Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!!!!!!!

Got a stack of books here just begging to be talked about, so let's get to it:

Helios: In With the New #2

I'm absolutely loving the new direction here, and this issue definitely surpasses the previous one. Stepping back from the fast pace of most of the other issues, this one focuses solely on an assassination. I'd feared that it would make the book too similar to most all other hero books out there, taking a whole issue to tell essentially what could be told in two pages. But, where almost all the previous issues felt like episodes of a TV show this one had a very "big-budget movie" feel to it. Think Phone Booth in comic book form. Edge-of-your-seat excitment, great dialogue and I'm amazed at how much Gabe Pena's art just gets better by the issue. Mike Penny and Jason Rand are the writers on the issue, so's you know. Definitely pick this one up, and the previous issue if you haven't already. Then buy the Vol. 1 collection and bask in its greatness.

Yales of the TMNT #18-19

First up a enviro-friendly tale about sea turtles. Light hearted and fun, it's a nice change of pace from most of the other stories this past year. Nothing too special though, but this book has had few moments like that. It's hard to tell very significant stories when you're an anthology book. Still, always enjoyable. The second story though manages to pull on a few emotional hert strings, for Turtles fans anyway. Mostly it's because of Splinter's death, so seeing him is always a bit heart breaking (in that geeky way), and the fact that the story delves into his past just adds to that. Good stuff, incredible cover.

Fallen Angel #2

Did I talk about this one already? Found it about as dull and confusing as the first issue, can't remember if I pre-ordered #3, but I hope not.

X-Factor #3

Still loving it, not excited about the upcoming art change though. Hopefully it'll make the book more consistent at least. The thing with Layla is getting old, but this issue at least added to her mystery beyond the constant "I know things" crap. No matter how many times you say it it's not funny Pete! Still, like the team, like the interaction between the members and love the art. It'll have to take a giant nose-dive to get me to stop buying it. Knowing Marvel that'll happen in about a year or so.

Cable & Deadpool #25

Oh....kaaaaay....Better than the last issue for certain, but still it reads like fanfic. I don't buy into Cap changing or even considering changing his beliefs abvout America. I realize this was more or less saying "Look, Cable has great ideas, even if they're a bit off" not "Cap isn't as solid as you may think", but it just felt off. I liked the cover though.

Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #6

Man oh man did this blow. The dodsons can draw pretty pictures though.

The Perhapanauts #3

What? How can you change plots in the middle of a third issue of a miniseries? Whacko. It upsets any momentum the book had. Wouldn't it have been more profitable to set it up as 2 minis? Just weird. But, I love the characters, I love the Hellboy-feel the book has and the art is great. I'm already in for #4 and I might pick up any future series, I just hope they only have one damn story, it's too confusing otherwise.

Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius-Everybody Loves Franklin

Great, great stuff from Marc Sumerak and Chris Eliopoulos. Still has that "Calvin & Hobbes" feel to it, but they seem to be spreading their wings a bit with this collection. The strip with the Doombot is easily my favorite, and the Christmas one was close behind, even if it was a bit out of date. Hope there's more coming!

Jeremiah Harm #1

Damn I love Keith Giffen, add in Alan Grant and you've got yourself one of the best duo's in comics. I wasn't at all familiar with Rael Lyra's art, but he blew me away. The basic: Giffen and Grant re-write Demolition Man, only they make it really really good and waaaay more violent. So if you liked that flik, buy this, and if you didn't buy this anyway because it'll rock your socks.

Jonah Hex #4

Ugly, ugly cover by Chaykin and Madsen, but another solid story from Palmiotti and Gray. Ross art is as nice as ever too, but I'm always bugged by the Eastwood looks Hex gets drawn in.

Y, The Last Man #42

The origin of the monkey. I'm still enjoying the book tremendously but it feels like Vaughan is really reaching for things to stretch out the plot. I'm getting anxious for some sort of resolution about something.

Coming up tomorrow: The List.



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