Friday, December 03, 2004

The Double D

Watched the Daredevil Director's Cut, and it was indeed much better than the theatrical version. There was entire storyline cut out of the film that gives you more of Foggy mostly, but it also ties in to the Kingpin storyline and ultimately makes it feel complete. The movie still has its flaws (dialogue and voice over mainly) but the extended version feels like a whole rather than the static feel of the theatrical release. Worth a rent at the very least, but beware, it's unrated and the language is a bit harsher, for those of you with kids.

As for everything else, one of the reviews is up at CBG, so do please check it out. Haven't sent my other one it yet, still polishing it up.

I missed Smallville this week, which truly sucks, hopefully I didn't miss anything important.

Still haven't made it to the comic shop this week, but I will today. Hell, I haven't finished reading last weeks stash. For those wondering, my new floppy policy seems to be working well, I spent $12 last week, and it looks like less than ten $10 week. And no, I'm not buying New Avengers.


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