Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Sky is Falling

Or so some people would have you think.

A new anti-terrorism bill may prove to be the first steps in a nation-wide ID card, or driver's license.

First, the term anti-terrorism bill makes me nervous. Shouldn't laws prettymuch be along those lines anyway? Do we need to pass bills saying terrorism is wrong?

I know that's not the exact nature of the thing, but the way it's worded is a bit laughable.

Lots of people are crying foul because they say it opens the door for the government to delve further into our private lives. And, while this bill may do that, I don't think a nation-wide license would be a bad idea. Plenty of states have easily duplicated licenses, allowing for effective fakes. A nationwide ID would help guard against that, stopping some under-age drinking and smoking in the process.

Why is this a bad thing?


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