Thursday, December 04, 2003

Reading Material

Nothing new under the sun, just picked up three books this week.

Thanos #3

It's Thanos vs. Galactus, but not in the way one would think. Thanos manages to distract Galactus long enough for the Rigellians to abandon their second homeworld, and for Pip the Troll to plant some sort of spy devices in the world devourers ship. Afterwards, Galactus succeds in destroying New Rigel, but not to feed his hunger, instead he opens a portal to another plane and retrieves some sort of jewel (Infinity Gem anyone?). Once again Starlin crafts a tale that, while not entirely understood, is definitely entertaining. He also does something very (and I mean very) few writers do, inform you about the characters. The first few pages of this issue fills us in on the origin of Galactus, and it doesn't bore you to tears!

Supreme Power #5

The "Atlanta Blur" goes public in a big way, Mark tries to convince his superiors that he needs a real job, and Joe Ledger finally wakes up! Straz and Frank are masters of modern comics, and this book is proving it. Granted, it's slow moving, but it does draw you into the characters, and it's about more than just super heroes. All you trade fans should give this one a shot whenever it comes out.

Y, The Last Man #17
Part two of the "Comedy & Tragedy" storyline, this issue finally tells us how Mr. Yorick managed to lose his monkey, Ampersand. Oh, and it has a little something to say about freedom of speech in a world without men, as well. Guest artist Paul Chadwick fills in nicely for the vacationing Pia Guerra (I might be spelling it wrong), and as always, Vaughn delivers on the script. One of the best reads on the stands, if not the best.

Foot Soldiers (Vol. 1) #1-4

When I read the first issue years ago, I loved it. I finally tracked down the other three and read them as a whole, and paint me disappointed. Everything about the series feels like it's being forced down your throat, and none of it seems original in any way. Maybe it was my youth, but I don't know why I thought I liked this series. That said, it does have some good points. The covers are all nice, as is the interior artwork, along with the pinups. But, that's about it. Krueger has gone on to better things, thankfully.

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