Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Life Happens

That's pretty much the reason for my lack of updates.

So, here we are 23 day from Christmas, and most of us probably don't have our shopping done. Well, anyone wisihing to buy me a present, look no further, ;cuz here comes my holday wish list! (Oh, and those not getting me anything, go to hell! But, feel free to buy this stuff for someone else.)

DVD's I can't afford to buy

The first two seasons of the Dick Van Dyke show. This is one of the best written, down to earth shows of it's time...hell, of our time, and anyone who can watch it and not love it, is a Scrooge. The asking price is too high for just about anyone's taste, but the extras and packaging are pretty nifty.


The Monkees Season Two. Once again, great extras and packaging, with a huge dollar amount tacked on. Now, there were a ton of episodes (as is the same with Dick Van Dyke) so, you really do get your money's worth. You just have to have the money! I shelled out big bucks for the first (Emmy winning) season and I'm loving it. This is a show for kids and adults alike, and in a time where people take themselves far too serious, it's a welcome escape to lightheartedness.

DVD's I can afford, but won't buy for myself

Pirates of the Carribean is one, simply because I haven't seen it. However, with the reviews it's gotten, one can't go wrong, it seems to be a movie anyone can enjoy. Another would be Matrix Reloaded. I didn't particularly like it that much, but it was a good enough movie that it would make a good enough gift.

Lets see...

Ah, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Volume 1, but only because no store in my vicinity seems to carry it.

Toys that hurt the wallet

There's only two that come to mind. The fabulous Unicron from the Transformers Armada line, and the reissue of the Power Master Optimus Prime. Both going for over $50 in most places.

A toy I can't seem to find

The Blade figure from the new Marvel Legends line has been a tough one for me to find, so that would be a great gift.

Comics I don't own

Well, Peanut Butter and Jeremy is due out this week or the next, and I've heard great things about it (Hi Alan!) so that would be sweet. Volume 2 of Alan Moores fantastic League series would be another great one. Top 10 Books 1&2 aren't part of my collection, and neither is DC's Alex Ross art book.

Stuff for Bill Gates to buy me

Ah, Mr. Gates! If you'll kindly head over to cartoonnetwork.com, click on the shop link, then on the ultimated holiday wish list link, and kindly lay down the 40 grand for the life sized replica of Space Ghosts talk show desk, that would be fantastic. Oh, that doesn't cost enough? How about the Birdman 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner for 70 grand? It will definitely do in a pinch.

So, there folks, let it never be said that I'm difficult to shop for!

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