Sunday, December 04, 2005

Talk About a Crisis

A friend of mine wanted to borrow some DVDs, so I printed him up a list of my collection. He took it home and he and his wife looked it over to see what they wanted to borrow first. Mostly they want some TV sets, which is cool. He comes back to me and asks me about the My So-Called Life set I have, and is it the real set or a copy. Then he asked me how much I paid for it. It's the real set, the whole series, and I think I paid about $40 for it. I ask why, he tells me to go home and check on eBay.

So, I get home and look it up. $200 folks. That's how much people are paying for the entire series. That's insane. Especially since Noggin airs the show (or, did air it, they might not be anymore, I dunno).

Now, I like the show, well enough to pay $40 just to have the whole thing, but there are almost no features on the set. I think the Pilot episode has a commentrak, and there's an interview maybe. That's very, very little, and the commentary was hardly that interesting, so much so that I don't really recall the episode it's on. So, I'm wondering, should I sell mine. I mean, I can copy the DVDs to VHS and have the shows to watch anytime I want. Eventually there may be a re-release since this wasn't even a studio set, but a BMG set, produced for their little movie club. And it may have some special features that would make me want to re-buy it, which would make my set almost worthless. I mean $200? People are crazy.

Even better, does it make me a horrible person to want to capitalize on the craziness of these people?

Probably. But $200? Isn't that like a 500% profit? Who could resist?


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