

Playaz Do- P. A.

One of this little known groups strongest songs.

Time Warp- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

From the movie version. I couldn't resist adding this, it's such a silly song.

Dead and Bloated- Stone Temple Pilots

Easily the best song off their album Core, definitely fits the theme of Ugly.

In Da Wind- Trick Daddy featuring Cee Lo & Big Boi)

More Atlanta based rap, but this time it's led by Trick, who hails from Miami. This is just a killer song.

Protect Ya Neck- Wu-Tang Clan

I just had to throw in some Wu. Not my favorite by them, but it's definitely up there.

Ugly- Bubba Sparxxx

Chosen mostly because of the name, not that I don't like the song, it just made for a perfect fit.

So there ya go, brief comments on my three disc mix set. Those of you in Lefty's little project should be seing it pretty soon. Hopefully I'll be able to actually review the CDs I recieve this time!



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