Monday, February 28, 2005

12 Hrs. and Counting

Until my contest is over, that is. So, all of you (and there are a lot of you) who haven't entered, what the hell are you waiting for?!?!?! All you have to do is write a measlet sentence about what you would do if you were the Norse God of Mischief, then email it to me. Or, hell, you can write a five page story, I don't care.

I see where Blink 182 has "broken up". That's the best thing to happen to punk music in a loooooong time. Now maybe it will get back to something remotely resembling "good."

New content up at the Galaxy today, so do check it out. I'm biased, but Marc Sobel's Crack Shots review column is fast becoming a favorite of mine.

A friend gave me a copy of Conan #0 last week, and I really enjoyed it. I haven't picked up any of the issues, but I may have to remedy that. I know it's been running for some time now, is there a trade out?

I think that's it, don't forget to enter my contest.

WAIT!!! Don't forget to enter the Street Angel contest either, it ends today as well!

- L
Forgot These

Happy Birthday to good pal Cory Weigel!

And, belated blogday wishes to Neilalien, who's site turned five a few days ago!

- L

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rotting Your Brains

There are many shows that will make your IQ drop by just watching them, CMT has decided to give me a weekend full of one such show, The Dukes of Hazzard. For some reason I was compelled to keep watching. I don't know why. No, it's not the worst show ever, but it certainly was a dumb show. However, Catherine Bach was hot, wasn't she? She at least gave weight to that whole "sleeping with your cousin" thing the South gets saddled with.

Even more disturbing than that little tidbit, has anyone else besides me seen that Darius Rucker Burger King commercial? My God, it's the scariest thing I've ever seen. However, that is one tasty damn snadwich.

Speaking of commercials: Best Car EVER!

If my car could do that I'd definitely be going to my high school reunion.

I'm not sure everyone's an Adult Swim fan, but Seth Green has a new show called Robot Chicken, airing between episodes of Family Guy (good way to get people to tune in, they should do that more often). I remember hearing about it over a year ago, and forgot all about it. It's a geek's wet dream. Seth and company do short little sketches with action figures and models (by that I mean, like, claymation, not hot chicks), and anything else they can come up with. Tonights episode featured Voltron in a "You Got Served" parody. Genius. It's like sketch comedy starring your toys.

Tom the Dog is liveblogging the Oscars, minute by minute (well, not exactly). It's eerie and compelling. Go, read.

I watched Shark Tale recently. Don't waste your time. Dreamworks animation was 0-2 this past year year with me, Shrek 2 was a major disappointment too. Also viewed recently: The Bourne Supremacy. Not bad, I think it was better than the first. The action was almost non-stop, and well done.

My blog contest officially ends in 24 hrs, so do yourself a favor and enter!! Entry rules are at the top of the page!

And, I registered for today, maybe that'll get me a few more hits, which reminds me, a record month here at the blog, almost 800 hits. To all those who contributed, linked, or stumbled upon thislittle blog, thank you!

- L
Quick Reminder

My Loki giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight, so if for whatever reason you've been holding off, time's almost up!!

So, yeah, enter now!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Do Not Try This at Home

Because it's dangerous.

Here's me reviewing a good superhero comic. Doesn't happen often enough. Many other great reviews up at the Galaxy right now, so get to readin'.

That is all., thank you.

- L

Like many of my favorite films, it's hard to pin down a single moment as brilliant, but this is me trying.

The Lion King

The Lion King is perhaps the greatest Disney film ever and a damn good candidate for best animated film of all time. The two most obvious candidates for best scene in the movie happen within seconds of each other, the stampede, and Mufasa's death, and maybe they should be counted as one and the same?

While the stampede is one of the best looking shots in any film, ever (It took three years just to complete it.), it's the death of the King that holds the most weight. Surely it's the most pivotol point in the film, but it's also one of the most brutal things ever filmed, in my eyes. Scar is without a doubt the most evil son of a bitch ever put to film, and nothing proves that more than his assasination of his brother, Mufasa (and, subsequently, the blaming of such on young Simba).

As Mufasa's body falls into the stampede, the look of shock on his face, the camera cuts to a grinning Scar, proud of what he has just done. Never, in any movie, has a villian had a more sadistic smile.

It marks the first time any Disney character had died on screen, which probably adds even more weight to my claim. Despite being a central plot point, upon seeing the movie the first time, it came out of nowhere. Surely evil did not just triumph over good? Not in a children's film? Certainly not a Disney one at that!

But, it did. Yes, it was for a brief period of time, but the bad guy won, and you truly believed it. It wasn't cliche, it wasn'tover the top, it was perfectly dissatisfying. It would turn your stomach. If nothing else it grabbed your attention for the rest of the movie. No matter what you had to see that this sadistic prick got his eventually. At least, you hoped he did. The film doesn't disappoint on that at the end either, but that's something for anpther time I suppose.

So, there you have it, a great scene from a great movie, one that should have been nominated for Best Picture, one that has proven to be a classic in every sense of the word, and while it doesn't begin or end at that scene, the death of Mufasa is one of the most moving, convincing, evil acts ever perpetrated on camera.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Just Call Me the King of Late Night Posting

Because family and the day job have taken up a lot of time lately.

I got a pleaseant surprise today at the LCS, three good comics and only one that's sure to suck.

Haven't had the chance to watch Smallville yet, maybe more on that later.

Until then, go read the new Permanent Damage.

- L

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Watch This Space!

Yeah, I really got nothing, and it's late, at least it was when I wrote this. Here's a slew of links for you to check out:

A new (to me) blog, Trash Heap, who has kindly linked to my contest, which has had a few more entries, making it four total. This ought to be fun. Anyway, check out this blog, good stuff, short and to the point, I'll add it to my sidebar at somepoint this week.

As for my contest (see entry rules at top of page!), it ends Monday folks, so if you want the books, better send in those entries. And if it stays at a measley four entries I'll try to find something for everyone so at least they don't feel as if they wasted their time. Maybe next time it should just be a random thing, no requirements?

New stuff up at my home away from blog (heh heh), Comic Book Galaxy, including my Vimanarama #1 review. also, Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, as well as ADD's 15 Ways to Make Comics Better at the CBG blog. While I'd love to post a list of my own ideas, it would do nothing but ape Alan's, so better that you just read his.

Good God look at all the reviews. Two of them are from one site, but hey, it's all good stuff. Here's a few more, and a new Comicscape column, complete with a Steve Niles interview. Now if only the columnist could figure out how the BOLD HTML works. As for the reviews, Strange Days looks interesting, and 303 is great, but what's with all the love for Runaways? Maybe I just don't get it, but if you've read my review of Vol. 1, you know I thought it was mediocre at best. Can someone clue me in? does it get better?

And everyone should go to Clandestine Critic and tell Dave (mind if I call you Dave?) that he absolutely must buy Y, the Last Man. Otherwise I may be forced to fly to the U.K. and beat him in the head with my collection of the floppies. It's the greatest comic on the stands man, get with it!!!!!

I kid, but it does kick uber-ass.

Tom the Dog has finally posted his "100 greatest" list, and it includes pics, so load time may vary. Great stuff.

I'll be spending $6 at the LCS this week, half on something that's sure to be great, half on something that's sure to be total crap. I'll leave you in suspense.

EDIT: Leave it to Dorian. He's taken the popular meme and turned it on its head. Good Job, and hilarious ta boot.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Chiklis' List

Butch and Sundance - The Early Days

Until a few weeks ago I didn't know this existed. It's got the Greatest American Hero in it.

The Commish - Season 2

For those who like their Chiklis candy-coated.

Cube Zero

Prequel goodness. Lucas could learn something here.

Edison - The Invention of the Movies (1891-1918)

It is what it says it is. It's expensive, but damn it's worth it.

Ellen - The Complete Season Two

Her talk show is funnier.

Get Shorty (Special Edition)

A Classic. Totally classic Travolta. (I hope someone gets that.)

I Heart Huckabees (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Sweet. Can't wait to see it.

The King of Queens - The Complete Third Season

Fat man and mean woman=funny show.

The Shield - The Complete Third Season

For those who like their Chiklis raw.

South Park - The Complete Fifth Season


Okay, links coming later.


Monday, February 21, 2005

Good Mourning

For those that don't know, Hunter S. Thompson killed himself last night. While I'd like to make some profound statement about his work and/or his life, I'm not especially qualified for it. However, Alan David Doane is. His words are eerily inspiring, and should be read by one and all. So go do so, then come back here.

Back? Okay.

I do want to comment on the matter of "celebrity" deaths. Even if one can accept the fact that almost all of us instinctively aspire to be famous, so much so that we can even fashion our lives in the same vein as those we worship, why the obsession with their deaths? Why do we seem to take it personal when someone we idolize dies, most especially whe it's "before their time". When Cobain shot himself millions of young adults cried out in pain. When Tupac died it effected an entire music genre and re-shaped those who would attempt to follow in his footsteps. When James Dean died, girls lost their heartthrob and boys lost their hero. The list can go on for ever, Kinison, Lennon, Elvis, Kennedy, King... but you probably get my meaning.

When a celebrity we love passes on it's almost like losing ourselves. It's somone we aspired to be, and they are no longer part of this world. What does that say about us? No matter how many people know who we are, we're going to die. No matter how much money we have, it's the one thing we can't buy. And it's fucking scary.

I won't bore you anymore than I already have with my attempt at being profound, I just wanted to make that observation.

RIP Hunter S. Thompson.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

The State of Me

My hand's still kinda swollen, but not so much that it hurts to type now, and I seem to be less-sick as well, so what's say we get back in the swing of things?

Ok, I've seen this pop up on a few blogs as well as the TV lately, and I just don't get it. What's the fuss? Even Jimmy Kimmel thinks it's a big deal. Doesn't anyone remember Tiny Tunes? That was basically the same damn thing, just miniaturized versions of Bugs and company. Or, how about the more recent baby versions? At least Tiny Tunes and the upcoming Lunatics are just related to the characters. So, to everyone who thinks this is some sort of travesty, get over it, it's a company trying to market their product. You didn't bitch when it was called Tiny Tunes, you have no right to bitch now. Yeah, yeah, if they were the same characters I'd see your point, but he's called "Buzz Bunny" just like in Tiny Tunes he was called "Buster Bunny" they're just relatives, end of story, get off the high horse. (To anyone out there who thinks I'm talking to them, I'm probably not. Mainly, I'm talking about the press, who don't read this blog, so congrats, I wasted your time.)

Made a few purchases this weekend, among them Season 1 of The Greatest American Hero. I had hoped it wouldn't be horrible, and I watched the pilot and enjoyed it. I vaguely remember it from childhood, and I got it pretty cheap ($17), so it seems to have been worth it. Also, King of the Hill Season 3.

I also finished the final Futurama volume, and maybe it's because it is definitely the last, but I just couldn't enjoy it as much as the others. Bitter-sweet at best, and that final episode is a killer. The set does have the biggest tear-jerker of any show ever; the one about Fry's dog. If you've seen it, you know. Hard to watch all the way to the end. Screw Frasier, this was the smartest show ever on TV. It also features the "origins" of Fry falling into the freezer. Amazing stuff there, gotta love how they tied seemingly random info together to pull it out, and according to the commentrak it had been planned that way. And don't forget the Trek episode.

Heh, Aquaskull.

Why killing Northstar is a bad idea.

I have gotten some reading done in the last few days. I've been reading a book recommended to me by Alan Doane, Roger Ebert's The Great Movies. As big a movie buff as I like to think I am, Ebert puts me, and everyone else in the world, to shame, and this book shows what passion the man has for the art of cinema. It's not really reviews, but reflections written after viewing each film, discussing their importance and some of the possible meaning behind them. It's a worthwhile read for anyone who'sinto film, or, hell, even if you're not, it might just get you into it.

On the comics front I read X-Force #6, Cable & Deadpool #12. One was decent, one blew. Cable has died in both, in two different ways. What the hell? And Fabes works on both I have no idea what Cablesdeath in X-Force was about. But damn if it wasn't stupid. Looks like we're getting a Shatterstar mini next month. I'll buy it and tell you why you shouldn't. Why? Because I'm just that nice.

Also, I finished two!!!!!!! of my CBG projects, so just one to go and I'll be caught up. My pile of TPB's is giving me the evil eye. I've got some that have been in there since Thanksgiving.

Oh, and this weeks Smallville wasn't quite as sucky. Lois is growing on me, Chloe is bugging me, Krypto was friggin cool, and Lex kicks ass. That about covers it. In a few days I'll have another show back, The Shield. This makes me happy.

Also, reminder that my contest (see that little blurb at the top, yeah, that one) ends in eight days, and with only one entry (which is shabby given my hitcount this month so far) odds are pretty good that you might win. Whoever you are. For all those that have pimped it, much thanks, it's a shame it hasn't gone better.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Probable (Brief) Hiatus

Today has managed to be one of "those" days for me, helping my brother move I seriously bruised my left (writing) hand and as of about 5 o'clock I've officially come down with bronchitis. When it rains it pours. So, the blog is on hiatus for the rest of the week, at least until my hand quits throbbing, unless I just wind up at home sick as hell and bored to tears. Good news though, I'm going to use the time to hopefully finish off those CBG pieces (where slow typing is a benefit!) I've been slowly working on, so next week might see a slew of reviews from yours truly.

In the meantime, all those little links on my sidebar should keep you busy. The is a new Permanent Damage up today, and Shane at Near Mint Heroes has updated his "100 Greatest" list, I'm thinking posters of Fred's, Alan's and his would pretty much be the most kick-ass thing ever. But that's just me.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Another challenge

Fred Hembeck has challenged all us listers to give the why's and what for's of our lists, and while I've pretty much done so, there are some things I'd like to talk about further, but they're going to wait. I absolutely have to finish at least one of my current writing projects first!

I've added Clandestine Critic to my sidebar, it's an excellent site, so if you haven't visited, do so now.

As for the list, there's a few things cming out this week (Including a JLU release), I'm only concerned with one DVD, and you should be as well, Young Einstein .

No, I'm kidding. It's actually Donnie Darko - The Director's Cut . Perhaps the greatest film in the last ten years, it's become a cult hit, and probably helped solidify Jake Gyllenhal as an actor who should be taken serious (The Day After Tomorrow aside...). The cast is phenomenal, the script is one of the most original and brilliant things ever put to film, and it looks gorgeous. Everyone should own this. It's a rare find in movies today, it's some thing that can be watched ad infinitum and you find something new to love every single time. And it has the greatest music montage ever captured on film. Go. buy it. You will not regret it.

The 100 Coolest Things About Comics

In no particular order...

  1. Comic Book Galaxy-It's the greatest website ever, Nuff Said
  2. Alex Ross-The man paints one hell of a super hero
  3. Y, the Last Man-proof that comics need to exist
  4. Garth Ennis-my favorite writer in the universe
  5. Preacher-the greatest book ever
  6. X-Force #8-my first comic book
  7. Jim Starlin-the man rocks
  8. Comic Blogs-because there's always someone with something to say
  9. Jack Kirby-he's the King
  10. The Crow-both the movie and the comic are just beautifully touching, both changed my life
  11. Secret Identities-who doesn't want one?
  12. Darwyne Cooke-a man that somehow manages to capture everything that is great about comic book art with a single line
  13. Indy Comix-because they're the future of the comic book industry
  14. The Marvel Universe-God help me, I love it all
  15. WE3-Haunting
  16. The Death of Gwen Stacy-possibly the single greatest moment in Marvel's continuity. She's still dead folks.
  17. Comic Book Movies!- Yeah, even the bad ones like Tank Girl and Howard the Duck
  18. Grant Morrison & Frank Quitley-Because they are the new Lee & Kirby
  19. Alan Moore-Do you need a reason? He's Alan fucking Moore.
  20. Siegel & Shuster-Responsible, good or bad, for all that is currently comics
  21. Reviewing Them!-It's a lot of fun.
  22. Amalgam-I thought it was cool.
  23. Batman by Loeb & Sale-He's never looked better or felt more right
  24. The Castaways-It will change the way you look at the world
  25. The Maxx -So off the wall you have to love it
  26. Sam Keith-My favorite artist, EVER, and a damn good writer too
  27. Marvels-It's everything great about '60s Marvel comics
  28. The Fantastic Four by Waid and ‘Ringo-The best run on a Marvel book in quite a long time
  29. Freak Force-I loved this book
  30. Jonah Hex-Is there anything or anyone cooler than Jonah Hex?
  31. Ghost Rider-Yes, a motorcycle-riding demon with a flaming skull
  32. The Joker-You almost want him to beat Bats every time
  33. Kingdom Come-Because Marvels just wasn't enogh
  34. Quantum & Woody-It put the funny back in funny books
  35. Troublemakers-The New Mutants done right
  36. Steven Grant-Because he's friggin cool
  37. Dan Brerton-He paints the scariest stuff in the biz
  38. Ben Templesmith-Next to this guy
  39. The Romita’s-Hard to believe one family got so much talent, isn't it?
  40. Untold Tales of Spider-Man-It's all in the title
  41. Usagi Yojimbo-Because he's a samurai rabbit, and there are only two things cooler than that
  42. Crossovers and Team-Ups-One hero just isn't enough
  43. What If?-The possibilities are endless
  44. Elseworlds-Even better than the real thing
  45. Time Travel-They always seem to make it plausible
  46. Clones-Who doesn't want a clone?
  47. Adamantium-The greatest element ever
  48. The “S”-Has there ever been a more powerful icon?
  49. The Fliescher Superman Cartoons-The closest anyone's ever come to interpreting Siegel & Shuster's concept on screen
  50. The theme music to “Superman” (The movies of course)-The greatest theme ever
  51. Daredevil by Alex Maleev-No one has ever made him more intimidating
  52. Permanent Damage-See "Steve Grant"
  53. Will Eisner-The fatherof the graphic novel
  54. Howard Chaykin-Brilliant
  55. Cable/Soldier X by Tischman and Kordey-My favorite interpretation of my favorite character ever
  56. Doom!-The greatest villian of all time
  57. Bruce Timm & Paul Dini-Because they get it
  58. Watchmen-No comment
  59. Howard the Duck-He's a talking duck
  60. Ghost World- Dan Clowes is a genius
  61. Mad Love- See "Paul Dini & Bruce Timm"
  62. Midnight Nation-JMS proves that he really can write original, compelling stories in the comics world
  63. “First Issue!!!”
  64. Digging through bargain bins-It's like modern day treasure hunting
  65. The Rogue’s Gallery-When one villian isn't enoigh
  66. Adam West as Batman-Eat your heart out Capt. Kirk
  67. Deadpool-my second favorite comic character
  68. And that time he turned Rhino into a keychain-Because it was hilarious
  69. Mike Mignola-Provided the art in my very first comic book
  70. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, or hell, just Thanos-He killed off half of the entire universe!
  71. Aztek, The Ultimate Man-Whenever some idiot claims there just aren't any good superhero comics, I want to beat them to death with my complete run of this series. You had it! you had it and you fucking lost it!
  72. James Kochalka does The Incredible Hulk-The greatest Hulk story ever
  73. The Justice Friends-The Incraggible Cronk (I'm sure I spelled it wrong) kicks ass
  74. Steve Dillon-The man makes mean look cool
  75. Glen Fabry-His painted covers are among my all-time favorite images
  76. Lesbian Unicorns-Only in comics
  77. The Greatest Cover Ever-Yes, that's Venom holding Ghost Rider's head.
  78. Superman: Birthright-See my review
  79. Alan David Doane-Single handedly responsible for my continued love and enjoyment of comics. Though he may not want to admit it...
  80. Mr. Fixit-The Hulk as a gangster...Peter David's fucking brilliant
  81. Ben Reilly-The one true Spider-Man
  82. Professor X is Onslaught-Because it was a good idea
  83. Having a complete set
  84. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine-Not since James Dean has anyone looked so damn cool
  85. The Thing, wearing his “Bogey” gear-It almost makes you glad he's a big giant walking pile of rock
  86. Message Boards-I just can't help myself
  87. Secret Origins-See "Secret Identities"
  88. Loki drawn by Essad Ribic-The Norse God has never looked more intimidating
  89. Trencher-Does anyone besides me remeber this?
  90. Blaze of Glory & Apache Skies-Marvel Westerns rock
  91. Phil Noto-Beautiful
  92. Bishop: The Last X-Man-The greatest X-Men book ever
  93. Bullseye-Because he never misses
  94. DC: The New Frontier-No Comment
  95. Zero Girl-Ditto
  96. Giant robots-because they're giant robots
  97. Legion Lost-The greatest mini-series ever
  98. Nomad #1 (the regular series) and Hellstorm #1-Purchased together, and are the two best "concept covers" ever produced
  99. The Skrull Kill Krew-Just plain fun
  100. TMNT-It proves you can actually move forward without losing your audience

Despite my best efforts, this became a fanboy-ish list. Hopeyou enjoyed it, I might be linking some things in the next few days, we'll see.


Stupid, Stupid Day

I hate Valentine's day. Not because of the depressing nature of it, reminding everyone that they HAVE to be in a relationship, but because it's just stupid.

So, anyway, here's what you should be reading.

Mike has posted his 100 Things I Love About Comics list. Very cool. I'm still working on mine. I'm starting to think I don't love comics as much as I thought.

Dorian has a list of the Hottest Hunks in Comics. Gotta say, that's an eclectic list. I mean, most fanboys would find it weird by nature, but even given the title, I found it to be..odd. A blind, deaf, mute man could've guessed #1, though.

Damit, Gordon has a list too! And he plugs my contest! I really need to finish mine, don't want to be last!

Via The Comics Reporter, an article about Wolverine #25. Spoiler warning, and you may have to scroll a bit. Stupid Marvel.

A few of Johnny B's favorite things. AKA, his friggin list! Geez, I will be dead last on this one.

GAH! I missed Mike's link to all those other lists, a few of which I've mentioned. Check 'em out on his blog.

While I should be finishing at least one of several pieces for CBG I've been working on, I'm off to finish my damned list! Thank's a lot Mr. Sterling!


Monday, February 14, 2005


I'm finally!!!!!!!!!!! getting a copy of Bluesman, thanks to creator Rob Vollmar. If anyone out there is looking to procure a copy, visit Rob at Atomik Pop or email him and tell him I sent you. So, thanks a bunch for all the help Rob, I'm uber excited to finally read it.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Night TV

I actually got a chance to see an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, it's a shame I don't get to see it more. Tonight's episode had the boys climbing to a billboard (featuring a half-naked woman of course) to spray paint it, but when they get caught the pretend to have done it for women's rights. Even Hal gets in on the media frenzy, with Lois the only one seeing through their ruse. Funny, funny stuff.

The Simpsons didn't interest me, I only caught the first few minutes. Fifty Cent asking about his community service was funny though.

Arrested Development continues to be the funniest show on TV.

Desperate Housewives gets even better (didn't think it was possible), as the mystery unfolds a little bit more. One can only wonder how Mike will get out of that big cliffhanger at the end.

Boston Legal was so-so, I couldn't help but see the comparison between Alan paying people to fight his battles and the Bush administration's war, maybe it's just me, but I found the thinly-veiled comparison (is that the right word?) a bit heavy-handed. Next week is a must see, Leonard is back, so's Denny's son, and Candice Bergan is still around, so that's a plus.

Speaking of, she's actually gotten better looking since Murphy Brown. Maybe it was just the show's wardrobe and make-up departments, but everyone on Murphy Brown looks like crap to me. It's been airing on Nick at Nite in reruns...

You humour links for the day

Lesbian Unicorns


The Return of Jean Grey

And, yes, I changed the blog title, no it's not permanent, it's to hopefully get more people to enter this contest. I've had a total of one entry! come on! I know there has to be more than one person who wants these! I'm going diving through my comics today to find some second and third place prizes. So, enter my contest!

Trolling Message Boards

I'm a fanboy, so, yes I still do it. SPOILER WARNING! For those that don't want to know which X-Man is about to be killed off.

Ok, I got into a discussion about the news of Northstars death in the upcoming Wolverine #25 recently, I pretty much made this same remark on Dorian's blog, but I don't think X-Men fanboys are active readers there. What I said was, given Marvel's recent hiring of an anti-homosexual writer, Orson Scott Card, and now the news of them killing off a prominent gay character, one could take this as the company sending some sort of message. I don't, but given the way people are prone to blow things out of preportion, some might. Of course many were qick to point out that,
A. Northstar isn't exactly a popular character, so I'm wrong, and
B. That he's a big asshole and no one really likes him, so why not.

On top of that, most of them had no idea who Orson Scott Card was or what he was writing.

So, here's one posters response:

The comment about Ultimate Iron Man is simple. Series writer Orson Scott Card wrote (I believe it was on his blog) a diatribe against same-sex marriage in which he presented no new arguments for his position but resorted to the same old bigoted viewpoint. (Note, he's perfectly entitled to his opinion, but one would expect a prominent science-fiction and fantasy writer to have a more enlightened viewpoint or, if not, to be able to present more rationalized arguments.) No one said that Northstar was a "pro-gay" character. Jean-Paul Baubier came out as a gay male (though Byrne has noted that he was hinting at that virtually from the beginning of his run on Alpha Flight). Being gay, by simply being an out character, is a positive thing; it doesn't mean the character has to be completely likable. As one might note, for Northstar, being gay was just a part of his life, not the way he was defined as a character. It's like being gay in real life. If you're not out, no one will judge you based on who you sleep with, but rather, your overall personality. If you're a jerk, people will think you're a jerk. If you're kind, people will think you're kind. It only seems that when you're out as a gay man or lesbian that you suddenly become the "gay" jerk or the kind "lesbian". Imagine how people would feel if they were judged that way based on their religion or race (oh, well he's the "Baptist" jerk or he's the kind "Black" man). Unfortunately, too many anti-gay people in the real world only want to define gays and lesbians solely based on who they have sex with, as though that somehow makes their prejudice more acceptable. If you dislike someone solely because of their skin color or their religion or their ethnic heritage, your prejudice doesn't get a pass. Of course, since Ultimate Colossus was made an out character, we have a "nice" gay character to offset Northstar's being such a jerk. Most gay comic-book fans would prefer a bigger name character be out, but there's also the acceptance that when there is an out gay character, he (or she) should be a fully-developed character, as Northstar is, rather than a simple little stereotype.

Pretty right on, no? Apparently he's never lived in the South, where people are judged daily by their skin color AND religion (not by me of course), but other than that, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Oh yeah!




Saturday, February 12, 2005

Friday Night Lights

And on a Saturday no less.

I'm a sucker for sports movies, so my opinion is always slightly biased. I tend to enjoy even the worst of them (Major League 3 anyone?). But, movies about football don't always work for me (The Program, Any Given Sunday, parts of Varsity Blues, that Keanu Reeves movie, all prime examples), mainly because I LOVE the sport so damn much that I hate to see anyone try to interprit it. No, it's not pure, not by any means, but I don't think it needs to be tainted any more than it already is. So, yeah, football movies never really get me pumped. Sadly, this one's no exception.

I will say this, it's a very honest movie, I lived in a small town briefly, I've seen the way these kids get driven, and it's very brutal. That's pretty much the extent of what the film has going for it. The performances are somewhat solid, most notably that of country singer Tim McGraw. In his brief scenes he all but steals the movie. The lack of character development is sad, there's not a lot of insight to the motivation of these kids, we don't really understand why some of them are intent on putting themselves through all of this, which would have gone a long way in the finished film.

Overall it's a good movie, worth a rental for sports entusiasts or Billy Bob fans. Definitely one of the better sports films to come along recently (it doesn't touch Miracle, but what can?).

Even More Links

Damn you people and your kick-ass art!!!

This time it's Shane! I needs to take me some kind of digital photo class. So, yeah, do go check out the first ten entries in his 100 GTILAC (heh, that sounds funny, like Cadillac, but not.)

Lara give me a shout out on her blog, so muchos gracias ma'am. Looking forward to seeing what sketches you've acquired.

That doesn't even look like first glance. I'd date her....

Corey's Comic Critique.

"Saw" Sucks.

On a more pleasent note, I seem to have avoided that damned music meme that was going around. Whew.


Friday, February 11, 2005

More Than We Deserve

ADD has posted a little piece of art inspired by Fred Hembeck's recent "100 Swell Things About Comics"

Alan's "100 Things I Love About Comics" might be one of the coolest things ever seen on the 'net. It's certainly awe-inspiring, and makes me even more proud to be both a part of Comic Book Galaxy and a member of the "comics blogosphere." It proves that things like the Quesada/Bendis article and the Fraction/Casey article have almost no relevance, how can you cry foul on the blog community when one of it's most respected residents produces such a grand piece of art.

Bit of a warning, I could not get it to load on AOL, so I had to open it in Internet Explorer, and it's pretty big, so the load time could be awhile, depending on your internet.

I'd kill to see this thing as a poster.

Also, I've just seen that Mike's calling the rest of us out to follow suit. I'm not exactly good with posting images (I'm pretty sure I've never done it...), so mine might just be a list, but I'm going to consider it.

Is this a joke?

Found via Mike, this is Brian Bendis and Joe Quesada talking;

B- And we do sound like losers whining about people actually talking about us. Whah, wha, boo, hoo. But, you looking at any blogs?
Q- To this day I don’t even know what a blog is…
B- You should not go seeking these fifteen people out. It’s scary, scary stuff.
Q- I probably could have lived without that knowledge, but I’m happy for you.
B- Brubaker always sends me blog stuff. I beg him not to.


I sincerely hope these two idiots are not serious. I can see Quesada being wary of Blogs, the man is constantly being bashed in some way or another, but Bendis? He's in the same boat as Casey (youmay remember my rant about his and Matt Fraction's column a few weeks ago)! The people you're insulting are the people that have been championing you as one of comics best friggin' writers! Why? Because you want to feel as if you're above them?

Here's what it boils down to folks, before the internet, all we had were letter columns. A comics publisher got to CHOOSE what went in the letter column. They don't get that on the internet, and that fucking scares them. No one likes to read that they're stuff sucks, but you know what, be a man about it, don't whine like a little baby. That is one (more) thing that's wrong with comics today, once you get to the big leagues you think you're above criticism. You're not.

I write for Comic Book Galaxy, a respected site, my editor is Alan David Doane, a respected man, and sometimes he doesn't like my stuff, sometimes he offers me constructive criticism and points out where I went wrong. Do I fucking cry about it? NO. I look at it in a different light, consider his advice, and try again. That's the way it's done.

Yes, you shouldn't pay attention to the idiots trolling message boards saying "Bendis sucks hard!", but in that same light you should not solely be looking for posts that say "Bendis Rulz man!!!!", because neither of those people posting those things are criticizing you, they're making idiotic fanboyish statements declaring something without backing it up. But, if somone seriously reviews your material, finds it lacking and points to why it didn't entertain them, you NEED to read that. That's what makes you a better writer. In that same vein, if someone reviews your stuff and finds it really enjoyable, that's what should make you feel like you've accomplished something.

End rant.

Sigh, don't forget to enter my Loki giveaway!

Great Movie Moments

Brought to you by the council to re-distribute my Loki issues. Please, don't forget to enter my contest! It ends Feb 28th.

Okay, been awhile since I posted one of these, bet you thought I'd forgot! Nope, I've just been watching a lot of new films and haven't had much time to look at some of the ones in my library. So, away we go!

Three Amigos!

This spoof of The Magnificent Seven (which was a remake of Seven Samurai) is hands down my favorite comedy of all time. It never fails to make me laugh, and so it's very hard to chose a "classic" moment from the film. There's the studio exchange with Joe Montegna, Jon Lovitz and Phil Hartman ("Get a wardrobe over here right away; take the Amigos' clothes"), the song and dance routine of "My Little Buttercup," their first meeting with El Guapo, and so many more. But, the funniest moment in the movie has to be The Singing Bush.

The Amigo's are searching fo El Guapo's place and must follow a map with absolutely ludacris directions, among them is meeting The Singing Bush. Some of you may not know it, but the voice of the bush is that of composer, lyricist, and co-writer Randy Newman. If you've ever heard the man sing, it makes it even funnier.

So, the three arrive at a singing bush, Ned (Martin Short) hops down off his horse and walks over to the shrub and says "Excuse me, are you the singing bush?" The bush doesn't respond, instead it keeps singing. Lucky (Steve Martin) says "Let me talk to him...Excuse us, are you the singing bush?!" Still no response, just singing.

The three yell at the bush for a few seconds more until Lucky finally says "Forget it, my guess is, this is the singing bush."

Next the trio have to summon the Invisible Swordsman by each chanting a passage and firing once into the air. Of course, Dusty (Chevy Chase) screws it up and fires towords the ground, shooting the invisible swordsman.

Lucky: "Great, you've killed the invisible swordsman!"

Ned walks over, lifts and invisible arm and says "He's dead alright."

Dusty: "How was I supposed to know where he was?"

Lucky: "You were supposed to fire up! We both fired up!"

All the while that damned Randy Newman voiced bush is singing in the background.

It's one of the most absurdly entertaining scenes ever filmed, and always gets a laugh out of me, if for no other reason that the damn singing bush. It has absolutely no place in the film, and could be cut out and never be missed (plot-wise that is) which makes it that much more vital to the film.

If you've never had the pleasure of watching this insanely funny movie, do yourself a favor and pick it up, you can find it on DVD in discount bins everywhere for around $5, and it's well worth it. The acting is brilliant, equally dramatic and comedic, John Landis does a fine jobof capturing the old western films from the early days of Hollywood as well as spoofing any number of things (the singing bush is based on the burning bush from the Bible). The score and songs are great, Randy Newman at his best and funniest. A brilliant, brilliant film.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Adding to it

Added a few links to the sidebar, and a new category as well, Music. I'll be adding quite a few links to that one in the near future. So, make with the clickity and visit the new places!

Links & Thanks

First, the thanks, here's everyone that's linked to my blog contest so far:

Alan, Mike, Dorian, and Gordan.

Gordon's site is new to me, sad to say, but I'm adding it to the sidebar, there's some great stuff there.

Also, a clarification, I may have misrepresented what the contest is for, it's not for the Loki Hardcover, it's for the actual floppies, the single issues. I do plan on buying the HC eventually, but not for a while yet. So, apologies for any mix-ups about that, hopefully whoever wins will still enjoy the issues, as they are fantastic.

On to the links:

Marc Sobel, over at CBG, has some new reviews up, among them is Bluesman, which I'll be getting soon, thanks to Mike.

Mrs. Tegan has a massive post about the Emerald City Comicon. Looks like she's gettin lots of sketches, and hopefully permission to post them as well.

Capt. Corey, who's blog always makes me laugh, recently added me to his links, so thanks. For some of his humour, look here, here, and here. Funny, no?

High concept indeed. Also, reviews.

Via Fred Hembeck, 100 Swell things about comics.

Johnny B, that's an eerie picture.

Shane has some linkblogging of his own. Including news of an Invincible Hardcover. Dammit! Looks like I'll be giving away some Invincible trades eventually. Lucky you!

Tom talks Carnivale. I must see this show.

Ooooh! Don't forget the new Permanent Damage!

Also, don't forget to enter my Loki Contest!

What happens when you die?

Well, if you live in Smallville, apparently the forget all about you. Yes, even your boyfriend doesn't remember that you died! The very next week he's out scouting colleges and fighting off superpowered bad guys, without a hint of depression or sadness! You'll be happy to know that your death was meaningless (not to mention illogical) and it will have absolutely no effect on those arround you!

Yes, I did just get through watching Smallville, why do you ask?

I don't sound bitter, do I?

And, hey, look, the writing has gotten even sloppier!

Chloe, someone who could hideout and pretend to be dead, not even telling her closest friends and family, slipped up at least three friggin' time about Clark's secret! She's a journalist people! Why are you writing her as if she were an imbecile?! The audience isn't stupid! We get it, she knows, she wants him to come clean, he won't, you don't have to spell it out repeatedly!

And now, thanks to a certain Mr. Someone, it irks me to no end that Clark is surprised by people walking up to his loft!


It pisses me off that I'd been praising this show recently, and after that hiatus it has just been down hill. I wasn't eager to see another adaption of the character (the new Superman film), but given the writing here has de-evolved (in only a few episodes) into what it started out as rather than progressed, I'm eagerly awaiting Bryan Singer's film. Too bad I'll be wating two years.

On the more positive side, Lex is a total bad ass. He's hands down my favorite TV character of all time. I hate that we won't get to see Michael Rosenbaum on the big screen as Lex.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The List- Brought to you in part by Loki

Which means don't forget to enter my Loki giveaway!!!

Here's what hit DVD stores today:

Cape Fear (10th Anniversary Edition)

Only ten years? Funny, I just watched the Simpsons spoof with Sideshow Bob last week.


A movie starring people I love that I've never heard odd.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - The Complete First Season

Now...why is this coming out?

Full House - The Complete First Season

I can't believe this has a demand and Family Matters doesn't. Or how about Step by Step? Or, even better, Perfect Strangers!

Highlander The Series - Season 6

Also available packaged with the first five sets. This ends the TV show I think...

Miami Vice - Season One

Because you can never have enough Crockett and Tubbs.

Murphy Brown - The Complete First Season

I used to like this show, now I find in juvenile.

Night Court - The Complete First Season

YES!!! YES!!! God loves me!

Punky Brewster:Season Two

This is surely Satan's work...

Raging Bull (Special Edition)

Robert DeNiro fight's a pissed off cow...right?

Shark Tale

Oh...that's why it's coming out! (By it, I mean Fresh Prince. Can you smell the sarcasm?)

That does it, I'll be back tomorrow with even more worthless crap!


Monday, February 07, 2005

A small update

I've managed to contract a cold and a virus (both myself and my computer, how's that for luck!) in the last 24 hrs, so updates may be more sporadic than normal over the next few days.

Quite a few visitors too, so to any newcomers, welcome, hope you find something to your liking.

Don't forget to enter my Loki contest...that I just started!

New review up at Comic Book Galaxy- The Walking Dead Vol. 1. It's a pretty small one, but one nonetheless.

I've already ordered Vol. 2 and I can't wait to read it. This series as well as Invincible surprised me at how much I enjoyed them. I know everyone keeps talking about them, but sometimes I disagree with the masses, even if I respect them.

Bought a few CDs today. Among them was a Nat Cole collection that pretty much had all of his biggest hits. I used to have a huge collection of oldies, Cole, Sinatra, Martin, Davis; a whold CD album full, until some idiot stole them out of my car. I'm sure he was sadly disappointed when he opened the book up. So, trying to work on rebuilding that. Just so's you know.

I also pickedup a Wilco album, this will be my first. I've liked most of what I've heard so far, some of the actual music feels a little weird and too experimental for me, but I'm not going to judge it until I've listened to it a few times over.

I don't talk about music enough.

Finished The Simpsons Season Five, and I'm really disappointed. Man, was Season Four the last good one? Or is it because Season Five was the big change over with the new writing staff? Theextras are fantastic though, the commentary tracks on the Simpsoons discs are my favorite things to listen too outside of the Futurama ones. It's not that they're really all that insightful, just that everyone seems to really get along and have a good time. Not many actors show up on these though, must have been during contract negotiations.

I finished the somewhat recent Human Torch series that Marvel put out and canceled with #12. I think it was part of that Tsunami line they had going. It started out really strong but halfway through the first arc it felt as if the scripts lost their way. The plots became cliche and contrived, there were four issues devoted to a man who had learned to shrink people...good idea, but four friggin' issues? The old days would have seen that story wrapped up in 15 pages. I dig them out of a fifty cent bin, and they were worth that at least, I feel for those who payed full price. If you find em cheap give the first story line a go, it's the best of the bunch.

I picked up the next Maxx TPB at my LCS this week. no chance to read it yet. I'm debating a possible review of the series once it wraps up (in trade format), but I have no idea how many volumes that would be...

Big thanks to Dorian for giving my contest a shout out on his blog. So, yeah, get those entries in!!!! Maybe I'll review it so people will see what they're missing.

Free Comics!

AKA, my first Blog Contest.

In honor of Marvel recently releasing a beautiful hardcover edition of Rob Rodi and Essad Ribic's wonderful Loki miniseries I've decided to give away a set of the original floppies. Some of you may be thinking this is just a way for me to dump the books off because I bought the hardcover, but you'd be wrong. I haven't bought the hardcover yet. And, I think it's one of the best books Marvel published last year, which might not say much, but it's pretty amazing they published anything good, and this was fantastic in my opinion. So, why not share it with someone who hasn't read it yet?

Plus, consider it a trial run for another contest I have in the works.

So, here's the deal, email me at, write in the subject line LOKI Contest, otherwise I'll consider it spam and delete it. In the body of the email (NO ATTACHMENTS!!!) tell me what you would do if you were the Norse God of Mischief. It can be two sentences, or two pages, I don't care. I'll pick my favorite and send them a copy of the mini. I'm working on a few consolation prizes at the moment so there's at least a few chances to win, and I'll update everyone on that when and if I can come up with something.

Deadline is Feb. 28, and I'll announce the winner(s) the first week in March.

Any of you who have blogs or websites, I'd appreciate a little nod if you get the chance, just to get the word out. I know you'd be pimping corporate comics, but at least you'll be pimping GOOD corporate comics. And while you're at it, enter the contest as well!

Here's hoping I get at least one entry!


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why Smallville is Stupid

I suppose spoiler warnings are in order. So, if you haven't seen last night's episode, best avoid this here post.

Killing off Alicia was probably the DUMBEST thing i've ever seen on the show. And there have been some dumb things, like say, the girls becoming witches.

First, and maybe I'm wrong about this, but I don't think a little chloroform would have knocked Alicia out enough for her to have been hung. Second, we get no real explination as to why he killed her, it just happens. If you want to write her out of the show, fine, but come up with something better than strangling a teleporter.

Second...why the hell would Clark risk someone seeing him when he could have just let the empty car crash? I'm pretty certain he could see it was empty, and i don't believe he's so naive that he wouldn't have smelled a set-up, not after the fight he and Alicia had.

Dumb. Dumb. DUMB!

And why does someone else need to know? We lost Pete, I can accept it, but that doesn't mean someone needs to take his place.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is routinely known as Jumping The Shark.

You've been warned.

Apologies for the fanboyish nature of this post.


Now it's Time...

For some links!


New Comic Book Galaxy update today, including my latest, a massive review of Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid and Lenil Franci Yu. I'd like to take a second and publicly thank Alan David Doane for his patience, wisdom, and treeeeeemendous amount of help with it. Quite frankly, without him it would be less than half the review that it is, and contain none of that pretty artwork. He both contributed, and pushed me in the right direction. And it's called a McGuffin, and there's no OTHER apostrophes in '40s, '50s, '60s or any other year! I definitely got it...I think.

Note to anyone out there who wants to take up any kind of journalistic type writing, remember what I just wrote FOREVER! Any editor will tell you it's invaluable knowledge. And probably well known to half the world. I'm just a slack ass!


Also on the CBG update is a review of WE3, one of the best books ever. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. I'll be writing a piece about it eventually...I promise. Oh, and Little Lulu!

Cinescape has Tony Whitt's final Comicscape column. It's a shame the edged it out of the site's main page. There's also a review of Lenore #11 by Tony. I've read the first trade, but haven't picked up any recent issues, it's good for those with a darker sense of humor.

Oooh, and news of the demise of the latest Trek show, Enterprise. T'pol, we hardly knew you...

Did I spell her name right?

Teen Titans DVD news. It's a shame we won't be seeing a boxed set, but oh well.

From a few days ago: Tom's talking about Million Dollar Baby, and an idiot who wants to spoil the movie for all. Good stuff, but you gotta scroll down just a bit.

Mrs Tegan has announced the winners of her Bloggity contest, go see if you won.

Steve Lieber & co. are raising some money for William Messner-Loebs. Please bid if you can afford it!

And don't forget the new Permanent Damage by Steven Grant!

And I think that'll do it....


EDIT: Happy very belated B-Day to Fred Hembeck!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Not much in the way of new DVD's this week, my wallet thanks me.

The Brak Show, Vol. 1

Not nearly as funny as some of the other Adult Swim shows, but it's still got some laughs, especially in the first season.

Charmed - The Complete First Season

I'm surprised this show never attracted the ire of Jerry Fallwell. Maybe he just goes after cartoons? I'm sure Tony Maselli is ashamed that his little tomboy became a witch though.

Cheers - The Complete Fourth Season

Where everybody knows your name! I wish there was something in the way of extras (like commentary) on these releases.

Frasier - The Complete Fourth Season

There are a few extras on the Frasier releases however. This is where I began to lose interest though.

The Grudge

Bleh. I can't stand SMG.

Mr. 3000 (Widescreen Edition)

And Fullscreen as well. Looks horrible, and I like sports films.

Penn & Teller -- Bullsh*t! The Complete Second Season

They debunk myths. That's pretty much it. I'm amused that they've turned a one-trick pony into a semi-successful career.

Ray (DVS Blind & Low Vision Enhanced Widescreen Edition)

It's available in multiple editions, but this one seems the most inventive.

Sealab 2021 - Season 2

WooooHoooo! Insanely funny, or bad acid trip? You decide!

Shall We Dance

What I said about Tim robbins goes double for his wife.

Taxi - The Complete Second Season

Thank you very much. (If you don't get that, I feel for you.)


I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong....

Okay, seeing as I now think of one of its creators as a bit of an ass, I'm debating on picking up The Intimates at my LCS this week. It's always been a problem for me,and is a big reason why I try my best not to follow anyone outside of their chosen profession, I tend to disagree almost always. Prime example, Tim Robbins. As a younger man I thought he was quite brilliant, even if his choices of roles was a bit odd. But, I generally likedhim in everything he did. Then I saw an idiotic interview with both him and his wife where they went on at length about their extremely bizarre political views. After that I could barely stand to see the man anywhere,let alone a movie. I just couldn't sustain that suspension of disbelief anymore. All I could see was a man who says that he fears for his children because the governement is going to kill them, or somethinglike that. Don't get me wrong, I'mnot on either Wing when it comes to politics, I just can't stand extremists, Right or Left. And from an actor no less, someone who gets paid to be a good liar. I'm against actors in politics, always have been. If you wanna be a politician, be one, don't become an actor.

I'm getting off base...point being is that I haven't made up my mind. I think I'll still pick it up, but I'm less likely to give it any leeway, if I get bored, it's dropped immediately. I've already dropped Bloodsucker Tales, in which a Matt Fraction story was appearing, it was well before this little thing happened though.

Outside of that, I'm trying to get things back to normal. All that bad weather got declared an ice storm, and rightly so, it left about 5,000 people without power as of Sunday night, a number that's decreased by now I'm sure, but maybe only by half. Any of you Florida and Alabama folk that are working here to help those in need, thanks on all of our behalf. I'm one of the fortunate who didn't have to wait long.

A friend also said something that weighed on my conscience. My power goes out for a day and i'm fuming that I cannot cook/read/get on line/watch TV/DVD's etc., etc. Yet, I never think about the 2,000+ (that's an estimate, one I think is inaccurate, but maybe not) homeless in the area, no one does, not around here anyway. It's freezing outside and I'm writing this from the comfort of my own heated room. I do need to learn to appreciate what I have.

In other local news, no matter if you care or not, I've also recently changed my mind about businesses outsourcing labor. I used to be pretty on the fence about it, saying that i see both sides. It seems a local factory, Char-Broil, is now taking its manufacturing overseas for cheaper labor. Seeing how it really affects people close to you has rapidly turned my head on that little debate.

Hope you weren't expecting something more interesting, because you're probably disappointed right about now.