Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Smallville, etc.

Disappointing. If it weren't for the acting this show would have fallen on its ass after the first episode. The "sex" is driving me insane. I realize they're trying to appeal to a teen crowd, but does every episode have to have sex in it? It was nice to have a plot that didn't solely revolve around Lana or Clark...or even Chloe, and to have a villian from outside the "kryptonian mutant" list. Millar and Gough should thatnk the gods they picked suche great talent for the show. Oh, and the Lana sublot was flat out dumb. I haven't the foggiest where they're going with it, and I'm not interested in the least.

Four episodes of Roswell Season One left, and what I said about the sex in Smallville goes double for this, mainly because these characters are around 16 and that's a bit much. It's borderline pornography, too. Waaaay more suggestive than most of Smallvilles transgressions. Fortunately the alien plots didn't take too much of a backseat, and in some cases were directly responsible for the innuendo's. I've heard bad things about the second season, which pisses me off. Still, it was only $15.

Picked up Aqua Teen and Home Movies (told you it was out) today, as well as Elf and the extended cut of Underworld. All money well spent, and I even managed to watch Every Aqua Teen episode. The Home Movies DVD looks like fun, tons of features and behind the scenes stuff. Now I cannot wait until The Venture Bros. DVD hits next year.

Also picked up the 5 Days Til Midnight DVD, Home on the Range and Envy. Haven't watched em yet though. Oh, and I bought Saved!, so I'm looking forward to doing a more in-depth review of it sometime down the road, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Not much in the way of comics this week (gee, could it be all that money I spent on DVDs?!?!) but I'm hitting a small convention this weekend, hoping to find some stuff there.

I spend too much money!


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