Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Heads Up

Guess what arrives in stores Wednesday?

Bluesman Vol. 2. I cannot friggin wait. Unfortunately I won't be able to do another giveaway, at least right now, I just don't have any extra funds. But, when I get my tax return back, maybe mid month, I'll hopefully be able to hit Rob V up, buy a few copies and give them away (maybe even SIGNED!). On that note, here's some reviews (Finally!!!)

Cable & Deadpool #24

I liked the cover. The comedy is there, but it relies on history of the characters, and if you don't know it, well, it's not funny. It's not that funny if you do. The plots on this book have really taken a turn for the worse with the last storyline, this one doesn't look much better.

Testament #2

Like issue #1. just so-so. I like most of it, even though it's retreaded sci-fi plots from the last thirty plus years. Good characters, nice art, but I could care less about the biblical stuff. Might get one more buy from me, haven't decided.

Jonah Hex #3

Much better than #2, the stuff with Bat Lash was great. The plot was kind of standard for a western book, and Jonah looks a bit too much like Clint Eastwood at times.Great art though.

Hatter M #1

Wow. I reviewed this at CBG awhile back, that was a review copy. Nothing has changed with this, but it just deserves more attention. I hope the books are available soon (ad says Fall, I don't want to wait that long!!!), because this is just great. Taking the concept of Wonderland and flipping it on its head, Alice didn't find Wonderland, she came from Wonderland. She was a princess, and now she's lost in the real world (or, what used to be the real world) and it's up to Hatter M to find her. Great concept coupled with Templesmith art equals a pretty stellar book.

The Exterminators #1

Lots of new Vertigo books lately? None of them have really grabbed me, but this one comes close. Very ugly, very real look at life, evolution and insects. Moore's art is stomach turning when the bugs are concerned. I can feel my skin crawling. Can't wait to see where this is headed, and I love the two main characters. They remind me of Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez in Men at Work...and a lot of the guys I work with too. Nothing beats blue collar philosophers.

All-Star Superman #2

I'm calling it, best single issue of any superhero comic this year, and it's not even a quarter over. If #3 is better than this, it might be the best capes book ever published. I've never been a big Big Blue fan, and I've never read any of the goofy silver age stories (I don't think I have), but man this is some great stuff. Morrison's bizaare, inventive, sometimes overly dramatic plot is just fantastic, and Quietly's art has never been better as far as I'm concerned. Lois Lane with that ray gun: Sexy-cool.

Coming up eventually: some movies I watched.


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