Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Web Heads List

Spider-Man 2

Available in multiple editions, including a set with the first, and a Special Edition box set with a reprint of the comic it's loosely based on. Guess which one I'll be buying?

Star Trek The Original Series: Seasons 1-3

I'm not even a Trekkie and I want this.

The director's cut of Daredevil arrives today as well, Best Buy has it for $12. I liked the original enough to seek this out. Also, Hero, but I couldn't find it listed, but it's out there. I'm very interested in seeing it as well. Wow, that's a short list.

I've been working on a few reviews, so that's why the blog silence. I'm watching my Seinfeld set, and it's magnificent, everyone should own this. I'm gonna do a rundown of all the stuff on it soon...which may turn into next month the way things are going.

Monday, November 29, 2004


This month marks the year mark for my blog, didn't even realize that until today. Hope everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving. Been doing alot of reading lately, so apologies for the absence, I'm hoping to be more active this week.

I watched the Home Movies set and I was extremely disappointed in some of the special features, particularly the featuretes, or interviews, whatever they call them. Boring stuff guys. Aqua Teen, however, was great. I, of course, bought Seinfeld, and I'm really impressed. It's a massive set, and I can't wait to dive into it.

Not much in the way of movies lately, but I did watch NBC's Christmas Carol The Musical tonight. It was a bit overdone, relying on entirely too much singing (yeah, I know it's a musical, but still) .

I got three floppies last week at the comic shop, which means my cut backs are working out nicely. This week looks lite as well, but I'll be ordering a few things from Mike (Progressive Ruin, see sidebar) so that'll take up some extra cash.

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to discuss tomorrow!


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all you U.S. folks out there. If you're not in the U.S. well, happy Thursday...or whatever day it is for you.

If you get out tomorrow, be safe, and Best Buy has the Seinfeld Re-Gift Set for $80 with an exclusive bonus disc, well worth your money.

Turkey Time!!!


Monday, November 22, 2004

Money, Money Money! Money!

I officially have none left, here's what I spent it on:

Superman: Birthright HC

HERO: Vol. 1

Hard Time Vol. 1 (I wasn't impressed with #1, but I keep hearing how good it is...it better be!)

Formerly Known as the Justice League

She-Hulk vol 1

MK Spider-Man Vol. 1

Fables Vol. 2

Billi 99 (picked it up cuz of the Sale art, looking forward to reading it)


Carnet De Voyage

Really looking forward to this. I was tempted to get The Conversation as well, but I read several poor reviews.

Less Than Heroes

Ditto, though I have no idea what it's about. The Warren Ellis blurb was a bit off putting, but I'm one of those people who enjoy the tights books, so I guess thats why.

The Heart of the Beast HC

A Vertigo series I've never heard of, but it's got Sean Phillips art, and I'm trying to find something by him I enjoy (other than that short vampire tale from Drawing on Your Nightmares).

Stonehaven: Milk Cartons & Dog Biscuits

Another book I'm unfamiliar with, I paid something like $5 for it, and it's a huge trade.

Planet Racers- Book One: Life Cycle

Paid $3 for it, and I love what little Lawson & Laird work I have read.

Castle Waiting: The Lucky Road

I read a review of this somewhere, not sure where got good marks, and I got it at a good discount. Looks really interesting.

After that it was back issue bin diving. nothing too interesting, but I did find damaged copies of:

Fantastic Four #52

First Black Panther, and this will be my first Lee/Kirby FF issue ever. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Avengers #38

A Lee/Heck issue, possible continder for that Avengers review thing, but I'll have to read it first I suppose.

Thor #141

Lee/Kirby Thor, at least it's pretty, hopefully it's interesting.

Iron Man #6

Goodwin/Tuska tale, couldn't pass it up for the price.

Tales to Astonish #61-62

More firsts, this time Lee/Ditko, three of the four tales anyway.

Each of those issues cost me $2, and besides the covers they're in pretty good shape. Can't wait to read em.

Also picked up Battle Pope: Mayhem #1-2, Uncanny X-Men #175 (and #73, which reprints #25), Capes #2-3, and an interesting looking book called Oink (#'s1-4) from Kitchen Sink.

So much for uninteresting! There was more...but I think I've bored you guys enough!


Friday, November 19, 2004

Shades of a Good Movie

Just watched a rather interesting film, Shade, starring quite a few well known, although somewhat past their prime, actors.

The story is fairly simple, a group of conmen played by Gabriel Byrne, Stuart Townsend and Thandie Newton, reunite for one last shakedown, this time poker legend, The Dean, played by Sylvester Stallone. There's some good talent rounding out the supporting cast, including Melanie Griffith, Jamie Foxx, and Hal Holbrook. There's even an apearence by Star Trek alum Michael Dorn, looking his most un-Warf-ish ever.

Foxx's role is far too brief, he just plays a mark at the beginning of the film, as is Holbrook's, who gets more out of his five minutes than Townsend gets in the whole movie. Overall it's very well acted though, I even enjoyed Griffith's performance, which is very rare for me.

There are elements from the much better film, Rounders that do pop up now and then, and there's even some of that "not what you think it is" element that The Usual Suspects made so famous. Worth a rent, and the DVD has quite a few extras, including a commentrak and two featurettes.

For those wondering, yes Stallone is pretty good. He doesn't have much to do except look imposing and spit out a few lines of dialogue now and then, but it's still the best performance he's turned in in quite sometime. Thandie Newton was a surprise, she seemed to fall of the face of the earth after the failure that was The Truth About Charlie. She's not a bad actress, and given the right role she could be excellent, but this isn't it. Byrne is the most notable of the bunch, you're never sure if you should like him or hate him, even after the all-too-obvious plot twist towards the end.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Video Games

I don't talk about them much, but a discussion I had yesterday has had me thinking seriously about a few things.

First, anyone who's played Vice City, or even the new San Andreas can give you testimony on how truly excellent video games can be. I'm not just talking in terms of story or gameplay style, but both of those are a big draw. Especially the graphics.

It seems that companies (and some adult groups who are always looking to censor us) seem to think the GTA games are a hit because of the mature subject matter. Mature is probably the wrong word, honestly it's quite juvenile, and very delinquent, morally bankrupt would likely be the best description. While it's true that those things are a draw to certain types of people, what draws most of its fans (including me) in is the extremely amazing graphics, the vastness of the things you can do, the non-linear gameplay, the exploration of a city that's probably bigger than the town I live in. It's a virtual world, and you cannot find a console game that even comes close to this type of thing.

So why the violence? Why not make a childrens game this engrossing? If you could make a game like this, aimed towards a younger audience, you'd have a hit. Spider-Man 2 comes close, but the storyline falls short of anything worthwhile, and honestly brings the rest of the game down as well. The challenges were exteemely difficult, and finding all of the little bonus coins became ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong, there are some damn fine games out there aimed toward the younger crowd (Nintendo represents that group constantly) but nothing on this level. It's a shame really.

Seems like video games and comics have more and more in common each passing year. Kids are getting left behind for the most part (especially the 5-7 year olds) and without an entry level game to get them playing it's likely they'll never pick up a controller.

Sure, there's always the sea of sports game that'll hook some of them, but not everyone's a sports fan.

So, Bungee, Rockstar, even you EA fellas...what're you gonna do when your audience is too damn old to use a joystick?


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Smallville, etc.

Disappointing. If it weren't for the acting this show would have fallen on its ass after the first episode. The "sex" is driving me insane. I realize they're trying to appeal to a teen crowd, but does every episode have to have sex in it? It was nice to have a plot that didn't solely revolve around Lana or Clark...or even Chloe, and to have a villian from outside the "kryptonian mutant" list. Millar and Gough should thatnk the gods they picked suche great talent for the show. Oh, and the Lana sublot was flat out dumb. I haven't the foggiest where they're going with it, and I'm not interested in the least.

Four episodes of Roswell Season One left, and what I said about the sex in Smallville goes double for this, mainly because these characters are around 16 and that's a bit much. It's borderline pornography, too. Waaaay more suggestive than most of Smallvilles transgressions. Fortunately the alien plots didn't take too much of a backseat, and in some cases were directly responsible for the innuendo's. I've heard bad things about the second season, which pisses me off. Still, it was only $15.

Picked up Aqua Teen and Home Movies (told you it was out) today, as well as Elf and the extended cut of Underworld. All money well spent, and I even managed to watch Every Aqua Teen episode. The Home Movies DVD looks like fun, tons of features and behind the scenes stuff. Now I cannot wait until The Venture Bros. DVD hits next year.

Also picked up the 5 Days Til Midnight DVD, Home on the Range and Envy. Haven't watched em yet though. Oh, and I bought Saved!, so I'm looking forward to doing a more in-depth review of it sometime down the road, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Not much in the way of comics this week (gee, could it be all that money I spent on DVDs?!?!) but I'm hitting a small convention this weekend, hoping to find some stuff there.

I spend too much money!


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Best List Ever

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume Three

What a way to start off a DVD release list! This is the most insanely asinine, yet completely brilliant show on television.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Complete Seventh Season

Given my recent like of angel, it might be time to pick up some of the later Buffy seasons, or maybe just rent them.

The Chronicles Of Riddick

Pass. Instead go get Pitch Black.

Clive Barker Presents Saint Sinner

Oh yeah. Didn't catch this when it aired oh so many years ago, cannot wait to pick it up. Based on the comic book, by the way.

Daredevil (Director's Cut)

I know this has been resolicited for later this month, or maybe even December, I'll try and track down the date. Still, it's popped up on several release schedules.

Dragon Ball GT: Hero's Legacy - Feature (Uncut)

This is the first GT film to hit the US I believe. Can't wait to see it. Yes, I like Dragonball.


One of the best, if not THE best, holiday films I've ever seen.

Frasier: The Final Season

Too little too late I say. If they were gonna wait this long, why not just wait until we could have them in order.

The Hebrew Hammer

This was a Comedy Central original, based on a short film. Looks funny as hell, and it's got adam Goldberg in it, and he's always great.

Jamie Cullum: Live at Blenheim Palace

One of the best musician/singers to come along in recent years. I cannot recommend this guy enough.

Kids In The Hall: Season 2 (1990-1991)

Was never a Kids fan, but hey, it's got a huge cult following, so knock yourself out.


This aired on Comedy Central as well. Good, good, stuff.

Smallville: The Complete Third Season

I think it speaks for itself.

Space Ghost Coast To Coast: Volume Two

Still haven't tracked down Vol. 1 yet. Funny stuff, and the best version of Space Ghost ever, I don't care what the hell Alex Toth thinks.

Top Gun (Widescreen Collector's Edition)

More Tom Cruise than anyone can handle.

The Iron Giant: Special Edition

I know this is coming out, but some have it on their lists and some places don't. Brad Bird directed it, he also did the Incredibles, so if you liked that film, please, please track this down. It's probably the greatest traditionally animated film (next to the Lion King) ever made.

The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete First Season

This is another one that was sporadic. Both Best Buy and Circuit City have it listed though, so that's good enough for me. This show alone makes this the best DVD Tuesday ever. I know everyone loves Seinfeld, but for my money this is the greatest show to ever air on television.

Home Movies: Season One

Another iffy, but Adult Swim has it listed, so I'm gonna trust them. Great show once you get used to the "shaky" animation.

See, told ya. Lots of goodies out there, go spend that paycheck!

While you're at it, and if you're over 18, Eminem's new CD Encore is out, well worth the bucks if you like Rap. Not as good as The Eminem Show, but I don't think anything ever will be. For those that like his goofy side, there's tons of cut-up songs on here. Maybe I'll get into more detail about it later. Right now I'm addicted to Burnout 3, I cannot stop playing it.

See you tomorrow!


Monday, November 15, 2004

More Rambling!

Got called into work yesterday, so no posting for me, apologies. (I do that alot...)

I did get to see my Falcons win against the Bucs, a team that has had their number for almost three years.

Dorian pointed out something I thought was extremely funny, the "death" of Future Comics, and the fact that Bob Layton blames retailers for it. His comments are spot on. I read one or two (did they offer two...can't remember) of their Free Comic Book Day offerings and found them severely lacking. The art was atrocious, the plots seemed boring as hell, and the characters were uninspired. Hey Bob, that's never a thing. My local shop never carried a single issue, and if it had there might have been people storming through the door demanding their money back. Go visit Dorian!!!

Speaking of...I noticed something a few days ago and was happy I'm not the only one who's done it. This isn't a "look at his mistakes" cry, because God knows I screw something up in each post, but Dorian and I both spell Brian K. Vaughan's name wrong. I noticed when reviewing The Runaways that I've been spelling it Vaughn, then Dorian posted something and spelled it the same way as well. It was a relief to see, and made me feel infinitely less like a jackass.

So, here's a public apology to Brian K. Vaughan, sorry I've been spelling your name wrong for over two years...

Mike over at Progressive Ruin is pleading for people to crash his comments section. So go do it. He wants to know what your current favorite monthly book is.

Still haven't been able to get the The New Frontier, and I'm thinking it will have to wait for Thanksgiving, I should have plenty of time then. I've also gotten all of Marvels Human Torch series and I'll dive into that pretty soon as well.


Saturday, November 13, 2004

Blah Blah Blah

Nope, I'm not dead. I didn't expect to be as absent as I have been, but the break from my blogging has made my heart grow fonder. I can't count the number of times this past week I've thought "I gotta write something about that..." then got home and played massive amounts of Halo 2 and forgot all about it.

So, in short, lots to talk about.

There should be another review going up on CBG shortly, this time of Marvel's Runaways Vol. 1.

Speaking of comics, I bought one floppy this week, Bullseye, it rocked. I also picked up Vol. 2 of the Daredevil HC collections, and will get Vol. 3 next week hopefully. Meant to get She-Hulk, and forgot. Got Ennis' Judge Dredd TPB as well. It'll be nice to read some good Ennis stuff.

In comics related news, Marvel is suing the creators of the MMORPG, City of Heroes. Like Dorian (see sidebar, make with the clicky) I think's it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. The House of Ideas must be broke.

Halo 2 is awesome, by the way, but it's disappointing as well. Considering how massive and unique the first one was, you'd think the second would just improve on that by leaps and bounds. Instead what we get is like a shinier version, with a few new tricks. They seem to have went with a "if it ain't broke" policy, but when you think about the wait for the game it becomes even more disappointing. What the hell took so long guys? Next time take a lesson form the folks developing GTA, "if it ain't broke, make it bigger and better."

Watched Walking Tall this week. It's a shame The Rock didn't have a better script and/or director. The guy is charismatic as hell, and unlike the action stars of yesteryear he's got this relatable quality to him. He proved himself in The Rundown, but this film was mediocre at best. It is based on a true story, and it's a problem that's very real, but the approach was off. Instead of a dramatic action film we get an action film with some drama thrown in. Every aspiring acting director/writer should have to watch Man on Fire. That's how it's supposed to be done people.

Smallville was awful this week. It was very cool that they decided to bring in yet another element from the books (and under my nose too, didn't hit me until the very end of the episode), but making the three girls into witches just seemed dumb. Why does everything that ever happens have to involve someone from Smallville? Couldn't it have just been someone else, did it have to be Lana? It's such an obvious plot device that it seems more like some sort of fanfiction (I've used that phrase twice this week...weird). Note to the writers: there is a bigger universe out there, explore it. Hell, it would have made more sense to have some random goth girl be the witch. Still lovin' Lex though, at least they always get him right.

That brings me to anoth TV show, this one in my DVD player, Roswell. I'm halfway through the first season, and I'm hooked. Sure the plots are about as standard teen-angst as you can get, but the X-Files-ish premise makes for some interesting twists. This and Angel have now become my new "must haves" on DVD.

I do want to say "shame!" to the Smallville crew for blatantly ripping off Roswell plot devices (the caves, the cryptic writing, plus tons of other stuff) but Roswell also borrows heavily from a few Superman elements as well, so I guess it can be forgiven. Still, weren't these on the same network? Putting them in the same universe would have just ruled (just a thought, but the Roswell kids could have been set up to be young Zod and crew, then cross the shows, and blam! instant classic! God, I should be a TV exec.). Something to think about, especially if you've seen both shows. Well, I haven't seen all of Roswell....

Wow, I'm rambling....I'll be back tomorrow with more.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Halo 2

Comes out tomorrow folks, and I'm excited as hell. Except for sending some reviews in to CBG, expect me to be scarce over the next week or so.

Incredibly Incredible

I don't think there's ever been a movie with a worthier title. Could be the best superhero movie ever, and one of the best films this year, definitely ranks tops in the best animated films ever.

Go see it, take the kids, take everyone you can find. It's anything and everything you could ask for in a spandex film.

And, for the record, John Byrne, you are the biggest f*%!ing idiot the comics industry has ever seen. Yes, even bigger than Rob. This movie could have kids coming back to superheroes and comics in droves if it had been marketed right. This is everything that could be right about superheroes in comics.


Saturday, November 06, 2004


Just one actually, but it's a good one.

Looks like Diamond Select is answering a demand that I didn't even realize fans had. Angel fans will recognize this: Cinescape - Home - Editorial immediately, and will likely want to have one.

I haven't seen the "Puppet Episode", but I did catch the preview of it when it aired so many months ago. Looked funny and promising. With my newfound love of the show, I'll get to the episode as soon as money allows, and i really can't wait to see it.

Not sure if I'd pay $50 for a stuffed doll, but it looks like a nice collectible, much better than the action figures.

Only managed to get to the Pilot episode of Roswell, but I loved it. One part X-Files, one part Dawson's Creek (though the creators say My So-Called Life, looks closer to Dawson.) with a brilliant cast. Can't wait to get to the rest.

Yes, that does mean I finished Angel. The season ender was disappointing, but overall I loved the set. The Wolfram & Hart lawyers quickly became my favorite characters. The lack of tons of special features was disconcerting, given the retail price of the seasons. Still, well worth the $15 I paid for it, here's hoping Amazon hooks us up with something along those lines again, and soon!

I also got a chance to see a brilliantly mad movie called Saved! last night. The cast was excellent (Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Macauley Culkin, and more that I can't remember at the moment), and the chracterizations were so dead-on that I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. It's the story of a young girl and her friends raised in a Christian lifestyle and what happens when that's then only thing you've ever know. I'll get around to doing a big review of it eventually (hopefully soon), but it's one of the most accurate portrayals of the wackiness that happens when you only surround yourself with one type of people, especially Chrstians. Buy, rent, whatever, just watch it, it's well worth the dough.

Friday, November 05, 2004


ADD's latest 5Q's are up at Newsarama now, always a good read. This week he talks comic retail with J.C. Glindmeyer. Go check it out.

Tough Crowd

Seeing as the show was cancelled, most of you probably don't know what it is, but Colin Quinn's political comedy round table show aired after the Daily Show every weekday. While it wasn't always successful, Quinn and company were often entertaining, and sometimes downright hilarious. No, it wasn't Politically Incorrect, but it was probably one of the most honest shows airing on television. Sucks to see it go, here's hoping all those guys land on their feet.


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Comics, TV, More Comics, and More TV

Smallville was pretty good last night, looking forward to seeing exactly what Lex has up his sleeve, and hopefully seeing more of Mr. Mkxlptk, or however you spell it. Next weeks episode looks to continue the "sexed up" feel this season seems to be carrying. Which is a shame.

I'm down to my last episode of Angel Season One. Looks like Season 2 will be on my Christmas wish list. I'll be starting Roswell this weekend, here's hoping it doesn't suck.

AOL members got an exclusive peak at the teaser trailer for Episode III, and color me impressed. Still looks a tad bit over the top, but promising nonetheless.

Picked up quite a few floppies this week, including WE3, which I apparently missed last week. Also picked up Volume 1 od the Daredevil Hardcover series for $20.

Now, it looks beautiful, and I've read the stories within (it includes Smith's run and Mack's, minus issue #12 for some strange reason) and they're pretty damned good. I do have a huge glaring problem though, the names on the cover are Smith, Quesada, and Mack. Yes, they're probably the three most notable cpntributors, but was there really no room for Jimmy Palmiotti's (did I spell that right?) name? My local shop also has Vol. 2 & 3 for $20 a piece, I'm looking forward to getting them.

Look for my reviews to be exclusive to CBG, unless it's just going to be random older stuff I pick up now and then. I've been reading that Kingpin mini from awhile back, and apparently I'm missing the last issue, which gives me an even better reason to finally get with Mike (over at Progressive Ruin) about some stuff I've been wanting to buy.

Both South Park and Drawn Together were disappointing last night. I thought Parker & Stone's bash on Wal-Mart was odd. Not wrong, not right, just odd. As for Drawn...no matter how many times you say it, vagina isn't a laughter-inducing word guys...

My other comics this week were Y, the Last Man, the Guardians, Ult. Fantastic Four, and Rising Stars. It was nice to see a new issue of Rising Stars after, what, almost a year? Maybe more? Still good stuff, but the art almost soured it for me. Ult. FF is next on the drop list, since this wraps up the Doom arc. I'm hoping Guardians continues, because I've read a few things about that being the last issue. Anyone know anything?

Oh, yeah, and I got the Intimates #1 too, haven't read it yet though.

I'll post a link whenever I get the reviews done and the get put up.

Still working on the New Frontier re-read, and hoping that DC will wise up and produce a HC of the entire series.

Oh, looks like the Hand-Puppet is gonna be here four more years. At least he actually got elected this time.

Pal Dino (blog to the right) has a ton of info and complaints about the election and the results, so anyone looking to read politics, head on over, he's a pretty passionate guy.

As always, more later.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Is Fox News the biggest joke on television or what? Isn't this the same network that preaches that it is non-partisan? Looks like itmight be a week or more before we get an official announcement. You'd think there would be a much faster way to do this.

Add all that to the list of reasons I don't vote, plus those election lines, good grief. Also, I'm in the South, so it's Republican country...not that I'm Democratic, I think both parties are tremendously flawed. The two party system is ridiculous, too. You're choosing a country's leader and you've basically only got two choices? Idiotic.

I'm going to bed, but you guys feel free to watch this horse race.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Election Day List

Plus a few other things I'm gonna talk about....

First, the DVD's:

Ali G Indahouse: The Movie

Huh? Who the hell okayed this? Some people find this guy hilarious, but even when I can understand what he's saying, I don't think it's funny.

Animal Farm (Criterion Collection)

Couldn't aski for a more timely release of a film, and we get the Criterion mark, which is one of the very best.

Around The World In 80 Days

Jackie Chan remake that didn't do so hot at the box office. Also marks what could be the last movie appearence of the Governator. I doubt that, but you never know.

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection Volume 2

A must own.

Mutant X: Season 1 Set

Wow, the finally release a set instead of the two episode discs they've been using to steal people's cash. Too bad the show is sub-par...to put it nicely.

Philadelphia (Widescreen Anniversary Edition)

One of the best films ever made, good to see it getting some special treatment.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (Special Edition)

Dammit. DVD's have become the gimmick of the century. In the 90's we had polybagged shiny coated uber limited (to only 50,000,000!!!!) comic books, now we have DVD's. It's getting pretty damned old. Still, good for those of you who haven't purchased it yet. Go wild, it's worth the cash.

Shrek 2

This actually doesn't come out til Friday. And it's really not that good.

Star Trek The Original Series: Season Two

I'm sure some guy somewhere just orgasmed in his pants.

That's it for the DVD's.

Okay, voting...

For those that did, good for you, hope it rocked your socks. Can't wait to see which knucklehead gets elected. I still don't get this "lesser of two evils" decision everyone's in a such a rush to make. But, hey, whatever. I didn't vote, and if I had I would have written myself in for President, because the other choices are just dumb.


NBC's Father of the Pride has been pretty much been canned. They're gonna air the remaining six episodes starting next month, then, unless a miracle happens, that's it. Not many animated shows have been able to last long, and this one is probably deserving of a quick death. It had flashes of greatnness, but nothing ever seemed to click for it.


I'm almost through with the first season, and color me somewhat impressed. The writing has taken a turn for the better, and I'm finding the episodes that tie in to the buffy universe are actually the best. Still have a great dislike for Gellar, but her episode with Angel (the forgotten day, the fans will know what I'm talking about) was solid stuff, and the two parter with Faith is nothing short of excellent. There are still moments where the writing seems a bit over the top ("It was rude, let's kill it."), but it's growing on me. It was a shame that Doyle left the show, and even worse that the actor died, but Wesley is brilliant. Still can't stand Coirdelia though.


Mr. Mxyzpltk is headed to the show (Yeah, I'm sure I spelled it wrong, but I really don't care.) and I couldn't be happier. It's great to see more and more people being incorporated into the Smallville universe from the DCU. The Flash (or Impulse, I guess) episode has been one of the strongest episodes this season, can't wait to see more stuff like it.


Watched Mean Girls. Good stuff. Some of it I didn't get, but I'm a guy, so that's to be expected I suppose.


My first CBG review should be up soon. Big thanks to ADD for giving a guy a chance to prove himself.

Time to go wait and see who got elected. More later.