Wednesday, December 07, 2005


So, one of the DVDs I bought today was Aqua Teen Vol. 4. I popped it in when I got off work, just for background noise while I did some laundry. I clicked "Play All" on the menu, and guess what happened? It played all 13 episodes. AT THE SAME TIME. It might just be the funniest thing EVER. Definitely the funniest DVD feature ever.

I also got the second great Star Wars DVD to come out in the last, oh, well, however many years Star Wars DVDs have been coming out. Haven't opened it yet, but I loved the cartoon when I saw it originally, and I look forward to watching both seasons back to back.

I wanted to talk about other crap, but I had to pull a long shift at work, and I have to go in early tomorrow. Maybe that means I'll get off a bit early and will actually get to post some stuff. I've read a few books and watched a few movies, and I plan on writing a little something about them. So, stay tuned!! Plus, maybe a few links to some great sites.


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