Sunday, December 19, 2004

Recent Happenings

Family problems continue to abound, but seeing as I've bogged this place down with them lately, I'm going to talk about a few other things.

First, I'm gonna start doing some small reviews here again for the floppies I buy, mainly because there's so few of them now, and also they're more mainstrean stuff, and I never get around to putting five or six together for CBG Quick Hits. So, look for that to start happening again.

I recieved a few early Christmas presents, my Falcons clinched a first round bye-week in the NFL Playoffs today because the Jaguars beat the Packers. Also, they won yesterday, and last week clinched their third division title in franchise history. Most of you don't care, I'm sure, but (insert smiley-sticking-out-tongue here)!!

More football news, I'm in the playoff in my Fantasy League, and like my boys, I got a first round bye. WOOOHOOO!!!!!

I'd like to say I've been watching a ton of movies, but I haven't. I did get around to one though, borrowed from my brother:

Scotland, PA

It's got a great cast, particularly Chris Walken, and it's about a couple of diner workers who murder their boss and take over the business, using his ideas to make a ton of money. Walken plays an investigator looking into the murder, and while there are the usual Walken quirks, it's rare to see him playing such a great guy. The man doesn't have a huge acting range, but he's always a pleasure to watch. Well worth the rent, even if you aren't into oddlittle crime capers or dark comedies.

I did finish Seinfeld, and everyone should buy it, I promised a rundown of the features, but does a better job, and you can buy it while you're there.

I've also picked up the new Family Guy DVD, The Freakin' Sweet Collection. It's got all new commentaries on four of the five episodes (Seth's favorites) and the original version of THE ROAD TO RHODE ISLAND episode. Good stuff, bought solely for the features of course. It's also got previews of the new season, and his new show American Dad.

And lastly, David Goyer is apparently set to helm The Flash for Warner Bros., you can read the full story here.

Right now the Shat is singing Christmas Carols on Boston Legal, which means, naturally, more tomorrow!

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