Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Treats

First, go check out my newest Loose Staples. It's a column so horrifying, it almost didn't see print!

And hit Zombie Tom's place for some good old-fashioned zombie fun.

And now, for some quickies!

Remains #1-5

Got this one via ADD and mostly enjoyed it. Niles adds a kind of ominous tone to the story that never really pays off. Somehow the zombies are getting smarter, and apparently they're being controlled/influenced by some kind of zombie king. It just leads to more questions than answers in the end. Dwyer's art is nice, sexy and spooky, and the play between the characters is nice. Ultimately it just feels like a retread of the Dawn of the Dead re-make, only without the mall. Too bad there hasn't been a follow-up, I'd like to see what he had planned with the smart zombies.B-

Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities #1-4

Excellent series. I love how Powell is able to blend an American western with this cast of P.T. Barnum sideshow characters, add in a little European locale (and Doc Frankenstein) and make it all flow so well. Kyle Hotz art is phenomenal, everything looks great, especially the "busy" pages. Each of the Doc's twisted creations feels unique, like there's actually a story behind them. One kick-ass book, I could've cheered when Billy finally takes down the evil old Doc.A+

Hellboy: Weird Tales #1

A solid book, definitely worth the purchase for the John Cassady penned/illustrated Big-Top Hellboy. He's no Mignola when it comes to Hellboy, but damn he makes him look sweet. Plus, Abe wearing a beard had me in stitches. The rest of the book I could take or leave, thought the old-school Lobster Johnson strip was neat-o (and also by Cassady).B+

Shadowplay #1

Ummm, I have no clue what the hell went on in this book. It's pretty though, with art by Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith. I do know it has something to do with vampires, but couldn't really make heads or tales of the plots. D

Tales of the TMNT #16

Donatello hitches a ride with some Utroms and they end up outside known space. Reeks of what Whedon did in Serenity, but still works. Good script, probably one of the best this series has had, and Doug Rice is just fantastic on the art. All in all a kick-butt sci-fi tale starring one of my favorite turtles. B

TMNT #24

We almost have the plots bridged together, all the turtles are connecting again, except for Mikey, who's stranded off-world. It'll be nice to see how Laird either gets him home, or gets the other three out into space looking for him. This marks the four years point for the book, and the fact that we've seen more than out fair share of changes to the characters is the biggest plus. For most books four years represents a number of writer/artist changes and a constant return to status quo. In four years of this book we've seen the death of Splinter, a huge jump in the technology of the world (including the Turtle becoming public figures, the Earth serving as a a sort of interspatial airport, and little turtle nano bots that kick butt), Raph becoming a huge hulking creature, Donatello shrunken to the size of a dollar bill (maybe smaller), the bizarre origin of April, Mikey stranded on another planet, and so much more that it hurts my head to try and remember it all. There is no other book that has progressed the way this one has, and I've loved every minute of it.A+

Loveless #1

So, Brian Azzarello got himself a western book? He seems like the type of writer who could pull that off, and having Marcelo Frusin on art doesn't hurt. But, the dialogue is clunky and confusing, there's no real plot that I can see, and the "twist" was just ridiculous. Looks pretty though. Still, Azz can be a great writer, so I may have to keep picking this up to see how it develops. C


Very weird movie mix of comedy, aliens and zombies, set in Australia. My first thought was "this wants to be Shaun", but really it doesn't. The comedy is there, but very understated, it's more of an action flik, and when they throw the aliens at you it's enough to make your head spin. But, it's pretty exciting, and funny, and somewhat spooky. Worth a rent if you're in the mood for something truly strange, or just love zombie films. I'm gonna watch it again and try and follow it more closely. B

Finally, my favorite scary movie star ever would like to bid you a Happy Halloween:

Image hosted by

And you can thank Mike Allred for the new pic on the sidebar. I got his Solo issue but haven't read it yet.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Logan-1, Bill Gates-1Billion

HAHA, screw you Billy boy! I fixed my X-Box!!!!!!!

Well, not exactly, it cost me fifty bucks, and essentially I just took two broken boxes and made one that works, and it works better than it did before too. I may end up with two boxes in the end, if I can fix the other, but I'll be in no rush to do it, I'm just glad to have one fixed.

This week, I've decided, will be "take care of nagging problems week". Such as filing away some comics, alphabetizing some DVDs, cleaning off this mess of a computer desk, sending off some mail-in rebates, wash my car, give it a tune-up and an oil change, fix that damn squeaking belt, and some other crap I've put off for far too long.

And maybe I'll get to read a ton of comics, since my list has only grown. I'm hoping to start getting an extra day a week off for picking up an extra shift. So, I'd be working a double one day and having an extra whole day off, which should make for a good amount of free time to do more reading and writing. But, I'm not sure that will happen. I am taking tomorrow off from football, since my Falcons are on a bye week. They deserve it, if I get bored I might pop the tube on and catch one of the games, more likely I'll watch one of the movies I've been putting off, or actually play the X-Box.

I've finished off The Adventures of Superman and the third disc of Deadwood, more about them tomorrow probably.

So, yeah, tonight I sleep with a sense of accomplishment. After losing my poker game, it's a much needed rush!


Friday, October 28, 2005

Captain Sulu is Gay

I say good for him.

It's Friday, hich means new Galaxy stuff. Be sure and check out Breakdowns and Last Call, then read the Oz reviews. All good stuff, I swear.

Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain could be on DVD soon. Not soon enough I say!

Could there be anything better than a hip-hop Yoda? Yes, a breakdancing Transformer.

Hey, it's a look at one of my all-time favorite books, Ice Haven. Certainly not new material, but Ice Haven is a book that can continually be explored, so anytime I stumble on a review of it makes me happy. Especially if it's a good one.

See, we were all right, Stephen King will be working for the devil...errr, Marvel.

Speaking of the devil, Marvel has decided that it really would like me to wait for the "collected editions of their stories from now on. How did they do this? By placing and ad opposite every single page in all of their comics, presumably from now until the end of time. There's a double page Honda Civic ad, but no double page spreads for the art. Excuse my French, but FUCK YOU MARVEL. Not only do I now have to wade through more ads, but I still have to pay the same price. More ads=more ad revenue, which should offput some of their cost. So, do they pass this on to us? No, they don't.

Not to say I didn't enjoy the books, I did. There's only a handful of comics i'm reading from The House of Idiots these days, and Cable & Deadpool is the only monthly series out of those. So, while i'm content to finish off the Drax the Destroyer mini, I won't be buying another issue of The Book of Lost Souls. Of course, I will be buying C&D until it is ultimately cancelled. I've heard rumours that it will cease to be by #25, anyone know for sure? After that, yeah, no more Marvel monthlies. Which brings me to reviews:

The Book of Lost Souls #1

J.M. Straz teams up with the uber-lovely Coleen Doran for a pretty good read. It has traces of Straz's Midnight Nation and can be a bit pretentious, but it's hard not to be when you're dealing with psuedo-religious type things. Doran's art, as always, is phenomenal, adding a lot of depth to a pretty thin plot. It's all set-up of course, but at least it's a very pretty set up. JMS, to me at least, has fallen into that Jeph Loeb formula, ogten only as good as his artist. I really did enjoy this, but given Straz's past slowness of plot and Marvel's F-U to the readers, I won't be buying it in a monthly form. If it never gets collected I'll scour discount bins for it.

Drax the Destroyer #2

Still not keen on the art, but Giffen writes one hell of a story. It's nice to read a book that you know isn't going to spill out into (or be affected by) every other friggin' book Marvel publishes. It's just good old fashined self contained fun. This issue is pretty much one giant fight scene with a few good laughs and a kick-you-in-the-ass ending. Can't wait to see the resurrection. Oh, and the misleading promis of the cover was a good trick, but damn it pissed me off. I want some Thanos!

Both good books, but neither worth it because of the ads. Thanks a whole hell of a lot Marvel.

Haven't watched much of anything this week, babysitting and work keep me busy. Mostly work. Baby bro is too young to be much trouble, and I never have to watch him for long.

I am four episodes in to Deadwood Season 1, and while I could do without the language, I'm enjoying it immensely. After this comes The Prisoner, so I'm trying to finish it up pretty quickly, but failing miserably.

Oh, and i'm now three figures away from having a Sentinel. Out of the new Marvel Legends figures I only have Spidey, Angel and Black OPanther left to get. Angel is proving the hardest to find. I even managed to pick up the chase Cyclops.

Image hosted by

Here's what the Sentinel looks like:

Image hosted by

Okay, off to finish my Halloween column. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Just Saw History...Again

Image hosted by

It was one hell of a throw to end the second most exciting World Series I've ever seen. Chicago deserves it. Too bad the 'Stros get a chance to win their first ever and practically the whole world is against them, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Congrats to the team and all the fans, hope it doesn't take you another 88 years to get there again!


Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

So, I was in the mood wor something Halloween-y and decided to watch a film called Hotel. It's got a great cast, but it turns out it's worse than The Blair Witch Project. Seriously.

Here's the IMBD page. Just look at that cast. How could somone put together such a great cast, someone who made a film as highly praised as Leaving Las Vegas, and have it turn into a total clusterfuck. The plot is jagged at best and unfollowable (is that a word?) at its worst. When three kids running around the woods with their mom's video camera make a better movie than you, it's time to hang it up. I see he's also gon on to direct the also awful Cold Creek Manor, so it really should be no surprise that he made a movie like this. But, at least Manor had a plot you could follow.

New stuff up at the Galaxy, including a review of Long Hot Summer by yours truly. Not-the-new-guy-anymore, Derik looks at 99Ways to Tell a Story. Over at Kochalkaholic ADD salutes seven years of the Sketchbook Diaries. That really is a mighty big accomplishment, congrats to James, whose Superf*ckers #2 is on its way to me right this very minute. Can't wait!

And finally, we bid a fond farewell to the Galaxy's best column (sorry guys, it really was my favorite, even though I've read like, two manga books ever), International Geographic. Having a more "comic creating-focused" Rob is definitely what the world needs, because he is one of the best, but I was a little misty eyed about losing such a wonderful, wonderful column. It's now a sadder internet. We'll miss you Rob.

Finally, a miniature Batman we can all enjoy!

The Daily Burn celebrates #100. Congrats Mick, keep burning baby!

And if you haven't been following the F*@% Yeah Files over at the Long Box, shame on you. I nominate the F*@% Yeah Files for inclusion into the F*@% Files for inclusion into the F*@% Yeah Files.

RIP Rosa.

Finally, Shane looks to be back at full speed. Excellent links for all!

Guess what? Permanent Damage!!!!

Joe Casey and Matt Fraction on the end of the Intimates.

I never link to this, so here: Lying in the Gutters.

Chip n Dale DVD Episode list. Yay!

And finally, if you've got some spare dough, go help out comic creator and swell guy Jason Marcy.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Wonderful List of Oz

3rd Rock From the Sun - Season 2

I used to love this show, but I haven't really gotten into it on DVD, mainly because there's so much other stuff coming out as well. One day I'll get around to buying them though. Glad to see it's proving popular enough to keep the releases coming.

Alias - The Complete Fourth Season

A show I wish I was watching, I'll have to start Netflixing the seasons I suppose.

American Gothic - Complete Series

Anyone watch this? Was it any good? Should I add it to my Netflix?

The Beverly Hillbillies/Petticoat Junction Christmas Collection

It's a redneck christmas party, yeehaw!


Well, that was quick.

Bewitched - The Complete Second Season

If you must buy a Bewitched DVD, buy this one. Also available in color!

Danger Mouse - The Complete Seasons 3 & 4

For the life of me I can't remember the theme song to this.

Degrassi Junior High - The Complete Collection

Well, I'm not buying. But I won't think less of you if you do, I promise.

Dominion - Prequel to the Exorcist

The original film, before they decided it sucked and shelved it. Might be interesting.

The Doris Day Show - Season 2

She was a cutie, no?

Gallagher - The Best of Gallagher Volume 1
Gallagher - The Best of Gallagher Volume 2
Gallagher - The Smashing Watermelon Collection

More Gallagher than you ever knew you needed.

Gus Van Sant's Last Days

The sort-of telling of Cobains time before his suicide.

Hart to Hart - The Complete First Season

Who demanded this?

Herbie - Fully Loaded

No friggin' thanks.

In Living Color - Season 4

Definitely funnier than the current SNL cast.

Kids in the Hall - Complete Season 3 (1991-1992)


The L Word - The Complete Second Season

Already in my Netflix queue.

Looney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume Three

Expensive, but well worth it.

MADtv - The Best of Seasons 8, 9 & 10

Didn't realize the show was on that long.

The Munsters - Complete Second Season

Just in time for Halloween!

Point Pleasant - The Complete Series

Buddy Dino will be happy about this. I never watched it.

Single White Female 2 - The Psycho

This has got to be worse than those Wild Things sequels.

Tales From the Crypt - The Complete Second Season

Still haven't got Season 1 yet. Good stuff.

Titanic - Special Collector's Edition (1997)

No thanks. Never seen it, never will.

Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection, Volume 2

One of a handful of toons I just never got into.

Tripping the Rift - The Complete First Season

Didn't this already come out? Guess not.

Upstairs, Downstairs - Collector's Edition Megaset

Good Lord that's expensive.

The Wizard of Oz (Three-Disc Collector's Edition)

I'm sure Mrs. Tegan is ecstatic about this.

So, there ya go. Get out there and consume something!


Monday, October 24, 2005

Obligatory Sports

Image hosted by

That was the scene in the bottom of the 9th last night as the White Sox went ahead 2 games over the Astros. Podsenik's home run was amazing, and a real redemption for the the team, who's pitching had all but blown the game. Of course, a fatal call by an ump led to the bases load for the Sox and the grand slam. It was a blown call, which would have left the game either tied by Podsednik in the 9th, or would have even led to a 'Stros victory. I really hated to see something like that. I never watch many regular season games, I honestly just don't like baseball since the strike those many years ago. But, it's always hard not to get wrapped up in something so amazing. I did it last year with Boston, I'm doing it this year with Chicago. Here's hoping the reast of the series is as exciting as last night's game!

As for my beloved football...

The Eagles are one lucky team, I swear. But, going for the field goal when you're already up by four was idiotic anyway, so they (San Diego) deserved what they got. At best you gwt it and they need a TD to tie. But, if you blow it they have decent field position and time to score. At worst, they block it and run it back for a TD, so why not punt? Well, the worst happened, and they deserved it.

Speaking of good luck...or bad luck if you're the Cowboys, Seatlle really pulled it together didn't they? The Cowboys inability to capitalize on a turnover lead to this loss I think. The game should have been wrapped up well before the final seconds. But it was exciting.

Also in the bad luck realm, the 49ers. Geez, they're mighty iffy this year. Good for the Redskins though.

How about them Colts? Best team in football? Maybe the best team to ever set foot on the field I say. 80 points in two games after giving up the lead early. simply amazing. Their defense seems to get stronger as the game goes on and that in turn just fires up the offense. They are stunning to watch.

Did anyone care about the Minnesota/Green Bay game? Despite how crappy the Texans are, I say these are the two worst teams in football.

And those poor Bengals. I was rooting for them!

Lions/Bears? Again, I say, who cares? (HA!)

Rams/Saints might have been an okay game to watch, but that would have put me rooting for the Saints, something they don't deserve.

Oh, and Go Giants!

Tonight I get to see if the Falcons D can take down an 80 year old QB. Somehow I doubt it.

"He's not moving at all coach, we don't know how to catch him!"

Heh. Nah, they should handle the Jets no problem...I hope.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Go Bananaman, Go!

So, some of you may be wondering where I, ahem, stole that pic that currently resides in the corner of my blog. I admit it's kind of fuzzy, I didn't do it justice, but I couldn't get it to come out any better, so, here it is, in a much better format:

Alan David Doane kicks ass.

Done by Coleen Coover, of possible Banana Sunday's fame. I just love the hell out of the banana on GOBs Segue. Makes me laugh. Hopefully she won't mind me using it for just a little while. If she does, well, I'll happily remove it.

You can read more about it here.

And am I the only one who always wants to spell banana as bananna?

EDIT: A new, better image of Mr. Bananagrabber (his proper name) has been provided by one Alan David Doane. He rocks.


Go Sox!

This one's for the guys from wayback. It's time Chicago had to quit paying for their mistakes.

Image hosted by

And Rocket deserved everything he got tonight.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The End is Here

So, two books I've enjoyed over the last year have come to an end. And another is just beginning.

303 #6

This excellent Ennis mini sees its inevitable end (it was a miniseries, so I knew it was coming) with a bullet. A few bullets actually. Not the best work he's ever done but pretty enjoyable. Jacen Burrows art was wonderful. And I'm shocked to no end that they actually got away with the ending. They don't name names, but the intent is obvious, so it surprised me. Definitely not a book for staunch political types I think, especially Republicans.A-

The Intimates #12

The art was so-so for this last issue, done by ale Garza. It fely heavy handed and Casey's pity-party definitely got to be too much by the end. I love the end, I love how nothing is ever solved. In fact he brings up more questions. It's been a good run, was a great one up until the fill-ins started. I'd have liked to see Camuncoli step back in and do this last issue, or at least a really great groups photo cover. Still a good end to a good book, despite the incessant whining of its writer.B

Justice #2

Loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. After reading Infinite Crisis #1 and having no clue what the hell was happening I enjpyed being able to read a book with iconic characters doing iconic things and having to know nothing of their backstory. The Batman/Riddler fight was great, especially for painted art, which can make action feel too captured. This is shaping up to be a great ride, can't wait for #3. A

Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street

The first collection of the Ellis/Robertson sci-fi/journalism book. I've never been a huge Ellis fan, but I did enjoy this. Very bizaare stuff, a good mix of plenty of sci-fi tropes with a bit of gonzo-journalist stereotype thrown in. In anyone elses hands it might stink, but Ellis pulls it off. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. A-

Super-Crazy TNT Blast #1

A bunch of superheroes die, the world goes to hell, the rest of the heroes work underground to try and fix it. I like the idea, but the execution was only so-so. It was a tad confusing at times, what with the flashbacks to start the book off (it says "one year ago" then "two years ago" then "present day"....the out-of-order flop made it difficult to grasp at first). The art is okay, a bit cartoony for the dark nature of the book, but not awful. It's definitely got potential and I may check out a second issue. C+

And, here's a couple of links to tide you over:

Big Trouble in Little South Park.

Sleep is for Suckers.

New at the Galaxy: Breakdowns, Overdue Books, Last Call.

And finally, because I know how, a pic:

Image hosted by

Yes, that does kick all kinds of ass.


Lois & Clark

Finished off this boxed set yesterday. Never seen a single episode until now, and I did enjoy it a good deal. The first episode was almost crap though. But the series picked up soon after. A shame they changed Olsen's, even though I didn't care for the guy playing him. He didn't deserve to be dumped after a full season just because he resembled Dean Cain. and Debby Joy LKevine sure did like taking credit for the decision to let Ma Kent make the costume. Apparently she never watched the George Reeves series. She just seems to like taking credit for a whole hell of a lot when not much of what she brought to the series was even original to Superman, much less TV.

Still, I enjoyed it despite her incessant prattling on the commentary and the behind the scenes stuff. And she really didn't need to bad mouth Seaquest DSV. Who cares how bad it was?

I also realized the Superman: Birthright series I reviewed at CBG awhile back owes a nod to this, the "modern" Ma Kent. Waid really borrowed some of her personality and it worked well both there and here. And Lex, played by John Shea, is almost as good here as Rosenbaum is in Smallville.

Speaking of, how freaking cool was Aquaman? I hate the "A.C." crap, but he was still cool. I hope Laura saw it, or at least taped it. Still got a strong feeling that this is the end for the Smallville gang.

Back to L&C, I liked it, enough to maybe buy future sets. Starting on Adventures of Superman soon, looks to be one hell of a set.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Link, Links, Those Wonderful Links

Priest thinks that Commander-in-Chief and Boston Legal represent a "dumbing down" of TV in America. While I love Boston Legal, I take no offense at that. I do, however, wonder where the heck he's been. The Networks have been dumbing down TV for...well, a long time. Just look at the British shows we've stolen, especially Coupling. In it's Britcom format it's one of the funniest shows ever created. The American version? Just awful. And that's not even a more recent example

More on Castle Waiting from Linda Medly's own site. I didn't know it existed, thanks to Laura for the link. I'm hoping that things go swimmingly well (what the hell does that mean?) and that the new series lasts forever. I wish I had a lot of internet know-how so I could volunteer my services to her for a possible upcoming website. Hopefully it'll happen though. I just want to see it ASAP. I'm impatient like that.

This ones been plugged in a few places: The Jedi Had it Coming. Yes, they did.

Micks counting down his fave Buffy's. Check it out and see if you agree. I've never seen any of them.

Cheesecake anyone?

I should have bought this. But I didn't.

Permanent Damage. Yeah baby!

Tom's TV Wrap-up.

Beavis & Butthead DVD info.

And finally, a pic. For your perusal, the ugliest thing I've EVER seen:

Image hosted by

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with her? And has DC Direct lost their minds?


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Holy Crap!

Direct from the Dissonance, the best news of the year. Okay, well, the second best. This was the best.

"Linda Medley's Castle Waiting will be published in May. Originally published in periodical form in the 1990s by Jeff Smith's Cartoon Books imprint, Castle Waiting is a 450-page fantasy fable about the restoration of a castle by an eccentric cast of fairytale characters. Generally cited for the quality of Medley's illustration, Castle Waiting will include a final chapter that was never published. Eric Reynolds, Fantagraphics publicity, says that Medley and Fantagraphics will restart the series as a bimonthly periodical comic in July."

She got it from Publishers Weekly.

If you've been a long time reader of this blog, you'll remember me reviewing it a while back. If not, check out my review of one of my favorite comic works of all time. I'm so glad I'll finally be able to finish the series, I've desperately tried to track down more of the issues to no avail, now I don't have to!

Fantagraphics I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!


The Best Reason to Watch Xena (AKA-My First Image File)

Maybe the only one:

Image hosted by

Callisto kicks ass

I Am...The List!

Good God Almighty is there ever a bunch of DVDs I'm want to buy this week. I'm gonna need a second job just to get 'em all!

Adventures of Superman - The Complete First Season

I'm so freakin happy about this, and the fact that they've already announced Season 2. It just kicks ass.

Atomic Betty:Vol 1 & 2

Available seperately as well. It's a pretty decent toon too.

Batman & Robin (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Batman (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Batman - The Complete 1943 Movie Serial Collection
Batman - The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997
Batman Begins (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)
Batman Vs Dracula
Batman Forever (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Batman Returns (Two-Disc Special Edition)

That's a lot of freaking Batman. Despite my distaste for the last one, and the so-so-ness of the third one, I'd still like to have the Boxed Set. I doubt I'll buy the Bats/Drac animated movie, but I will be buying the '43 serials and Batman Begins. I know I said I didn't think it was great, but I will want to see it again, and it might be better after my lowered expectations.

The Big Lebowski - Achiever's Edition

I can't afford this. There's also a regular Specia Edition, but this one just SOUNDS cooler.

C.S.I. New York - The Complete First Season

I like Miami better, but aren't they all really the same show?

The Coen Brothers Collection

Worth it if you don't have any of thse (Blood Simple, Big Lebowski, Man Who Wasn't There and Intolorable Cruelty), though I didn't care for Intolerable Cruelty.

Davey and Goliath's Holiday Spectacular

For those who don't have enought claymation in their lives.

Elektra (Unrated Director's Cut)

It's not a bad movie, I swear!

The Emperor's New Groove - The New Groove Edition

Not the best of the newer Disney fliks, but it's decent.

Ferngully - The Last Rainforest (Family Fun Edition)

I remember liking this movie a lot. I wonder if it holds up?

Gatchaman Vol 5 & 6

Comes in a cool Alex Ross designed box.

George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (Unrated Director's Cut)

I'm sure Zombie Tom is dancing on his grave.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Season One, Volume 1

Dammit, it's all just too much!!!!

Legend of Zelda: Complete Animated Series

See, I can't afford this one too!!!!

The Man with the Golden Arm (50th Anniversary Edition)

Seems like it was only yesterday. it doesn't.

The Mask of Zorro (Deluxe Edition)

Oh, you bastards. I think it has everything the other DVD special edition had though.

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnorok (Vol. 1)

This definitely sounds interesting.

Saved By the Bell/New Class Season 5

No! Finally, something I don't want.

Saw (Uncut Edition)

HaHa. Man that's funny.


I have no clue what this is. Anyone?

The Twilight Zone - Season 4 (The Definitive Edition)

Too friggin expensive.


Lots and Lots of Stuff

Yeah, like the title says:

New column up at the Galaxy, so go read My Indy Jones right now. While you're there check out Breakdowns and Last Call. Then read this nifty interview by Gordon and this review from newcomer Derik. That should be enough to sustain your Galaxy fix for the day.

Indy comic creators draw Arrested Development characters. Brilliant. Franklin is my favorite.

Fanboy Rampage closes shop. I seem to be the only one who really doesn't care. No offense Graeme.

I forgot Larry Young's birthday. Shame on me. Happy birthday Larry!

Dave's got a new bag, the F&%# Yeah Files. Good idea, I'll have to steal it some time.

Done to death on the blog-o-whatever, but here it is again, Batman's Boner.

New blogs to keep an eye on, Madinkbeard and A Movie a Day.

Some stuff I watched:

Imaginary Heroes

Well acted movie, good direction, but a mediocre script. It's the story of a family dealing with a suicide. Solid performance by Sigourney Weaver and Emile Hersch, even Jeff Daniels gives a good outing, they just don't bring it up to what it could be with a great script. What should be an emotional rollercoaster of a film turns into a "hey, look how fucked up we are, and while you're at it, here's a mystery for you to solve!" I'm tiring of the "plot twist" in movies, there's just not much originality in most of them. Still, Weaver makes it worth watching. Damn she can be sexy. B-

Dune: The Director's Cut

Sci-Fi Channel remake, or adaption, whatever. Not bad, but the 5+ hours felt a little much, even after days breaks in-between the discs. Decent acting, pretty good FX for the budget, but the script felt a tad over the top at times. Still, I liked it enough to check out the follow-up, via Netflix eventually. B

What I read:

Identity Crisis #1

Ummmm....I have no idea hat just happened. C

New Avengers #1

I just read this for free and I still feel ripped off. What the hell? Bendis has lost his mind. C


Monday, October 17, 2005

Weak Six

Things definitely didn't look good this weekend.

First, the Falcons sucked. I don't care if they won, they shouldn't have, their defense played like crap, despite the two kick-ass touchdowns they scored. You could say that New Orleans was due a good game, but I say that's bullshit. The team didn't get in the endzone against the 49ers, but we couldn't seem to stop 'em. Ridiculous. And why the hell was Vick starting? After the excellent outing by Scuab last week, Vick would be resting his million dollar legs. Maybe then we don't see those turnovers. Still, the game was won and almost lost by our on-again off-again defense. After we weren't able to pressure the Pats it seems we can't get anything going. Bottom line, the Saints are nowhere near as good as we let them be.

Tampa Bay seems to be like our biggest hurdle at the moment. They'll have a ton of momentum built by the time we face 'em, and I'm not sure we can beat them. We won't if we keep this shit up. The Panthers have a good team too, but they're more like the Falcons in that unpredictable category, they never do what you think they should/can. Still, it'll be a close race in the division, eventually someone will burst the TB bubble.

Cowboys pulled it out too, glad to see it. Sucks that Julius Jones is hurt, I lost a key fantasy player dammit! But, seriously, that was a tough game for me as a fan. I am firmly behind Bledsoes comeback and the rebuilding of the Dallas franchise, but I also want the Giants to do well, so I'd have like the outcome either way.

Boy Cleveland really lost it didn't they? And what about the Pats loss to the Broncos? Niiiice.

Seattle got it back, it seems, makes me feel a little better about our loss to them. The Bengals are riding high as well, I say good for them, the town deserves it.

Vinny T didn't look so hot in his second week as starting Jets QB against Buffalo. I still think this is a good Buffalo team, and next year they might be a great one.

The biggest story though HAS to be the Vikings. What the hell? Everytime I watch them play the phrase "We're better off without Randy Moss." runs through my head. Looks like Moss' attitude was the thing that kept the team from imploding, as they have now successfully done. The stats are far better than the score would show you, but that just adds more fuel to the fire. And Fed Ex has to be shooting themselves for having a Minnesota player as one of their spokesmen. This "sex cruise" scandal isn't going to make things easier either. And that new stadium they wanted? You can kiss that goodbye now. If I was Mike Tice I'd be looking for another job.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Quickies 10/14/05

Apologies for the lull, I worked an 11 hour day yesterday and had to finish a column last night, so I just didn't have time for an update. But, I still love you, so here's some comics:

Cable & Deadpool #21

Part 2 of "Bosom Buddies", guest starring Cage and Iron Fist. Plenty o' jokes about Bendis' Avengers book, my favorite:

Cage: "I'm in the Avengers now."
Deadpool: "You are not!" "No wonder they're keeping it a secret, next you're gonna tell me they recruited Spider-Woman."

It's a fun book, but almost nothing happens plot-wose, thoguh there was a pretty sweet revelation on the last page. B

Y, the Last Man #38

No sign of Yorick's penis this issue, thank merciful God. I like the trash reporter finding out about Yorick, makes sense, the stuff with the Doc was a little bit of a waste, and the flashback was cool, I'm hoping it leads to some revelations. Still no sign of Beth, which makes me think we won't be seeing a re-uniting of the love birds with this arc, but I can still hope. Nice cliffhanger too. A-

The Goon 25 cents Issue

I guess that's the name, I dunno. I've only read a few Goon stories, but I always enjoy them, I've got the first TPB on order and can't wait to get it. This is a nice little one-off that surely ties into Eric Powell's overall scheme but you don;t really need any knowledge to read it. I love the jokes, especially Goon trashing a bar and paying for the damage because he's trying to collect on a five dollar debt. Made me laugh. Good art, solid story, and it has my interest piqued about the rest of the series. Mission acomplished guys! A

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

When you say Peter David and Mike Weiringo are doing a Spidey book, one would automatically think "That's gonna be good." But, it's not. 'Ringo's art looks rushed, and the plot is the beginning of some stupid crossover, David's humour is almost non-existent, and the Pete/MJ sex innuendo to start the book almost made me put it down immediately. Definitely not a book I'll be continuing to read. Thanks for the false hope Marvel. C

The Science Fair #1

Very, very good book about the death of a cowboy. The art reminds me of Ben Templesmith, only slightly more mainstream. The story is excellent, surreal, but not so bizaare that you don't get it. I'll be talking more about this book in a later column, but for now just know that you need to seek it out. A+

Arrested Development: The Complete Second Season

I watched the whole set in two days. The blooper reel is fantastic, but I hate that the whole cast isn't in the commentraks. Will Arnett might be the funniest man on the planet. Just seeing him on that Segue (sp?) always makes me laugh. The foreshadowing is brilliant, and I couldn't stop laughing when they showed a flashback of Buster watching George Michael re-inact Luke loosing his hand in Star Wars. This is the best written show ever on TV, and if you're not watching it there's a special place in Hell for you! Kidding!A+++++++++++++

South Park: The Complete Sixth Season

Almost finished this off as well. Probably one of the best season for the show, especially with the development of Butters and Tweak as solid, bankable characters. The Lord of the Rings parody is a laugh-riot and so is the Tower to Heaven episode. Hell, the season opens with a hilarious parody of the Subway diet fad. Good stuff. A


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

El Linkos

New stuff up at the greatest website ever, be sure and especially check out International Georgraphic and Make-Believe War.

The Smurfs got bombed.

A snake ate an alligator.

What if Infinite Crisis happened in the Indy Comics?

Lefty is a fanboy. I'm proud of him. Fanboys unite!

Dave (from across the pond) talks Firearm. I've never read it, I may have to fix that.

The Spurg is giving away mini-comics.

The Burn is Back!

Skeletons & Pumpkins. The Long Halloween cover is my fave.

Hey, Permanent Damage.

Dorian deconstructs Watchmen. Brilliant.

A little something for Laura. I'm sure she's seen it already though. Mignola kicks ass.


Plenty of DVD news. Adventures of Superman Season 2, Lois & Clars Season 2, and TMNT Vol 3 (the first 'toon, not the new one).


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Arrested Development - Season Two

Easily the best thing to hit shelves all year.

Bionicle 3 - Web of Shadows

Wow, they've made it to a third movie already? I've only seen the first and it wasn't half bad.

Blue Gender - The Complete Collection

For all you anime watchers out there.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids -Vol 2
Fat Albert's Christmas Special

A little early for Christmas releases, no?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - The Complete Second Season

Why by it when Nick shows it about twelve times a day?

Hard:Special Collector's Edition

"What shall we call our movie about a gay cop and a serial killer so that the masses do not laugh?"
"Oooh! How about Hard?"

High Tension

I wanted to see this I think. I'll have to rent it.

Hondo (Special Collector's Edition) (1953)

It's got a commentrak with Leonard Maltin, but I don't think it's in its original 3-D format, which kinda sucks.

Hot Chick Stoner Bbq 2

Can't get much more blunt than that.

The Jeffersons - The Complete Fourth Season

No jokes, too obvious.

Kicking & Screaming

You know, there's another movie called Kicking & Scraming with Eric Stoltz, it's probably better than this.

Kingdom of Heaven (Widescreen Edition)

This is probably one of those "see it in theatres" movies, but I wanna check it out anyway.

LazyTown - Surprise Santa

One of my nieces loves this show. It's bizaare as hell, but entertaining.

McLintock (Special Collector's Edition)

Also with a Maltin commentary trak.

Pilot Candidate - The Complete Collection

Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting.

Planetes (Vol. 3)

Been wanting to check this and the manga series out.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Widescreen Edition)

Soap - The Complete Fourth Season

The last season I believe.

South Park - The Complete Sixth Season


Unleashed (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

I REALLY want to see this.

Veronica Mars - The Complete First Season

Need to add this to my Netflix.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Mixed Bag Part 3

So, Lefty announced the third round of Mixed Bag, and it looks to be a small crowd this time around, which is okay. I will fess up to being heartbroken when I didn't see the names "Mike" or "Dorian" on the list, I'm gonna miss their wacky mixes.

So, I've had a few idea up until now of what I wanted to do, and I think I finally decided on one.

Titled "Music in Disguise", it's sort of "alternative" takes on certain songs, tributes, remixes, remakes, whatever you want to call them, they're definitely different from the originals. Well, most of them, one or two I included just because I like tham so damn much. The idea was Left wanted a "theme mix" and since Halloween is coming up, it'd be obvious to do a horror mix or some other ghoulish thing, so I went a different way. These are songs that are pretty much redone into a different style, either through someone else's tampering or being remade. Here is the tentative track listing for The Ded Mix Vol. 3:

Theme From Mission Impossible- Rehab

This won't be what anyone will be expecting.

Bye, Bye, Bye-Further Seems Forever

That's right, the pop classic (HA!), redone by a punk band I've never heard of, and damn catchy at that.

Surefireway-Bass211(Mixed by)

This is a "gel" of a few good songs, the main ones being the Beastie Boys, Bloodhound Gang and Run DMC. Good stuff.

Smoothe Criminal-Alien Ant Farm

I love this friggin' song, and the video even more. It just works as this punk/rap thing.

Points Of Authority/99Problems-Jay-Z/Linkin Park

Great combination, and one of two Jay-Z songs that'll show up.

Still Not a Player-Big Punisher/Incubus

Hilarious and it gets my blood pumpin'. almost a perfect rock/rap mix.

Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' ta Fuck With-Wu-Tang Clan/Chad Smith/Tom Morello

My Favorite Wu song with a rock twist.

Spending one of these Nights with Kelly-Aggro1 (Mixed by)

Very excellent mix of Kelly Clarkson tune Since You Benn Gone and the Eagles One of these Nights.

Boyz-N-the-Hood-Dynamite Hack

Brilliance at its best.

Gin & Juice-Shinebox

Everyone's probably heard this, but I still enjoy it a ton and it makes me laugh, so here it is. Bluegrass rap, it just works.

The Tribute-Grimm/Nonpoint

Exactly what it says it is, a tribute to some of the best rap songs ever, done in a way that will either 1)make you cover your ears or 2)scream along with them.

Marijuanaville-Rodney Carrington

Really funny tribute/remake.

You're Crazy-Guns N Roses

One of two songs on the list that get "re-imagined" by their original artists, and this works so good I like it better than the original.

Trouble of this World-Nappy Roots

The old hymn remade into a powerful rap tune by a group of my favorite rappers.

Wind Cries Mary-Jamie Cullum

He's got a new album coming out, which has nothing to do with this. It's a classic turned into a sweet jazz song.

Sympathy for the Devil- The Rolling Stones/Neptunes

Just a brilliant re-working of my favorite song ever.

Fat Bottomed Girls- Antigone Rising

Probably the song most like its original, but included because I love the hell out of it.

Encore-DJ Danger Mouse (Mixed by)

Combining Jay-Z's Encore vocals over some remixed Beatles tunes, it works so well you'll never be able to listen to it any other way.

Too Cold-Vanilla Ice

Can't ask for anything worse than that as an encore, so there it is, in a way you won't believe.

Not included: Come Sail Away-Eric Cartman

Only because I didn't have room for it, and I have a good place for it on a future disc.


Blame it on the Ref's


I didn't see a lot of the Braves (expected, by me at least) meltdown agains Houston, but from what I did see it's possible that a few bad calls led them to fall apart. It's not much of an excuse, I'm sure they'd have fallen apart anyway, now they just have a reason to point fingers, you know?

But, that's not the real travesty. The one thing that made me want to climb into my TV today and strangle the living hell out of anyone dressed like a zebra came during the Falcons heartbreaking loss to the "Who are we?" New Englad Patriot's. Fuck the whistle, we had the first down, they blew it and I think it cost us the game. They made a valiant attempt at a comeback, and it was one hell of a game, but in the end, their stupid fucking kicker and our inability to stop the run when we needed to cost us. That and those two dropped passes in the first quarter. Those two idiots would be running laps for days while Scuab threw the ball at their friggin heads if I was in charge. BUT! Schuab looked pretty good, so good that by the 4th quarter I wanted him to be our starter and for Vick to suit up as a reciever/running back.

Good effort by most of the team today, but the D couldn't stop them when the game was on the line and the offense didn't click for all four quarters, but when they did they looked great. Still, I say it's the Ref's that cost us the damn game, and those jackasses should never be allowed to work again.


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Spiral Bound

New at the Galaxy, and reprinted here just because I love you all so much:

Spiral Bound (Top Secret Summer)
Written and Drawn by Aaron Renier
Published by Top Shelf; $14.95 USD

Spiral Bound is a multitude of stories that zig-zag through one another and eventually merge. It’s the story of Ana, a young rabbit who it seems will be friendless for the summer, until she gets a job working for the town’s underground newspaper. It’s the story of Turnip, an elephant trying to find his place in the world when a new friend leads him to the art of sculpting. It’s the story of Stucky, a hound dog whose one goal in life is to build a ceramic submarine. It’s the story of the Pond Monster and how he influences the lives of these kids.
But, it’s more than just their story; it’s the story of the entire town, of how this one thing affects so many different people in so many different ways. It’s a mystery that’s not really about solving the mystery but rather what the mystery brings out in the characters.

Renier does a fantastic job of establishing not just his main cast but the supporting characters as well. The plot is simple and fluid, the dialogue never feels forced. The book’s only real downside is the art, which is mostly great, very clean, easily identifiable characters and, as much as I hate the word, very adorable. But, at times there’s too much going on for the eye to follow the story. It can be distracting and I lost my place a few times because my eyes kept wandering. It does give the world he’s created a much more “lived-in” quality though, so it’s definitely not the worst flaw to have.

All of that just affirms the technical skills of the storyteller though, it really doesn’t describe the greatness of the book, for me at least. To do that, I have to tell you a little story about my own life.

When I was a kid we lived across the street from a few cousins on my Mother’s side of the family. Behind their house was what we affectionately used to refer to as “The Woods”, a place we were never supposed to go. But, like most kids, eventually our curiosity got the best of us and we began to make frequent treks into the unknown. It wasn’t a forest really, just a very small patch of wooded area, tons of overgrown weeds and bushes, large oak trees and the like. There really weren’t very many clearings before we started making our trips either, but by the time we moved away we’d put quite a dent in the place.

It became sort of a hangout whenever we were left to our own devices (which, frankly, was probably too often). Half-hearted forts were built, endless games of tag were played, and toys that would be worth a bundle today were surely lost. As far as I remember we were only busted on our adventures a few times, and paid dearly for them, but it never stopped us from going back.

As an adult I can now see why it was no place for children, and to tell the truth if given the chance now I severely doubt I’d set one foot back there. Now I’d be afraid of the threats that might be, but as a kid I just had to know what was back there. We didn’t see the danger, or maybe the danger was part of the fascination, I’m not sure, we just wanted to know. Not knowing seemed much more devastating than anything else.

And while that’s not exactly what Spiral Bound is about, it is the place that it brings me back to. It’s rare that a book can make me stop and reflect on my own life; and not in that “What does it all mean?” way, but in a “Yeah, those really were the best days of my life” way. Grade: 4.5/5

And, while you're at it, check out Johnny B's latest Last Call, CA's new Breakdowns, Mick's Overdue Books and the TWO Harvey Pekar interviews!

So, get busy readin'!


Thursday, October 06, 2005



The promo for this should have read "From the studio that brought you Ice Age comes a movie nowhere near as good." Unfunny, generic plot elements strung togehter into a very, very pretty piece of crap. D-

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

I never watched this series, but so far I'm enjoying it. Cheesy, but mostly fun, the SFX are really lacking but they got the characters right mostly. Jimmy Olsen bugs the hell out of me, but the Lois/Clark dynamic is really good. Smallville it ain't, but it's fun. So far: B

Dallas 362

Good movie written and directed by and starring Scott Caan and co-starring Jeff Goldblum as well, Jeff Goldblum (not really, but isn't he always playing himself?). It's good, a bit "been there, done that", it's the story of two kids growing up and growing apart. Somewhat violent and thought provoking, it's not the best movie I've seen all year, but it's damn good, especially considering someone barely known for his acting is behind it. Here's hoping this isn't his last movie. B+


I like the cast (Dermot Mulroney, Josh Lucas), but the story of a brother who comes back to claim his part (or, actually all of it) of the inheritence their father left him leads to an ultraviolent run-and-hide flik. It got hailed by Ebert as one of the year's best, but I found it severely lacking, there just wasn't enough here to keep the plot moving continually. A few decent plot twists and good dialogie and it looks brilliant, but the plot just didn't hold my interest for two hours.C



Grounded #3

Hmm, mediocre first issue, good second issue, an almost incomprehensible third issue. Damn, I had hoped this would turn out to be one of the better capes stories out there, but it's not looking likely. I have almost no idea what happened this issue except at the end. Still looks really good though.C-

Jon Sable Freelance: Bloodtrail #4

Man I wish this was a monthly. Grell's best work, art wise, maybe ever. Each page is gorgeous and the plot is moving along nicely, incorporating some of Sable's history with the current storyline in a completly modern setting. I'd gnaw off my right hand to have this coming at me once a month.A+

Cable & Deadpool #20

Bosom Buddies Pt. 1, it see's the dynamic duo having finally gone their seprate ways. Wade meets up with a trio of sexy bounty hunters and his old buddy Weasel while Nate waxes poetic about maybe ruling the world. Fabes is outdoing himself with the comedy, I laughed out loud at the "Chimichanga" thing. Good stuff all around. B+

Y, the Last Man #37

Pretty sure I didn't need to see Yorick's private parts, but the plot development is interesting. I'm wondering if he'll actually get to meet up with Beth or if we're just getting teased again. Three years and still going strong, can't wait to see what happens next. B+


Serenity Now

Going to see Serenity tonight! Woohooo!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You Want Links? I'll Give Ya Links!


New stuff up at the Galaxy, including my latest Loose Staples, my review of Salamander Dream, Crack Shots (Which also talks about Salamander Dream. Damn you Marc Sobel for stealing my thunder!), and the always brilliant Rob Vollmar's International Geographic, in which he discusses Anime soundtracks. And damn him for not bringing up Cowboy Bebop. Do make sure you check out the main page for an extra special treat though.

If you haven't done so, sign this damn petition. Why? Because the world needs more Kochalka music, and you have absolutely nothing better to do! You may think you do, but trust me, there IS nothing better! While we're talking Kochalka, check out Kochalkaholic, the only way it could be cooler is if it were actually written in chalk.

I must see this movie.

I find it infinitely humourous that the comic that brought Dave-o into Geekville would eventually spawn the comic responsible for my entry into said -ville. It's like destiny or something.

The Long Box presents: I Bought it for a Quarter Week. First up, SuperPro, the lamest comic ever. Even lamer than Captain Planet, which I'm ashamed to say I know the theme song to.

Just so you know, I kick major ass.

Awww, Nipsey Russel died. Damn.

My favorite musician now has a blog. And he answered two of my questions. His long-awaited (by me at least) second Album will be out by years end.

New Comicscape is up. Looks like I'll be getting nothing at the LCS this week, but i'll stop by just the same.

Flash DVD news. Cool.

All you TVDVD fans should take not that Target has a boatload of 'em on sale right now for $18- Smallville Season 1&2, Wonder Woman Season 1&2, Lois & Clark Season 1, One Tree Hill Season 1, The Waltons Season 1, Friends Season 1&2, ER Season 1&2, Without a Trace Season 1, Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1&2, Gilmore Girls Season 1&2, Full House Season 1, Fresh Prince Season 1 and more. I got the geek stuff naturally.

Sidenote: Anyone have any idea where The Brick went? The link is dead now, and I didn't see any final post. Also, my link to Augie isn't working, I'll have to figure that out as well.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The List- The Complete First Season

The Amityville Horror (Widescreen Special Edition)

Based on a true story. Suuuuure.

Best of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Vol 4

Six movies, two discs, all funny, under $20, it's a definite bargain.

The Bob Newhart Show - The Complete Second Season

One of the best shows ever on TV.

Cinderella (Disney Special Platinum Edition Collector's Gift Set)

Also available in a DVD only set. This one comes with a book and pretty pictures.

Count Duckula - The Complete First Season

I'm curious at to whether this holds up. I'll have to add it to my Netflix.

Dancer, Texas Pop. 81

Great movie, if you see it anywhere, pick it up.

Drawn Together - Season One

Season 2 should be starting soon I think, and if you buy this at Best Buy, you get a free bonus disc.

The Grudge (Director's Cut)

That'll piss you off. Nothing like buying the same movie twice. Fortunately, I haven't, and probably won't.

Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers (Limited Edition)

Comes in a cool little tin. Still my favorite horror franchise, despite the idiotic last one.

House of D

David D's directorial debut, and a box office bomb.

The Interpreter (Widescreen Edition)

Starring two people I can't stand! They made this movie easy to avoid.

Jiminy Glick in La La Wood

Too bad the show tanked, it was actually kind of funny.

Kolchak - The Night Stalker

Kind of a "Best of" set, which is disappointing, I may still check it out though.

Man With the Screaming Brain

And here's your Bruce Campbell fix for the week.

The Oblongs - The Complete Series


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mutants and Monsters

One of these days I'm gonna play catch-up with this show.

The Warriors - The Ultimate Director's Cut

You know, I've never seen this. I'll have to rent it.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yeah, I Know

I never got to those links, but you'll get over it.

I bought Firefly, because, well, I want to be able to watch it...forever and ever. I doubt I'll get to see Serenity this weekend, but don't let that stop you. I have been re-watching the episodes to get myself even more excited about it though, even got a few more people hooked on it.

So, here's a Firefly story. If you have the DVDs you probably already know this, but if you don't, well, enjoy:

In the episode" Out of Gas", the ship malfunctions, cutting off the crew's oxygen supply. Being the noble man that he is, Capt. Mal sends everone else out on the ships two shuttle so that they have a better chance of surviving while he waits on board for help via a distress becon. When and if that "miracle" comes, Wash tells him he just needs to press a red button in the cockpit to call the shuttles back. That help comes eventually, with the part Mal needs to fix the ship's engine, but the guys with the part are less than accomodating, they shoot Mal in a plan to hijack the ship, only Mal gets the better of em, even while shot, and they leave. Now, in a state of near death Mal must fix the ship and call the shuttle back. Well, you know there's a movie, and everyone's in it, so there's nothing to spoil here really, but I won't tell you any more. It's probably my second favorite episode of the series, extremely well shot and brilliantly written. But, that's beside the point.

After the last episode they filmed ("The Message") Alan Tudyk, who plays the pilot Wash, stole the button. Not an uncommon thing to do after a project is done, and it even appears and reappears in the episode because they ended up having to do some pick-up shots after filming was complete.

Then, as Joss Whedon frantically tried to find a second life for the show, Alan Tudyk gave him the button with the message "When your miracle comes, all you have to do is press this red button."

So, yeah, go see this movie, it will fucking rock, I swear.