Friday, December 31, 2004

No Time For Lists Dr. Jones

60 hrs. in 6 days. That's what it will amount to by Saturday night. So, I'm pretty much phsically and mentally exhausted right now. I'd planned on doing a year end retrospective, but that doesn't look likely at all. So, until next year, bon voyage!

Oh, and happy New Year...


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The After Christmas List

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

May not be worth the buy, but it's worth the rent. Ferrel is nowhere near as good as he was in Elf, but the supporting cast and cameos make up for it.

Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries

For all you Sci-Fi geeks out there.

Darkman III: Die Darkman Die

The worst movie title ever.

King Of The Hill: The Complete Third Season


Open Water

Looks too much like "the Blair Witch in the ocean" to be of any interest, but I may rent it eventually.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

I wanted to see this in theatres but never got around to it. Loved the first, so I'm hoping this one's worth the wait.

Tour Of Duty: The Complete Second Season

For those who like alittle war in their TV

Wicker Park

Did this even make it to theatres? Not around here I guess. What happened to Josh Hartnett? Wasn't he on everyone's hot list? Maybe it was that Harrison Ford movie he did? He just peeked there I suppose...


I'll bet money the only enjoyable thing about this movie is Paul Bettany.

On the "watching" side of things, I saw Dodgeball today. Not as funny as everyone says, but it was a good movie with a few genuine laughs. The cast was good, and it achieves its goal. I'd like to see Vaughn go back to making more serious films, but that probably won't happen. I was surprised to see that Will Ferrell didn't pop up in the flik anywhere, but the cameos by David Hasselhoff, The Shat, and Chuck Norris are pretty funny, and Jason Bateman is great.

In the comics world, looks like JMS will be taking over the writing chores on the Fantastic Four for Marvel. Guess that means we'll find out there's some incest in Sue and Johnny's past? I'm glad I dropped the book when I did. Farewell Waid and 'Ringo, guess it'll be a while before I get back into the FF!

Humbug to the New Year

Looks like I'll be posting almost nothing this week, I'm scheduled to work 50 hours at least, maybe more. My wallet is thanking me, but my brain is hurting just thinking about it.

I did read X-Force #5. God that sucked. Not just regular Liefeld suckage either. Beyond that. Waaaaay beyond that. It might be the worst book I've read all year. Don't buy it. I seriously hope I'm the only person who has been.

Outside of that, no comics.

I did watch The Hebrew Hammer. Loved it. Everyone should see it. It's wonderful, I laughed alot. That's about all I have time for...

I'll try and get a post in tomorrow, at least the DVD listing.


Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Post-Christmas

I had hoped to get a post or two in before and on Christmas, but obviosly that didn't happen. I hope everyone out there had a good holiday and got some rest and relaxation, and if not, I hope you got some good swag.

I walked away with the Megatron from the Transformers: Energon line, Tidal Wave from the Armada line, Smokescreen from the Alternators line, and the Generation One Devastator set, minus one bot, Hook. That kind of irked me because the person who bought it had no idea that the set was six robots and not five, so she got kind of ripped off. My Mom couldn't get me much, but she put together a great photo album for me, which was pretty nice. I got one movie, the Shawshank Redemption Special Edition, which was great, cuz it's the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE and all.

I also got a surround sound system, a good one, it almost blows me out of my room. Wait, I did get a pair of used DVD's too, the new Harry Potter and Ginger Snaps 2. I got a watch and and a Mythological Encyclopedia, as well as the comics I ordered from Mike awhile back. Muchos Gracias for him getting them to me before the holiday, you rock Mike!

My brother bought me a Crow lithograph which was pretty amazing, it's got an image of Brandon Lee surrounded by three beautiful women. Not sure who the women are, but hey, they're hot, even if the are drawings!

I walked away with a zero in the clothes department, unless you count socks, and that was only one pair. For me that's a good thing, I hate people buying me clothes.

I am eventually going to have a post about comics, hopefully tomorrow, and I've put off reviewing lately, so I've got to get back in that habit as well.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Not what I had in mind...

But, since I didn't make it over to the comic shop, here's a look at Comicscape's readers Best of 2004:


I quit reading this book awhile back. I've been meaning to keep up with it via trades, but found that it was more or less "out of sight, out of mind." Good for you who are enjoying it though.


Whatever. There's no way this was in the years Top 10. Of course, I could be wrong, I didn't read it, so maybe I shouldn't judge it. But, like another book that pops up down the list, this just reeked of publicity stunt, and I was having no part of it.


Don't read it. Johns keeps getting notoriety for his DC work, maybe it's deserved, but i know at least one person who would disagree.


Finally, something I can agree with. waid and 'Ringo did more for the Fab 4 than probably anyone ever has, outside of Lee & Kirby that is. The Hereafter arc alone ranks among my all time favorite superhero stories.


Huh, some people are gluttons for punishment it seems. This book was a complete mess to me. Another publicity stunt that didn't appeal to anyone outside of the two groups of established readers. I'm pretty familiar with Marvel continuity, and I found it hard to follow. It looked good though.

5. WE3

This list just took a turn for the better! Despite some of the readers apparent lack of taste, I'd like to think this book is one that everyone is enjoying. This is one of those people will be talking about a decade from now.


Ditto. This is a fantastic piece, and if you missed the issues, Vol. 1of the collection is out as of today, go buy it. Yeah, it pisses me off that it'll be in two seperate volumes, but I'll deal.


After disliking the other Vaughan books I'd tried to get into, I passed on this one. It keeps getting praise, and i'll probably check out the trade.


I dropped this after the first issue. Everyone seems to be loving it, but I'm just not biting on any more monthly x-books. There's too much to keep up with.


I guess there are a lot of DC readers at Comicscape, and i assume this was before they read the ending. As someone who's never followed the DCU closely, I'd have had no friggin clue about who did it, nor would I have gave a damn. Glad I passed it up, and I hate to think this was the years best.

There were some honorable mentions:


Of those I like 1602, Bullseye, Fables, Guardians, Y, Madrox, and Supreme Power. It was nice to see Optic Nerve in there, but sadly I'm not a regular reader. Yeah, yeah, I plan on fixing that.

Again, this wasn't mypics, I'll probably have those later this week.

Elsewhere on the web,

ADD takes a look at what's coming in 2005.

Mike has a contest to win, for free, the latest Swamp Thing Trade. Go check it out, nothing beats free swag.

So...more tomorrow? Why not?!


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The list, and other stuff

The 4400: The Complete First Season

Retail on this is a verylowe $26.99, which means you can likely find in for around $20. I hate that I missed it when it aired, and I might pick it up soon, it looked pretty interesting.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

This, on the other hand, I'm staying the hell away from. You couldn't pay me to rent it.


Cole Porter is a favorite of mine, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this bio-pic, hopefully during Christmas weekend.

King Arthur

Available in two versions, I'll be renting the unrated, intended version. Studios screwing with a director's vision is nothing new, thankfully we have DVD's now so we can enjoy the movie the way it was intended...or at least see it the way it was intended.

The Manchurian Candidate

This remake can't be nearly as intelligent as the original...mainly because it's a remake. I plan on seeing it, mostly because of Washington, but I recommend everyone see the Sinatra version first, if you haven't already.

Napoleon Dynamite

Can this be as good as everyone seems to think it is? I plan on finding out, and I plan on being disappointed, movies like this never live up to their hype for me.

Shaun of the Dead

And movies like this tend to far exceed their hype. Looks brilliant.

The Simpsons: The Complete Fifth Season

Do you need anymore info?

Star Trek Voyager: Season Seven

Also available, the entire series as a set. How can Trek fans afford this stuff?

Surviving Christmas

Well, that was fast...


Looked far too juvenile for me to pay good money for, but I may rent it.

Two Brothers

If this had played near me for longer than a week I'd have gone to see it. I don't normally go in for movies solely about animals, but this one looks too good to pass up.

I finished Chappelle's Show Season 1 today. It's a great set, with an uber-cheap asking price ($20 most places, sometimes less) and probvably the best sketch comedy show since the early years of SNL. It's equal parts brilliant satire and sophmoric fart jokes. It does something very few shows have been able to, address racial issues without seeming preachy or one-sided, and makes you laugh at the same time. It'snot for the kiddies, but it's got a little bit of everything for all you adults out there. Go, buy it, rent it, watch it, support it.

I downloaded the Sin City trailer a few hours ago as well, and I'm officially excited about it. It looks stylish, and like most Rodriguez films will likely be misunderstood by most of the movie going public (ormaybe that's just here in the South?). It looks like it's going to be the most faithful comic-to-film adaption ever, and the casting is nothing short of brilliant. Cinescape has a link to it if you wanna gander at it.

NBC is airing off it's final episodes of Father of the Pride while most other shows take a holiday break. It was a doomed-from-the-start concept that can't get past it's own intent. Without a broad appeal it never had a chance on network TV, and couldn't be the "adult" show it strived for without being on cable. It seems like everything John Goodman has touched since Roseanne has turned to crap, no fault of his own, but still rather dismaying.

I got a copy of America: The Book as an early Christmas present this week. It's freaking brilliant. I can't remember the last time I sat and read a book, and the fact that it's made up like a school textbook makes it even funnier!

Comic book stuff tomorrow...I swear!


Sunday, December 19, 2004

Recent Happenings

Family problems continue to abound, but seeing as I've bogged this place down with them lately, I'm going to talk about a few other things.

First, I'm gonna start doing some small reviews here again for the floppies I buy, mainly because there's so few of them now, and also they're more mainstrean stuff, and I never get around to putting five or six together for CBG Quick Hits. So, look for that to start happening again.

I recieved a few early Christmas presents, my Falcons clinched a first round bye-week in the NFL Playoffs today because the Jaguars beat the Packers. Also, they won yesterday, and last week clinched their third division title in franchise history. Most of you don't care, I'm sure, but (insert smiley-sticking-out-tongue here)!!

More football news, I'm in the playoff in my Fantasy League, and like my boys, I got a first round bye. WOOOHOOO!!!!!

I'd like to say I've been watching a ton of movies, but I haven't. I did get around to one though, borrowed from my brother:

Scotland, PA

It's got a great cast, particularly Chris Walken, and it's about a couple of diner workers who murder their boss and take over the business, using his ideas to make a ton of money. Walken plays an investigator looking into the murder, and while there are the usual Walken quirks, it's rare to see him playing such a great guy. The man doesn't have a huge acting range, but he's always a pleasure to watch. Well worth the rent, even if you aren't into oddlittle crime capers or dark comedies.

I did finish Seinfeld, and everyone should buy it, I promised a rundown of the features, but does a better job, and you can buy it while you're there.

I've also picked up the new Family Guy DVD, The Freakin' Sweet Collection. It's got all new commentaries on four of the five episodes (Seth's favorites) and the original version of THE ROAD TO RHODE ISLAND episode. Good stuff, bought solely for the features of course. It's also got previews of the new season, and his new show American Dad.

And lastly, David Goyer is apparently set to helm The Flash for Warner Bros., you can read the full story here.

Right now the Shat is singing Christmas Carols on Boston Legal, which means, naturally, more tomorrow!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Sky is Falling

Or so some people would have you think.

A new anti-terrorism bill may prove to be the first steps in a nation-wide ID card, or driver's license.

First, the term anti-terrorism bill makes me nervous. Shouldn't laws prettymuch be along those lines anyway? Do we need to pass bills saying terrorism is wrong?

I know that's not the exact nature of the thing, but the way it's worded is a bit laughable.

Lots of people are crying foul because they say it opens the door for the government to delve further into our private lives. And, while this bill may do that, I don't think a nation-wide license would be a bad idea. Plenty of states have easily duplicated licenses, allowing for effective fakes. A nationwide ID would help guard against that, stopping some under-age drinking and smoking in the process.

Why is this a bad thing?

Getting Worked Up

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and fight off the depression that's been setting in to peruse the web for awhile. I found a few things that got my blood flowing...

First was the new Chris Allen Comments at CBG. Chris is one of the few writers that I can read regardless of subject. Much like his partner in crime, ADD, I'm always glad to see what he's got cooked up. His latest focuses mostly on Bob Layton and his excuses for the demise of Future Comics. It's witty and insightful, and yes Chris, mean at certain points, but honesty is never easy to give or take.

I hadn't read all of Layton's list of B.S. yet, so most of it was new to me, and if you have, Chris' comments should get a pretty good laugh out of you. Go check it out.

Then I got linked to Christopher Butcher via the CBG Blog, and I discovered something new and wonderful. Like both Mike and Dorian, Chris works at a comic book retail store, apparently one of the best. His current topic is something I've seen discussed at length, but his comments about it are funny and very, very right. Example:

"If you want to know what's wrong with giving people what they want, I'll tell you: It's the same reason we don't let children smoke or drive cars, put child-proof tops on asprin, or let business' pollute wherever the fuck they want (without paying a massive kickback first). It's the same reason that many legitimate, intelligent business favour steady and incrimental growth over a scorched-earth policy of sales: Because people need to be protected from themselves, a lot of the time. "

Great stuff, and as soon as I update my sidebar (soon, I swear), he'll be added.

Speaking of Mike and dorian, they've got the rundown on New Comic Book Day, always a favorite of mine.

Comicscape wants to know your favorite and least favorite books of the year, and there's also a review of Rising Stars #23 up. I don't necessarily agree, but it's well written and makes some good points.

For anyone wondering, yes, I seem to have gotten the hang of HTML. Maybe more later if I can drag myself out of the house.


The Funeral

It was today. It was the one of the two hardest thing I've ever had to experience in my life. Fair warning, this will be a personal post.

The first one is my Brother's cancer. A few years ago he was diagnosed with lymphoma (nod-hodgkins I believe), and it was hell. Being identical twins, in the end the "cure" came from some sort of blood transfusion thing, from me to him. I'm not a doctor, and I don't know the terms, basically he needed my white blood cells...something like that. Like I said, it was hell watching him deal with that every day. Having to drive two hours and be hooked up to machines for another eight almost killed him, in spirit if nothing else. But in that situation I could, and did, do something.

But there was nothing I could do here.

What can you say to a man, your own father, that will make him feel better? Or your uncles? Should you be strong? Hold your head up, tell them she's in a better place, that at least she isn't in pain anymore? Or should you mourn with them, cry your tears of regret and sorrow, and say how sorry you are? What do you tell three men who will never again see the woman that gave birth to them?

What do you tell your brothers and sisters when they say how much they regret not having seen her for the last few years? Tell them that she understood? Tell them it's okay, that they couldn't have been expected to come up with the money for a flight to Oklahoma? Or do you tell them they're right, that we all should've gone to see her in this last year of her life? After all, it was only money...

What do you tell your four year-old niece when she says she wants her Nannie to wake up? What do you say when she asks where she's going? Or, what's wrong with her?

What do you say to her sister, the only surving sibling left now?

What do you say to the friends and other family members who come to pay their respects?

Most of all, what do you say as you watch her coffin be lowered into the ground? You will never see this person again, what do you say?

I do not know. I don't think there are words to say. I'm not sorry she's gone, because this last year of her life was Hell on Earth. I do regret not seeing her, but I'm very happy I didn't see her in a hospital. I remember her as a woman who didn't need a tube to feed her, a woman that could remember who you were. I'm thankful for the times I have spent with her, and for her love and understanding in all of my most trying times. When I had no home, she gave me one, and with that she gave me hope. She was more a mother to me than my Mother. She was one of the few people who accepted me as I am in my life, never asking me to compromise anything for her. Yes, she was demanding for attention at times, but it was a small price to pay for such an unconditional love, and something I'm certainly glad I gave now that she's gone. My fondest memories in life involve Sunday afternoons in her trailer, watching a football or baseball game, falling asleep on her couch and waking up to some home cooked meals, and maybe a board game or two, or even a jigsaw puzzle. And that's they way I'll remember her.

I love you, I'll miss you,

-Your first grandson, Logan Polk

I thank you all for stopping by, and while I'd like topromise this place will resume it's sporadic updates, it's doubtful. I may get in a post or two before the new year, but it's likely that they will be of the same personal variety. So, I hope to start the year off right by my little blog and maybe have my life back to some semblance of normality. I thank you for your patience in these, my most trying times.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

The State of the Union

The Union being me....

My Grandmother passed away recently, which has been yet another cause of my blog silence. For all thewell wishers, it's much appreciated. For those concerned, I'm handling it pretty well, actually most of the family is, she had been ill for quite awhile (you may remember me posting about it a few months back) so this wasn't entirely unexpected. She was recovering pretty nicely, but he blood sugar began to drop and it could never be stabalized, simply put, she fell asleep and never woke up. My only wish is that it wasn't painful in any way.

I was pretty close to her up until a few years ago, when she moved to Oklahoma with two of her sons and their families. Regrettably by then our relationship was strained, mostly due to her refusal to eliminate a few choice people who did nothing but steal from her and swindle her out of any money she had. It boils down to stereotypical old-folks-money syndrome. Me being the hard headed person that I am, I gave an ultimatum. It's a choice I regret, because of the rift it caused, but it's one I've come to live with.

Her health had been declinig rapidly before this last year, mostly due to he life long smoking habit. So, I'm gonna pause here and plead with anyone out there smoking cigarettes, please stop. You're killing yourself and those of us around you. Stop.

I'm going to avoid the pity-party, I'm hoping I'm well past that portion of this. I'd like to think i'm getting to acceptance, but I don't think that'll happen until the funeral.

See, we haven't gotten to have the funeral yet.


Basically the state of Oklahoma is holding my dead grandmother's body hostage. She's been dead for a number of days, and she's been embalmed, but they have not cleared her to be flown her to Georgia for the funeral. We're not sure why, and it's possible she could be on her way tomorrow, we can only hope.

No one can give us a logical explination as to why she can't be sent here yet, and when the funeral hom called on our behalf this is what they were told, verbatum: "She can be first in line for a flight tomorrow, or she can be last, depending on how you handle this conversation with me."


What the F^&* does that mean?

We're talking about a grieving family, quite a few who have already travelled from Oklahoma to come to the funeral, and the state of Oklahoma, or maybe it's just Oklahoma City, is keeping us from laying to rest a woman that we all loved, and our funeral home is being blackmailed into acting civil to these assholes, excuse my frankness. For what reason?

I'd like to know, but no one can tell me.

So, let this be a huge lesson to all of you; whatever you do, don't die in Oklahoma.


Thursday, December 09, 2004


Dimebag Darrel, former guitarist of the metal legend band, Pantera, was gunned down last evening in a nightclub in Columbus, Ohio. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Odd that it would come on the 24th anniversary of John Lennon's death, and while I wasn't a huge fan, there's no denying the man's talent.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Neo's List

Internet complications have caused my inactivity lately (always seems to be something lately) but here's what hit stores this morning on the DVD shelves.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again

Other than Ron White (who really is hilarious) I don't think I can stomach any more of these guys.

The Bourne Supremacy

Been waiting to see this one. I enjoyed the first one, but heard bad things about this, we'll see.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century: Complete Series

The geek in me wants this so bad, even though I barely remember the show.

Crusade: The Complete Series

Wasn't this a B5 spin-off? I've been seeing advo's everywhere for it. Never watched it.

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

Another one I want to rent soon.

Dracula 3000

Apparently one sequel to the mediocre Dracula 2000 wasn't enough.

Flintstones: The Complete Second Season

Not a fan, but this is a quality set.

Gargoyles: The Complete First Season

I vaguely remember this one too, mostly because of Jonathan Frakes voice work.

The Lion King Movie Collection

Yeah, all three movies together.

Species III

Some things just baffle me.

Star Trek Voyager: Season Six

Too bad I can't afford the damn sets.

Top Cat: The Complete Series

Again, not a fan, but it is a nice looking set.

The Ultimate Matrix Collection

10 discs. 10 DISCS!!!! That's gotta be the biggest set ever, for movies anyway.

That's it for now, hopefully my internet will quit booting me every fifteen minutes and I'll actually have a real update soon.


Sunday, December 05, 2004

I hate AOL

It is Satan. It's like the Matrix, I cannot escape it, it's evil incarnate! It just caused me to lose one long-ass blog post. So, Time-Warner, in the words of the immortal machine: Bite my shiny metal (or in this case, fat pasty white) ass.

Bah! (Why doesn't Dr. Doom have his own blog? I'm gonna kill whoever steals that idea.)

No way I'm retyping everything, so, more tomorrow.


Friday, December 03, 2004

The Double D

Watched the Daredevil Director's Cut, and it was indeed much better than the theatrical version. There was entire storyline cut out of the film that gives you more of Foggy mostly, but it also ties in to the Kingpin storyline and ultimately makes it feel complete. The movie still has its flaws (dialogue and voice over mainly) but the extended version feels like a whole rather than the static feel of the theatrical release. Worth a rent at the very least, but beware, it's unrated and the language is a bit harsher, for those of you with kids.

As for everything else, one of the reviews is up at CBG, so do please check it out. Haven't sent my other one it yet, still polishing it up.

I missed Smallville this week, which truly sucks, hopefully I didn't miss anything important.

Still haven't made it to the comic shop this week, but I will today. Hell, I haven't finished reading last weeks stash. For those wondering, my new floppy policy seems to be working well, I spent $12 last week, and it looks like less than ten $10 week. And no, I'm not buying New Avengers.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Mesh Made in Heaven

I didn't make it by the comic shop today, mainly because of getting called into work, but I did make it by Best Buy to pick up the Spidey 2 Box Set. Looks really interesting, and I loved the packaging. Never read the comic that came with it, so I'm looking forward to that too.

I also picke up the Daredevil Director's Cut, a friend recommended it, said it was much better. I enjoyed the theatrical version, so I'm hoping this is indeed a better film, otherwise I wasted $12.

Also took a chance on the new Jay-Z/Linkin Park album. It's only got six tracks, but man, what a great six tracks it is. Going in this album has multiple things against it. Linkin Park is not a favorite band of mine, I enjoy a few of their songs for what they are, mainly club-type techno/rap/rock good for occasional radio play. On top of that it's something with the words MTV Presents on the cover, it's amazing how many alarms that sent off in my head. Add to that a short track list, and a few other variables and I could very well have passed all together.

But, it's Jay-Z. Jay-Z. The man is a living legend, and probably the best rap artist on the planet. The fact that his name was on it was enough to get me to pick it up. I'm glad I did. It's an amazing piece of work, blending two somewhat similar, yet somehow infinitely different styles together flawlessly. There's enough meshing so that you never get tired of Linkin Park's repetitive vocal or musical styles, and they actually add something fresh to Jay-Z's older songe making them feel new again. The rap/rock thing doesn't always worlk, in fact it's rare, but when it does it's fabulous, and this is definitely one of those rare exceptions. Pick it up.