Monday, October 10, 2005

Mixed Bag Part 3

So, Lefty announced the third round of Mixed Bag, and it looks to be a small crowd this time around, which is okay. I will fess up to being heartbroken when I didn't see the names "Mike" or "Dorian" on the list, I'm gonna miss their wacky mixes.

So, I've had a few idea up until now of what I wanted to do, and I think I finally decided on one.

Titled "Music in Disguise", it's sort of "alternative" takes on certain songs, tributes, remixes, remakes, whatever you want to call them, they're definitely different from the originals. Well, most of them, one or two I included just because I like tham so damn much. The idea was Left wanted a "theme mix" and since Halloween is coming up, it'd be obvious to do a horror mix or some other ghoulish thing, so I went a different way. These are songs that are pretty much redone into a different style, either through someone else's tampering or being remade. Here is the tentative track listing for The Ded Mix Vol. 3:

Theme From Mission Impossible- Rehab

This won't be what anyone will be expecting.

Bye, Bye, Bye-Further Seems Forever

That's right, the pop classic (HA!), redone by a punk band I've never heard of, and damn catchy at that.

Surefireway-Bass211(Mixed by)

This is a "gel" of a few good songs, the main ones being the Beastie Boys, Bloodhound Gang and Run DMC. Good stuff.

Smoothe Criminal-Alien Ant Farm

I love this friggin' song, and the video even more. It just works as this punk/rap thing.

Points Of Authority/99Problems-Jay-Z/Linkin Park

Great combination, and one of two Jay-Z songs that'll show up.

Still Not a Player-Big Punisher/Incubus

Hilarious and it gets my blood pumpin'. almost a perfect rock/rap mix.

Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' ta Fuck With-Wu-Tang Clan/Chad Smith/Tom Morello

My Favorite Wu song with a rock twist.

Spending one of these Nights with Kelly-Aggro1 (Mixed by)

Very excellent mix of Kelly Clarkson tune Since You Benn Gone and the Eagles One of these Nights.

Boyz-N-the-Hood-Dynamite Hack

Brilliance at its best.

Gin & Juice-Shinebox

Everyone's probably heard this, but I still enjoy it a ton and it makes me laugh, so here it is. Bluegrass rap, it just works.

The Tribute-Grimm/Nonpoint

Exactly what it says it is, a tribute to some of the best rap songs ever, done in a way that will either 1)make you cover your ears or 2)scream along with them.

Marijuanaville-Rodney Carrington

Really funny tribute/remake.

You're Crazy-Guns N Roses

One of two songs on the list that get "re-imagined" by their original artists, and this works so good I like it better than the original.

Trouble of this World-Nappy Roots

The old hymn remade into a powerful rap tune by a group of my favorite rappers.

Wind Cries Mary-Jamie Cullum

He's got a new album coming out, which has nothing to do with this. It's a classic turned into a sweet jazz song.

Sympathy for the Devil- The Rolling Stones/Neptunes

Just a brilliant re-working of my favorite song ever.

Fat Bottomed Girls- Antigone Rising

Probably the song most like its original, but included because I love the hell out of it.

Encore-DJ Danger Mouse (Mixed by)

Combining Jay-Z's Encore vocals over some remixed Beatles tunes, it works so well you'll never be able to listen to it any other way.

Too Cold-Vanilla Ice

Can't ask for anything worse than that as an encore, so there it is, in a way you won't believe.

Not included: Come Sail Away-Eric Cartman

Only because I didn't have room for it, and I have a good place for it on a future disc.


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