Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Re-release List

Lotsa stuff hitting this week as well, but again only a few things I wouldn't mind having. Most of it will get added to the "rent" pile. Like this-

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

I enjoyed the hell out of Judd Apatow's TV work, and I've heard nothing but positive buzz for this, but I'm on-again-off-again with Carrell. I like him in Anchorman, but he annoys me so much in The Office I can barely watch it.

Airplane - The "Don't Call Me Shirley" Edition

I like the fact that some classics have been getting these re-releases. It sucks for anyone that already has them for sure, but hopefully it brings it a new audience as well. BTW, Circuit City has this for $12.99, which makes it very tempting to pick up.

Bad News Bears (Widescreen Edition)

What no "Unrated" edition? I'm disappointed. I may go ahead and buy this. Billy Bob and Linklater = Genius.

Big Bad Mama - Special Edition

Angie Dickinson and The Shat? Who could resist. The DVD has a commentrak, but Amazon fails to say who is on it, damn them.

Cowboy Bebop Remix 3

It's likely I'll buy the Remix set when all the volumes get released. They're doing a hell of a job with them.

Death Race 2000 - Special Edition

Yet another re-release. Of another movie I haven't seen, but probably should.

Dice: Season 1 Complete Collection
Dice: Season 2 Complete Collection

Never heard of it.

Dukes of Hazzard - The Complete Fifth Season

Ah Coy and Vance, and the season that doomed the show. Stupid network idiots. By the way, the movie stinks.

Family Bonds - The Complete First Season

Couldn't get interested in it. And who thinks it's a good idea to release reality shows on DVD?

Frank Miller's Sin City (Recut, Extended, Unrated)


Giant Robo - The Complete Collection

I don't know what the hell it is, but it comes with a giant purple eyeball. That makes it very intriguing.

Gilmore Girls - The Complete Fifth Season

You know, I liked the first season, but I really can't see myself picking up any of the rest. It's on TV ten times a day now, and I spoiled any suspense with all the relationships by watching one of the newer episodes. And knowing all that, I just kind of lost interest.

Girls on Bulls

Easily the best DVD title ever.

Godzilla - Final Wars


Harryhausen Gift Set (Scrapbook) (3pc) (W/Book)

It's just not a Harryhausen collection without Clash of the Titans.

The Island

I'm definitely renting this. It looks like big dumb fun.


And here we have the funniest DVD title ever.

King Kong - Peter Jackson's Production Diaries

Man, you's really have to be a Jackson lover to want this. Man that just came out wrong.

Kronk's New Groove

I didn't much care for the orignal, outside of that particular character. Now, since Kronk was the only good thing, I'm tempted to check this out.

Miami Vice - Season Two

In case you missed the two full friggin days on Nick this weekend.

The Newsroom - The Complete First Season

Canadian TV, finally on DVD so we can enjoy it. This sounds pretty funny, I'll have to Netflix it.

Planetes, Vol. 4

Another show I'm Netflixing, been meaning to get into it for awhile now.

The Producers (Deluxe Edition)

Never seen this, but I liked the musical, and might like the new movie. I'll have to check this out.

Rambo, Vol. 5: Snow Raid
Rambo, Vol. 6: Face of Freedom

I don't even remember there being a cartoon.

Reba - Season 2

Gah, I hate this show.

Rock 'n Roll High School - Special Edition

Boy, these re-releases are pissing someone off for sure. This has got to be the biggest list of them yet.

Roll Bounce (Widescreen Edition)

Heard this was pretty good. Might rent it.

Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy?

I've enjoyed all the DTV Scooby movies so far, hopefully this one too.

The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh Season (Collectible Marge Head Pack)

Also available in a regular old school package. I'm getting the Marge to go with my Homer.

Tour of Duty - The Complete Series

Never watched it.


I wanted to see this too.

The Yards - Director's Cut (Miramax Collector's Series)

Never saw it, but I wanted to.


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