Sunday, January 30, 2005

I Hate This Place

Last week the temp. was in the mid 70's, but these last two or three days it's been freezing. I mean really freezing. And I like the cold. Lotsa wind and rain have all but shut down the city in the last two day. It never snows here, but everything was covered in ice this morning. Plus, I had to work a 12+ hour day, and the power is iffie, so, no real updates until things get back to normal, probably Monday. In the meantime, Rob Vollmar has provided a link to preview a few pages from Bluesman. So, go check out what will likely be the best book of the year. I still haven't ordered my copy, this week though, I hope.


Thursday, January 27, 2005


Shaun of the Dead- Very excellent film. It's funny, sad, and romantic and scary. You'd be hard pressed to find a genre that doesn't make it into this movie, well...outside of pornography. Everyone should see this.

Kingdom Hospital- I didn't catch this show when it aired, and I picked the DVD set up from my local rip-off...err..I mean Blockbuster pretty cheap. Tunrs out the only rip you off when you rent movies.... I'm rambling. I'm on the last episode, and I've spent a majority of the show scratching my head and going "huh?" It's like Stephen King channeled through David Lynch in a decent way. There are a few let downs, but the acting is great and makes up for some of the faulty scripting (there's a whole episode that basically ends by changing the past and undoing everything...huh?). Fortunately answers seem to be coming in by the truckload on this final episode. Oh, and, I knew King was gonna pop up as Johnny at the end.

Smallville- Man, a few months off and they're back with a very excellent episode. The sex was a bit much, but having it addressed at the end was great. This might be the best episode all season. The end about damn near broke my heart.

Desperate Housewives- God the red head is sexy. She's the only reason I watch. Still, the plots are good in that over the top way.

Boston Legal- The end is coming. I know this because I'm starting to like the supporting cast.

Y, The Last Man #30- While I haven't enjoyed the one other book of Vaughan's I've read (Runaways) I think Y might very well be one of the best comics ever published. It's taken two and a half years for the reason's behind Yorick's survival to come to light, and it was all worth it. This is a brilliant book, and if you aren't reading, well, I guess that's your loss.

WE3 #3- Man. Morrison is a brilliant person, but the star of this show was the art. Definitely one of the best books of the last year.

Superpatriot: War on Terror #2- Apparently Kirkman's War on Terror is similar to George Bush's, all-but non-existent. I swear, it's been three or four months at least since this book first came out, and we just now got #2?! Oh well...good stuff, but I cannot remember what happened in the first issue at all. I thought that the baddie kicking that kid like a football was pretty damned funny, and disturbing.

Courtesy of Matt Fraction and Joe Casey (yes, I'm still harping on that, why do you ask?)

Cinescape has somenews about a Giant-Sized Man-Thing DVD. Okay, I added the giant-sized justto make it sound like porn. Funny, no? Also, Tony Whitt's penultimate Comicscape column.

TVonDVD has news of the George Reeves Superman show on DVD this year! Also, Vol. 2 of the classic (or not) TMNT series. I want both of these.

Found via somewhere, a video for Five For Fighting's "Superman" that incorporates all of the Man of Steel's on-screen incarnations (except the nifty american Express commercials...those rocked), and one from the comics as well. It's done by a fan, and the quality isn't fabulous, but the guy obviously spent some time on it and has a love for the material. I kinda didn't like the song that much, but the video has me singing it constantly now. Check it out.

Buddy Dino has apparently written an "unofficial" guide to Morrison's X-Men run. Go, read it now.

Me Vs. The List

I think I'm gonna pass on the comments this week (is that applause I hear?). More tomorrow.

Alien Vs. Predator

Coupling: The Complete Fourth Season Season

The Dukes Of Hazzard: The Complete Second Season

Lewis Black: Black on Broadway

Lidsville: The Complete Series

MacGyver: The Complete First Season

I can't resist... This box set is made from a pack of gum, a plastic bag and a sewing needle.

Married...With Children: The Complete 3rd Season

Men Behaving Badly: Complete Series 1 & 2

Pauly Shore is Dead

Predator 2

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Soap: The Complete Third Season


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Morning After

Or, the afternoon after. Whatever.

First, yesterdays post was a bit harsh, but, I could have taken it a lot worse. Through several conversations and several blog and their comments sections I can see that there may have been more at work here than two professional geeks talking bad about non-professional geeks. Maybe their hit count was low? Best solution? Insult people, that'll make em link to you.

Someone told me they think they're just bitching about blogs the way fanboys bitch about Marvel. "They suck!" "I'll take seven copies of that new Arana title please!" Buddy Dino got at that as well, saying that they're only saying MOST of them suck, but there are some goodones. First, the good ones they mention are either retired or rarely update anymore (which is probably their most valid point, it's hard to keep good content and update regularly, very hard) so I think that's not giving the rest of us a fair shake. second, most of EVERYTHING sucks. That's not exactly an astute observation, is it?

Maybe they read waaaay too many blogs and are just bogged down by the mediocrity of most of them (I'm a mediocre blogger at best, I know that, I can handle that). Simple solution, much like floppy comics, STOP READING THEM! Then they cease to bother you. Don't like where Marvel is going with the X-Men, don't read. Don't like to see Mike Sterling expres his unnatural obsession with Swamp Thing, dont read!!!! Most of us didn't start blogs to be cool (heh, that's a laugh) or to copy anyone, or to get people tolink to us, or even to get people to read what we write. It was to write! Just to write. That's it. Because we wanted to. Because we think The Intimates deserves a bigger audience, Joe, and we want to scream it from the highest mountain. Bloggers everywhere championed your Wildcats book, and how do you thank them? By insulting them. Yeah, good friggin' job.

I'm getting riled up again, and I don't want to turn this into a days long rant about two idiots looking for attention. Like Dorian I find the humour in it to be fascinating, unlike him I feel the need to get pissed off and yell back. There's an interesting discussion going on in his comments section right now, Augi and Larry Young have piped in. Larry brought it to my attention (not specifically) about getting people to link to them. I hadn't thought about that. Agi seems to think we should be discussing the merits of their case. Like Dorian, I say, what merits? They make a handful of valid points while insulting part of their audiebce? That's a lesson in how not to write a fucking column. Howard Stern they ain't. He also goes on to twist Dorian's words to say that only bloggers can critique bloggers. Augi, that's not what the man said, he said there were more qualified people. Casey and Fraction write are print writers, by the way, that's why they are referred to as "print writers" makes sense to me. Maybe you're right, and you just don't get it.

See, insulting people is idiotic, and only serves to focus some attack back at yourself. Augi now has reason to never like anything I write because I've attacked him for no apparent reason than having a different opinion than mine. It didn't make much sense did it? But, unlike Casey & Fraction I have this handy comment thing that lets people respond to me....

Tom Spurgeon also drops in and makes some comments.

jdonelson (that's what it says!) makes a great friggin' point:

"In that column, Casey & Fraction condemned an entire medium because they didn't like they way that one group of people uses it. CBR presents re-heated press releases or six-part interviews with their own columnists about that columnist's new comic book and calls that news. I can condemn them for that but I don't turn that into a blanket criticism of all news sites or the entire internet. THat column was uninformed and poorly researched. It's a shame because some people who might have considered writing or reading blogs may now write off the entire medium. (Not to mention that the readers who might have checked out some blogs and judged for themselves couldn't do so because that column provided ZERO hyperlinks, even to the blogs that were mentioned by name)."

I don't know who you are, but you hit the nail on the head, and I thank you.

In case you're wondering, yes, this is done in spite of Casey and Fractions thoughts on link blogging, and like them I've provided no links (, okay!) so that when someone stumbles upon it they can scratch their heads and go "this guys really dumb, he talks about all the people and what they have to say and I have no idea where it's coming from."

All this has been keeping me from my goal of discussing the week's DVD's as well as a few movies and TV shows. I'll get to that later, I promise.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Maybe I'm Overreacting?

But I really don't think so.

I just finished reading Joe Casey & Matt Fraction's latest Basement Tapes, and in it they criticize the comics bloggers. Yes, yes, they do make some very valid points, but I think they miss the big picture entirely. Two people who (at times) seem to be doing nothing but stroking their own ego's (or eachothers) have a great deal of nerve calling the blogo-whatever a "circle-jerk." In fact, I shouldn't even be linking to the piece, because there are dozens of blogs that have already done so, so, I'm just copying them. Right?

Other people have responded, and now I am. God, I'm such a copycat. I'm just so desperate to run with the big dogs! Us lowly folks out here on the internet looking for Green Arrow porn sites could honestly never be as cool as them there paid writers! We should just hang it up folks!

According to Casey and Fraction, there's no way we can continue this amount of output, eventually the passion dies. Hey guys, go tell that to Mike Sterling who has posted new material every day for over a year on his site. Is it changing the face of comics? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? It's fucking entertaining.

Does it somehow hurt your feelings that bloggers (as a whole, not just comic bloggers, and hell, probably JUST comic bloggers as well) get a higher readership than both of you guys combined? Looks like I'll have to go back and remove what I said about The Intimates being "the greatest thing to come along in the teen-superhero genre since Lee & Kirby created it" because I wouldn't want that to get out. For that matter, piss off Casey, you write in a medium (superhero comics) that has done nothing but copy itself since inception. A bunch of writers constantly trying to one-up eachother and play with characters someone else created. And when the can't do that? They find another company and just create copycats.

Like I said, they make some valid points, we do have a clubhouse mentality. But, who the hell doesn't? I bet whenever Casey and Fraction go out with their friends they just stop at the local corner and pick up random people and say "hey, come party with us, we're cool." they don't. They hang out with their friends, and there's nothing wrong with that. Their fucking column is a clubhouse. It's two guys who get together and talk about things that they think are important, and then post it on the internet for everyone to read, just to feel important. My, aren't they spectacular!

Am I taking this too personal? Yeah, I am. I know that. Is it because I do those things? Yes, yes it is. But, it's also because that little blogroll on my sidebar is full of people who dedicate a tremendous amount of time to MY entertainment, and I don't pay them for it. So, you know what, if I want to have a blog where I do nothing but refer people to their blogs, fuck 'em, I will. See that link that says "NeilAlien" yeah, that's what he does. For free. He sends me to all kinds of places I might not have discovered without his daily links. His service is almost invaluable, he's a dedicated fan, and a lover of comics, and he pretty much just links to other sites. It's fucking brilliant. I bet he gets 100 times the hits I do, if not more. Hell, for all I know, his site hits pass Casey and Fractions. And the fact that they take pot-shots at that really pisses me off.

If it weren't for this blog, I'd still be trolling message boards and reading Rob Liefeld comics (wait...I still do that, dammit.) Writing here has pushed me into so much more than anything else I've ever been a part of. Because of this I now write reviews (on occasion) at The Comic Book Galaxy. Maybe that doesn't mean much to a lot of people, but it's a hell of a long way from where I started. It's a well respected site, despite my presence, and one I'm damn glad to be a part of. All because of this. This little soapbox inside my own little clubhouse.

Like I said, valid points, but I cannot help but feel slighted by the tone, and laugh at the irony of the two men in glass houses throwing stones at us.


Monday, January 24, 2005

No Sup(er Bowl) for You!

My beloved Falcons blew their shot at glory yesterday, which is a shame, but it's nice that the Eagles finally get their shot. I've got a feeling the Patriot's are going to obliterate them though, and it makes me glad I don't have to see Atlanta face them.

Johnny Carson passed away. The King is dead, and it's a very sad day. I'm too young to remember most of Carson's stuff, but I do know he brought laughter to a generation, even while his life was in shambles. His guest spot on the Simpson's remains one of my favorite moments ever on the show, as well as one of the funniest. My condolences to his friends and family.

TVonDVD has news of Doogie and The Cosby Show. Also, Ed, Edd, and Eddy! I'm sure no one knows how big of a fan I am of this show. I absolutely love it and I'm very excited to see it get it's own release.

HAHAHAHA! Dorian can always cheer me up.

Mike's got a look at the Catwoman DVD.

Johnny B has posted an absolutely gorgeous cover.

Lastly on the links, happy early birthday wishes to Alan Doane, who takes time out of his celebration to give us Monday Notes. Of particular interest is Bluesman from Absence of Ink. Like Alan, I've been eagerly anticipating this release, and it's likely to be the best book to see print this year. Unlike him I won't be able to get it this week, but I am going to buy it.

I've been working on a massive (for me, anyway) review for CBG over the past week, hopefully I'll have it finished soon. Big thanks to Alan for his input on improving it. It's definitely my biggest task for the site to date (a self-appointed one, but still my biggest) and I've done a large (again, for me) amount of research to help prepare, but mostly to inform, because while I like to think I'm a huge fanboy, I'm fairly ignorant.

Part of that research has inadvertantly involved reading a piece in Reform Judaism Magazine on Jews in the comic industry,particularly their involvement in it's creation. Titled KINGS OF COMICS: HOW THE JEWS CREATED THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY, it ran in three parts. You can read Part 1-The Golden Age here, Part 2-The Silver Age here, and Part 3-The Bronze Age here. If you have any interest in the industry outside of its entertainment value, this is must read material. It's written by Arie Kaplan.

I finished reading last week's haul at the LCS and was mostly disappointed. Bullseye: Greatest Hits ended with a bit of irony, and and ends with far more of a wimper than a bang. It's a very well written and illustrated book, but it doesn't deliver on its promise to shed some light on the mystery of Bullseye. Not that it's something that need's to be explored, but I frown on baiting readers with lies. It's still the best version of the character since Frank Miller. Perhaps I'll get around to reviewing the whole series soon. Wolverine: The End wrapped up this week too, and man what a stinker. Again, baiting readers with a promise of answers to questions no one is really asking and then then only providing more questions is a poor way to sell a book. Add the horrible art and cheesy dialogue and you've got something to actively avoid. The other two books (No Doc Spectrum, not sure why...) were Cable & Deadpool and Madrox . C&D continues to bee a decent read, but I think Fabes has shown his hand far too quickly with the plot this time. Maybe he has something up his sleeve though. Madrox was much like Bullseye, showed great promise, but ultimately didn't accomplish anything. There was nothing important to the character's development by the end, and provided more questions than answers, and so we feel as if we've just wasted our time. Still, PAD is one heck of a writer isn't he? I'd love to see both Madrox and Bullseye become a monthly gig for their prespective creative teams. I also finished the issues of The Crossovers that I purchased a few weeks ago. I'm seeking out the rest of the run now, anyone know how many issues it ran?


Friday, January 21, 2005

For those about to rock...

George and his family learn to give proper salute to their creator.


I don't usually read them, something I've been menaing to rectify, but I stumbled upon this one today, it's funny: Minions. If you drop by (and why wouldn't you be if you're already here...) and know some good webcomics, let me know, I'll check them out.

At the Movies

Elektra- I never bought Jen Garner as Elektra, possibly because she doesn't look at all Greek*, she does fit the assassin bill though, given her background on Alias. I'd like to say I'm not sure why this movie is getting such negative attention. It's well made, the acting isn't too stiff (I think Garner is a stiff actress, some don't) and the plot actually flows nicely, and above all, makes sense. Yeah, the fanboy in me can tear it limb from limb, but why bother? No, they don't get Elektra right, but this isn't about the Elektra in the comics, it's about the Elektra from the Daredevil film (maybe not the Director's Cut...). With that in was so much better than Daredevil. It kicks Catwoman's ass, and I'm sure it'll be better than Constantine. Garner seems to have slipped into the role easier, she seems more sure of herself. The setting was really good, wheremost movies are being done in a city, this takes place primarily in the countryside, a nice change of pace. The bad guys are also pretty good, though I take issue with how a few of them are dispatched. No, it's not X2 or Spidey 2, but like those, the film is far better than its predecessor. Oh...not sure it's right for younger kids. There's a bit of cursing, too much I think, and a somewhat-sexual kiss between Elektra & Typhoid. Who'm I kidding, it's played off as totally sexual. If they'd run that in the trailer, I bet tons of men would flock to see it.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle- It's better than Dude, Where's My Car, but that dosn't say much. Doogie Howser steals the show, and there's some really funny guest walk-on's. Other than that it's a stoner film, pure and simple, and if you like stoner films, you'll like this.

Spiderbabe- No one will believe me, but my brother bought this and told me I just had to watch it. If you don't know, it's Cinemax-style low-budget super-hero softcore porn. It's really funny, and really sad at the same time. Fanboys already think about super-heroes too much, debating mundane details, super-hero porn we do not need. It's good for a quick laugh, especially it's riff on all the details of the first Spidey film, but don't watch it alone, you'll feel dirty afterwards.

Oh, new review up at CBG, again! Wanted #6, sweet.

Dorian has a rundown of GLAAD's award nominees. Pretty disappointing stuff. His assessment that they seem to be promoting mostly things that show how heterosexual's deal with gay issues, is on the nose. Most of these really aren't positive (not that they're negative) portrayals of gay men & women in pop culture (for me, that's what the media has become, they should rename the awards), and some of them do nothing besides reaffirm stereotypical views. My Dad thinks Will & Grace is funny...but he voted against gay marriage...yeah, GLAAD, that show is really opening people's eyes. Fifteen years from now most of this stuff will be laughable.

*I once got in an argument on a message board with a guy wanting to know some good ethnic female comic charactrs, I said Elektra, she's Greek, he said she doesn't count, she doesn't embrace her heritage. I'm still curious how one embraces their Greek heritage? He meant, he said, that she doesn't declare that she's Greek, that it's never brought up. I responded-"I know plenty of Asian women, not one of them has ever come up to me and said 'hey, I'm Asian." And yes, I stole Mike's little notation...

EDIT: Happy belated birthday to Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag and one to her husband as well!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Even more links!

Ever trying to prove how awesome he truly is, Alan has posted another one of my reviews up at the CBG, this time it's Invincible Vol. 1. I've already got someone asking me to borrow the trade, and a female at that. Go figure.

Been meaning to post a link to this for awhile, like almost a month, took me a while to find it, hope I'm linking to it right, if not, someone let me know please, buddy Dino reviewed Blade: Trinity, the Daredevil: Director's Cut DVD, and a few other films, so go look.

I disagree with his ultimate assessment of Blade, I liked it enough. There were moments of predictability and cheesiness, but no more than the first film. Blade 2 it ain't, but the action and humor were good.

Tony Whitt reviews Majestic #1.

Tom needs a life.

Spaceballs the Animated Series? Maybe.

I've got a few movie thoughts coming up, possibly later tonight, so stick around.


The Marvel Solicits

Since everyone always looks at DC's solicits, I thought I'd run down Marvel's. I could find all of a handful of books that I'm going to buy, so it's definitely not worth it. I'll be getting :


in floppy form this week. That's my biggest haul in well over a month, and it's still only $15 or so, plus, three of them are minis, two of which are the last issue (Madrox & Bullseye). Small Gods may be a no show, they're usually sold out by the time I get there. Which stinks, cuz I've got issues 1-5, and haven't read them yet, was hoping buying #6 would prompt me into sitting down and reading/reviewing them. On issues to go on Doc Spectrum, and I think the plot's as muddled as ever. I'll be through with it soon, as well as Supremem Power. Cable & Deadpool continues to be a good read, Cable as a would-be mutant Jesus is an interesting twist, something I think Tischman and Kordey had intended to do when they took over the book and it got relaunched as Soldier X, could be wrong though.

I've been reading Rodi's Crossgen/Code 6 book, The Crossovers lately, got em for 50 cents at the local shop, fugured what the hey... I hated his Indentity Disc mini, but loved, loved, loved! his Loki mini, and this seems to be in-between the two. The book is very fast paced, which is a bit jarring in this day and age of slow-to-unfold comics, but once I got used to that, I started enjoying it more. The idea behind it is excellent, I think, as long as you don't put too much thought into it. The geek in me wants to dissect every little thing until all its flaws are exposed, but I don't. It's a good read if you can find it cheap enough, and given what's happened to Crossgen, you should be able to!


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Screwing Around

Blogger had tons of little nifty options I didn't know existed, which is cool, and I changed my time-stamp format, took me forever to find out which time zone-thingy I was in, whatever happened to simple Eastern, Central, etc. types of classifications? I had it set on L.A. time and didn't know it. Also, you can now email posts to friends, or people you hate depending on how you feel about my blog...and I can edit my posts from the site, no going back through Blogger to fix one mistake! I'm playing around with the idea of adding music to the site (not the musak type of annoying stuff) anyone have any thoughts on that? Would it be annoying? I have a friend who does it, I tend to enjoy it, but he rarely updates the song. So, yeah, gimme feedback!!!

Also, got rid of that double Comments thing, sorry about that...not that anyone was commenting anyway! Oh, and I'm at 34 visitors so far today, not sure how many are me, but to those who stoped by thanks, that's my biggest crowd in awhile. Yes, yes, I know most of my fellow bloggers get hundreds of hits, I just don't need that inflated since of self worth, I'd be happy with a steady 30.

Anyway, thanks.

EDIT: The total ended up at fifty, wow, that's the best I've gotten in almost a year.

Linkage & Words of Wisdom

Via a good pal, Cory (No, not the Captain): the irony never ceases to amaze me. every year we celebrate a black activist's life by being lazy for a day, getting nothing done, and screwing up everyones schedules.

Not to make light of anything, but this made me laugh. On to the links!

My home away from home, Comic Book Galaxy, is hosting the Ultimate Street Angel Giveaway, a truly awesome contest that makes me wish I weren't part of the crew, so I could enter. Grand prize winner gets signed comics, including the ultra-super-duper-uber (sorry, I can't resist) rare Street Angel mini-comic, along with some very cool art. So, what the heck are you waiting for, go enter!! Oh, and your local comics shop will get what you get as well, how nifty.

Speaking of CBG, there's some new reviews up, a few by me: King, a book I've wanted to read for the longest time, and now I just have to; Black Hole #1-12, sounds interesting; The Dreamer , an Eisner book I'm unfamiliar with, one of many..., and my looks at The Last Heroes and Dropsie Avenue.

That should keep you busy for awhile.

JB has a look at the new Image Comics solicits, and promises DC's is coming soon. Both Mike and Dorian look at DC's, and Dorian even looks at some of Marvel's. I don't know if I should be happy or may need to scroll down a bit at Mike's place.

Tom recently had a minute-by-minute look at the Golden Globes. It's pretty amazing folks.

Via TVShowsonDVD: News of Scrubs, He-Man, Desperate Housewives, and The Job (should make Tom happy, I think he loved this show, maybe it was someone else...). has a new Comicscape up by Tony Whitt. Looks like he's heading for greener pastures, which is a shame. You'll be missed Tony. This week he looks at Phil Jiminez's new project, OTHERWORLD. Oh, and a rundown of those pesky comics hitting shelves tomorrow, dont' forget they won't be out til tomorrow, I know I almost did.

They've also got links to the Fantastic Four trailer, the fanboy in me says YAY!!!, while the movie critic in me says NOOOO!, also, news on Toy Story 3, and a new Night Stalker TV show (that's Kolchak kids, not Blade & Co.).

Elsewhere in the blogscape (Tom's phrase, thought I'd give it a shot, does it work?), Laura has quite a few links of her own, no to mention the contest she's holding for copies of Colonia. Fred Hembeck also has some amusing MLK thoughts. Steve Lieber has some thoughts on Will Eisner, great stuff.

That's all for now folks, stop by later, maybe I'll have something interesting to say.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Litter, A.K.A. The List

Aladdin II & III Collection

I wasn't even aware there were sequels. DTV I assume, and likely half as entertaining as the first film, which doesn't bode well. I despise most DTV Disney films.


Ha. Heh. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wait, this wasn't a comedy, was it?


I heard this was a good action/drama film, with Jason Stratham as the bad guy it seems. I generally like him, outside of The Transporter. He was even decent in the crapfest that was The Italian Job.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Third Season

After seeing the extras on Seinfeld, I wonder how Larry David ever leaves his house.

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

I really wish I'd watched this sho, and this miniseries.

The Forgotten

I'd tell you the ending, but it'd likely piss someone off. The preview looked scary though.

Friday Night Lights

I'm a sucker for sports films, especially football.

Kung Fu: The Complete Second Season

This always reminds me of that song...

That does it, I'll be back later with a ton o' links.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Desperate Legal Boston Simpsons Housewives Development Arrested

Something like that...

Simpsons- This has become hit or miss, there were a few funny moments in the episode, but they're pretty much recycling old jokes and plotlines, polished as if they were new. The joke about "Former Astronaut Homer Simpson..." was pretty damn funny though.

Arrested Development- The funniest show on TV. If you are not watching this, please tune in, you're bound to laugh your butt off. The cast is brilliant, as is the writing, and it's a show that doesn't act as if it's audience were dumb as dirt.

Desperate Housewives- Still not exactly sure why Mrs. Nosy got killed (I forget her name) or what the hell the plumber is doing, but it's so intriguing that I just watch anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's not a really smart show, it's very soap-opera-ish (huh?) and can be cheesy and strange. I think, for me at least, it's the acting that brings me back, that and I'm in love with Bree (Sp?), the red head. She's very weird, and evil at times, but god if she isn't sexy as hell. And I don't generally like red heads.

Boston Legal- This has become a background show for me. I like watching certain moments (Spader, Shat, Candice) but don't care for others (everyone else in the cast), so I put it on and clean, do laundry, read, or various other things. Maybe it's just me, but I find almost everyone else downright horrid and can't wait for their characters to be written out. Bernard (can't remember his real name, sorry) was a wonderful addition, as brief as he was, his interactions with Spader were excellent. Also, Monica Potter is growing on me, nice little change up having the show end with her and Candice.


Sunday, January 16, 2005


Not sure than most people (outside of JB) that frequent this blog much care, but


47-17, a tremendous victory over the Rams, which does beg the question, where the hell was this team during the Chiefs game?

Big props to HC Jim Mora, Jr.for doing something his dad never did, win a playoff game. What he's been able to do with this team is astounding, and he and his crew are the real reason we've gotten this far.

Rossum set a punt return post-season record, which makes me really happy. He's one of my favorite players on the team, more than Vick even. Also, the Defense, wow, what a great job guys. Patrick Kerney, you're the best. Both Duckett and Dunn made fantastic showings, especially Dunn, who up until the last month I was not convinced we needed. The line's gotten better at opening up holes for him, and he looks awesome.

I did have a few reservations, mainly the decision to let Vick continue playing when the lead was so great. It was exciting to see them never give up, but as a armchair coach I have to wonder what the hell Mora was thinking.

Unfortunately the Vikings aren't looking too hot right now and we might be playing Philly in Philly. Which sucks. Not only would we get to play the Vikings at home, but we've beat them once in the playoffs in the past. I have little hope for us beating the Eagles, this may be their year.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Great Movie Moments 4

Before I began to despise Joel Schumacher (I've since forgiven him and Val Kilmer for the travesty they unleashed, but I boycotted them both for years...It's geeky, I know) I fell in love with one of his movies. And by in love, I mean in love. It's one of a handful of movies I have memorized. And by memorized, I mean memorized, from beginning to end, dialogue, scenes, everything.

St. Elmo's Fire

It's a sentimental film, mushy, a bit over the top at times I suppose, but it's also one of the first films I remember seeing and loving. While Jurassic Park may be resposible for my infatuation and overall love of movies, this one set me on the path.

The moment

The camera pans down past a Woody allen poster over a fireplace. Brat Packer Andrew McCarthey lies on his bed, sunglasses on, cigarette in hand, goofy hat on his head. Aretha Franklin's Respect begins to play, always recognizable by that guitar intro. He sits up and begins to sing along with the song and after her voice kicks in he plays along on a pair of bongo's.

"Oooh Oooh What you want, baby I got it..."

I don't know why exactly, but it's one of my favorite scenes ever, maybe because it captures perfectly the kind of ludacris things we do when we're alone. Maybe it's just the way he sings the song, off key, and a slightly behind in the tempo so that his voice seems to echo Aretha's. The movie as a whole remains one of my all-time favorite films, and this scene is forever etched into my mind, so much so that whenever I hear the song I begin to mimick his voice and movements (and his question too his roomate when he gets walked in on, "Quick, What's the meaning of life?")

I know what I'll be watching tonight.

Rearranging Things

Added a few links to the sidebar (and to my daily routine), Captain Cory, Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog, and the wonderful Comics Reporter. I also added a bit of order to them and alphabetized em as well. I added links to my CBG reviews, so if you haven't read them please do, feedback is, of course, welcome.

If there's ablog or site that isn't up there that anyone thinks I should be reading, please, let me know.

The Sequel That's Not a Sequel

Cinescape's got a review of Marvel's latest film, Elektra up. They give it a decent enough review, but that doesn't fill me with hope, rarely do they give anything poor reviews. I'll likely go see it Sunday, since the Falcons play Saturday night.

They've also got a review of X-23 #1, which also gets a favorable review. I may have to pick it up, as they're a lot harder on comics than movies. Anyone else read it?


Thursday, January 13, 2005


Michael Mann has truly crafted one of the greatest movies of the past year. Brilliantly directed, written, and acted. My only complaint is that it relies to heavily on coincidence, but that's probably more a genral complaint about all movies (or most of them). The look of the film is amazing, very low-tech, which adds volume of atmosphere. The fact that I generally do not like Cruise or Foxx had me skipping this in theatres, too bad for me, as both prove they're quite the actors here. If you haven't seen it, do so, it's excellent.

Finally, Some Comics

If I listen closely I can hear the sound of people rejoicing everywhere...

303 #2

Garth Ennis goodness with art by the wonderful Jacen Burrows. I won't pretend to know what exactly Ennis is getting at with the politics of the book, because I'm pretty ignorant on that sort of thing sadly. Still, it's a good read with fantastic art.

Supreme Power #14

This is next on my drop list. I'm having trouble remembering what happened last issue, a sure sign I'm not into the book as much as I used to be. It's still well written, and the art by Gary Frank is amazing, but the pace is entirely too slow, it's been over a year and very little is happening.

Team X 2000

I picked this one up out of a quarter bin awhile back. I'm a sucker for alternate reality type stories, and this one has Deathbird and Bishop travelling to a Shiar ruled Earth a few decades in their future. I was a bit confused by what exactly was happening when the book opened because I wasn't a reader of the X-Books during that time period, but other than that it was somewhat enjoyable. Sean Ruffner and A (Alan?) Smithee are the writers, and they do a good enough job with the material. I found it incredibly odd that Jubilee had aged and it seemed like no one else had, but that was really my only complaint with the writing. Kevin Lau is on pencils, and that was the worst part of the book. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think the guy is that good, and the fact that he draws some of the characters without pupils is just creepy.

The Intimates #3

You know, there's not enough people getting behind this book. Three issues in and I think it's one of the most fantastic super-hero stories I've ever read. It's the best take on the super-team-teen's since Stan and Jack pretty much created the concept. My only complaint? The Jim Lee gets second billing. If you're not reading this, you should have your comic book buying license revoked permanently.

Plastic Man: On the Lam TPB

I tried and tried to write a review for CBG of this, but I couldn't. The most I can say is it's well written, and well drawn, but it did not hold my interest in the slightest. Maybe it's because I grew up on Marvel Comics and just don't get all the jokes, or maybe I just have a really crappy sense of humour, but I didn't love it the way most of the comics-blog-community seems to.

What I missed

While perusing CBG yesterday, I managed to miss ADD's Epileptic review. Fortunately I found it this morning, and now it's there for you in all it's glory to go read. So go do it.


I am nerdier than 5% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

HAHA, eat your heart out Johnny.

God, I suck as a nerd!

Polish Links

One out of two ain't bad...

New Chris Allen Comments up at CBG insightful as always. Chris is one of my favorite reviewers, he should be one of yours too, check him out. This week he looks at the latest issue of Comic Book Artist, the Arkham asylum trade, a few What If...?'s and the Ultimates. Right on.

Speaking of CBG, ADD has posted his Nerd Score, figures he'd score so low! What's yours?

Comicscape talks more about Orson Scott Card and his upcoming stint as Marvel's Ultimate Iron Man writer. If I haven't pointed it out before, I'll do so now, Tony Whitt is one of the the best damn people writing about comics on the net. He does point out a pretty astounding fact, almost every person that wrote in is in agreement, when's the last time a bunch of fanboys agree on anything? Anhd for the record, I agree with what most of them are saying as well. A mans personal politics has very little to do with his writing ability, no matter how wrong you may think they are. I do think he's wrong, of course, and I won't buy the book, but that's me. If it sells, so be it, as long as he doesn't use it as a platform. There's also a rundown of this week's books.

Parent site, Cinescape has a few tidbits of interesting info as well, including info on X-Files 2.

Mike, Dorian, and Tom seem to be experiencing weird weather-related things. Good luck guys, be careful.

The JBS finishes up it's week-long tribute to Will Eisner. Nice stuff Johnny. He's also posted his Nerd Score, a whopping 11. I just know I'm gonna score in the 90's.

Via Permanent Damage:

"If you find the Rock charming (I generally do), he makes WALKING TALL fairly easy to take, and Johnny Knoxville is surprisingly entertaining as his ex-con sidekick"

This makes me feel like less of a fool. There's other, greater things in the new PD by Steven Grant, so check them out, won't you?


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Great Movie Moments 3

No other film is more responsible for my love of movies than Jurassic Park. I paid to see it seven times in theatres, and I'm pretty sure no other film holds that record with me. It blends so many elements into such a fantastic film; drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, action, mystery, family entertainement. For my money it's one of the most well-rounded movies ever made.

Not to say that it's one of the best. Looking at it now, as an adult, it has it's obvious flaws, and relies on a lot of hackneyed ideas to move the story along. But, as a kid I thought it was perfect. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, and the fact that I payed seven times with my own money (which was hard to come by as a kid, I sometimes went without school lunch so I could afford to go see it) is a real testament to that.

(Side note, I have seen one movie more times in theatres, but that was as a teen, and I got in free. For those interested, it's Con Air, and it's something like 12 or 13 times. Keeping in mind that I didn't pay...)

Okay, so I'm sure you've all seen JP (and hopefully not its atrocious sequels) enough to know what moment I'm about to pick? Eh, everyone probably think it'll be the T-Rex, but no. I loved the T-Rex, but it's not him. The Raptors? Nope, not them either.

I've alway adored one particular scene that matters little to the overall plot, and after rewatching it recently (it sounds phenomenal in Dolby Digital 5.1 by the way!) I was still taken by it.

Doc Grant and Company are riding in two jeeps, after just having gotten on the island. The jeeps stop as his wife rambles on about a leaf; "this shouldn't be here, it doesn't exist, blah blah" Grant looks up, wearing those sunglasses, and the camera zooms closer and closer as he takes his hat off and stands up. He removes his sunglasses and his face tells it all. He looks like a kid on the best Christmas morning of his life. He reaches his hand down to his wife's head (she's still rambling) and abruptly turns it towards what he sees. She stand and the camera shows us what has caught their attention. A brachiosaur (Sp?) (I think...I might be wrong) They run out of the jeep and when they get closer Doc Grant stutters: "It's...It's a dinosaur."

Coupled with the score (which is one of my favorites ever), and not to forget the brilliant special effects, the moment still amazes me. And I'm only watching it on a 27 inch TV, no high Definition, or Plasma, just an old TV. On the big screen it was unreal.

I don't do it justice, in fact, I probably do it a disservice.

Sure, Ol' Steve has made better films, much better in fact. But I don't think any movie pulled me into film more than this one, and that moment, for me, was the hook, and I bit.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ghost in the List

The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan

Who really cares?

The Fifth Element (Ultimate Edition)


Wait, I didn't really like this movie. It was better in the Heavy Metal film.

Ghost In The Shell (Widescreen Special Edition)

It looks nice. I want to see it.

Gilligan's Island: The Complete Second Season

This makes my Dad very happy.

King Solomon's Mines

The original. No, the real original.

The Land Before Time: Invasion of the Tinysauruses

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not the Tinysauruses


Wasn't quite the hit that Passion was, now was it?

The Professional (Widescreen Deluxe Edition)

Now this, I like.

The Village

No one will ever believe me, but I figured it out from the preview.

Without a Paddle

I want to hope it will be funny. But I can't.

On the purchasing side of things, picked up Anchorman and Darkman today.

Yay, time to laugh. But, at which movie?

My Comic Book, and other crap

Well, not necessarily crap. Not all of it anyway.

Watched two DVD's today. One sucked.

Garden State was the first. I loved it, for the most part. The end was too sappy for me, and the beginning was a bit over my head, being one of the rare "never done drugs" people, at least around these parts. There's better reviews out there, so I won't bore anyone by even trying. It's a good movie, well worth your time.

The second was A Man Apart.

Avoid this at all costs. It's complete crap, and leaves me wandering about the upcoming F Gary Gray flik, Be Cool. He also directed The Italian Job, which sucked as well.

Read Invinceable Vol. 1 last night. I'll have a review in to CBG soon, I'll post it when it's up.

That's pretty much it.

Oh, yeah, my comic book. It's not really a comic book. Just a passing thought. I can't draw, and have doubts about my writing skills. But, if it ever happens, it'll be called Jesus Christ, Super-Hero.

You heard it here first folks.


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Great (GEEK) Movie Moments, Part Deaux

No, I promise it's not from Hot Shots, though that moment in the sequel where the Sheen's see each other and say "I loved you in Wall Street!" amidst an Apocalypse Now parody might qualify...but then again, maybe not...

Okay, so we all loved Hugh Jackman in X-Men as Wolverine, but any geek worth his weight (and believe me, that's a lot) knows Hugh's X2 performance was even greater.

No scene represented Wolverine better than the invasion of the X-Mansion. From his sniffing out the trouble while having a coke in the kitchen with Bobby, to cross-stabbing one of the invaders in the chest, to slamming his adamantium-laced claws into anothers foot, then ripping him to shreds (off screen), then there's the dive-bomb attack from the balcony and him charging Stryker's men:

"You wanna shoot me? Go ahead and shoot me!!"

I doubt there will ever be a better scene that represents Marvel's cash-cow than this, and the let Singer do it, which caught me, and a number of other movie goers (geeks all I'm sure) completely off guard. As far as geek moments go, it's absolutely one of the greatest.
The Cat, The Knight, and a Murder

Watched a few DVD's lately:


Not a great film by any means. Odie isn't Odie, and John definitely isn't John, but Garfield is pretty much Garfield. It doesn't capture much of the comic strip's greatness, but it has a handful of funny moments, and isn't boring at least. It's a kids movie pure and simple, and if your young ones like "animal" fliks, they'll like this, doubtful that you'll find it hilarious, unless your taste in comedy is like that of a four year old.

King Arthur

Another film that isn't bad, but it's not fantastic. Worth watching, if only for Ms. Knightly. It's interesting how they twisted the legend to feel more realistic. The end is far too obvious, but other than that it's a pretty good take on the story. Did I mention Kiera Knightly?

Kiera Knightly.

5 Days To Midnight

A bit predictable in places, but it's an otherwise great mini-series. Randy Quaid was surprisingly good, despite the end, and funny enough the dumbest part of the entire show was the "briefcase sent back in time" aspect. Once it's over and done with it's a truly captivating watch, that pretty much keeps you guessing. There are obvious snafu's with the time travel story, and as a result there's a few plotholes, but nothing too serious. No worse than an episode of Quantum Leap or that show where the guy got tomorrows paper.


Friday, January 07, 2005

Great Movie Moments, Part 1

Seeing as how I'm diving thru my DVD collection looking for killer sound to test my Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound System (I did mention that I have one, didn't I? Heh) I've decided to name some of my all time favorite movie moments. Probably just one at a time, as I see them or as they occur to me.

First up, Once Upon a Time in the West

The moment? Three bandits sit waiting at a small train station, for what we don't know. They've run off the old man who runs the station without ever making a sound. Finally a train pulls in and the three step up to see if what they've been waiting for is on it. After a few seconds, they start to stroll away discouraged when a slightly off-key harmonica begins to blow in the wind.

The three men turn as the train pulls away, and standing behind it is Charlie Bronson, bag in one hand, harmonica in the other.

"You Frank?" he asks.

"Frank sent us," thier leader answers.

"Did you bring a horse for me?" Chuck asks.

One of the bandits laughs, looks at the three horses they rode in on and says:

"Looks like we're shy one horse."

Good ol' Charlie disagrees with a shake of his head and says:

"You brought two too many."

This upsets the three men, they reach for their guns, but before the first can even get a shot off, Chuck has dropped his bag and fired on all three of them. Before the last dies he gets a shot off at Charlie, and they both fall to the ground. A nearby windmill squeals as Chuck opens his eyes, then holsters his now wounded arm. Het plops his hat on his head, grabs his bag and walks away.

Five sentences folks. Five. It's a scene that lasts probably around ten minutes, maybe less if you don't include the opening (which had a bit more dialogue) Everything you need is in the sound and the visual, with very little dialogue. This is why Sergio Leone was a master filmmaker.
New stuff up at everydaysketch, I'm partial to Ghost Dog myself. Check it out.


Thursday, January 06, 2005


Okay, so for Christmas I got a surround sound system that plays in Dolby Digital 5.1 as long as I've got and optical hook-up. So, I got an optical chord for my DVD player. Much like high-speed internet, it seems Dolby Digital is something you can never give up. I'm now addicted to my sound system. So far Hulk, Spider-Man 2, Jurrasic Park and Underworld have amazed me with the quality and use of sound. I've got too many DVD's to even begin to think of what I should try next, so any suggestions?

EDIT: Add X2 and Episode I to that list as well!

Truly Disturbing

There's a few things I found that frightened the hell out of me this morning, in no particular order:

Dorian has posted the apparent poster for the V for Vendetta film. God I hope it's not that.

His pal Corey has posted the most disturbing Superman cover ever. I think I have that issue somewhere.

And finally, two phrases people searched for that led them here:

amy's first time having sex from sonic the hedgehog
robin's nudity (teen titans)

Not sure how you made it here, but whoever you are, please stay the hell away from me!


Surfing Safari

Occasionally I get bored and just start hitting the "Next Blog" button on the top of the page just too see where it takes me. Usually nowhere interesting. Not today though, today I found new blogger Eugene Smith and his everydaysketch blog. It's good stuff, and for those who need comic related material, he's got sketches of Bats and a few of his Rogue's Gallery. Far more intriguing though is his Tom Waits sketch and the picture post titled Heady. Keep up the good work Mr. Smith, and welcome to the blogosphere.

(Side note: Tom, you know, the Dog...yeah, he thinks blogosphere is a lame term, I'm starting to agree. So, Tom, get cracking on that New Years resolution!)


By way of IMDB, a pictoral of the Hollywood greats we lost in 2004.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

News of the Century

Not really; via Cinescape, who else?

"Yesterday news slipped out via The New York Times that Frank Miller, the legendary comic book writer of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and artist of WOLVERINE, would be writing ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, one of three new comic book series that DC Comics would be launching this year. The high-profile scoop must have convinced someone working at DC that the worst-kept secret in comics needed an official stamp, and so today the company finally confirmed the All-Star brand line is a'coming. "

I like Miller, but his DK2 has to be one of the worst Batman stories ever (looking at the CBG blog, it seems ADD agrees), and I couldn't stomach Lee's run past the second issue. I am still looking forward to Morrison and Quitley's Supes book tho. Gotta love the snide remark about needing an official stamp as well.

Also, via them:

"Canadian-born actress Emmanuelle Vaugier has been cast as PAINKILLER JANE in the Sci Fi Channel pilot. Perhaps best known to genre fans for her role as Dr. Helen Bryce in SMALLVILLE, Vaugier will play a Marine officer that develops healing powers after being exposed to a bioweapon. The two-hour pilot is based on the Event Comics series of the same name. "

Not exactly sure I care about that, but it is comic-related, and the book wasn't horrible, at least the issues I read. Funny how Joe Q and Palmiotti had planned to go back to EVENT after the Marvel Knights deal was up. Long live Ash!!!

And finally:

"Warner Bros. has announced that Natalie Portman (STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH) will star in V FOR VENDETTA, the movie adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's distrubing, futuristic comic book mini-series. The Wachowski brothers, writers/directors of THE MATRIX trilogy, will serve as producers on the film along with Joel Silver. James McTeigue, the first assistant director for the Wachowskis on the MATRIX films, will make his directorial debut with V FOR VENDETTA"

At least this time they're not stealing the story outright. File this with LXG and various other great comics to get butchered via Hollywood. See how hopeful I am?

Oh, and big thanks to ADD for helping me get rid of Eternal Sunshine, looks like you folks'll have to wait for a Ded Giveaway, I'm gettin me some comic books!!! (Well, some comics I don't have already...)

Linkage Maximus

Roll Out!!!

Tony Whitt (and a few others) discusses the Orson Scott Card issue over at Comicscape. As always, insightful stuff. I'm of two minds on the subject, a man's personal views (as long as they aren't psychotic) should not be taken into acount when he gets hired for a job. If he can write good sci-fi, so be it. But, I also think if you go around throwing your opinions about like you are the be-all-end-all on the subject, then you leave yourself open for scrutiny from open minded folks, and in turn it portrays Marvel in a ore negative light than they already are, so I'd think they would reconsider hiring you. But, this is Marvel we're talking about, we all know how they view the gay community just look at Dorian's (you may have to scroll down a bit, apologies) recent post about a Howard the Duck issue featuring a gay man, or how about they're Rawhide Kid mini from a few years ago. Oh, Mr. Whitt also has a rundown of the week in comics too.

Speaking of Dorian...that's one of the funniest things I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

His better half, at least in the blogosphere, Mike just announced the winners of the Swamp Thing: Bad Seed TPB giveaway. Go see if you won, I didn't. I'm almost positive it was rigged!!! Wait, I didn't enter, never mind.

Their dog, Tom has a look at PS238 and a few "Best of" lists if you scroll for a bit, including one about his own blog.

JB, over at the Bacardi Show has posted one of his favorite Spirit illustrations. good stuff, it also serves as the cover to the Spirit Casebook I believe. Scrolling there will get you a look at some upcoming TV shows, and another set of "Best of" lists.

Fred Hembeck talks about Will Eisner. Great stuff.

New Permanent Damage up. More Eisner related stuff, and probably the best damn title ever: A Schematic of The End Times.

And finally,

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly has a look at the years worst films. Remeber what I said about Little Black Book? Yeah, I was being kind...

God, The Devil, and the List

Here's what landed on DVD shelves this week:

CSI: Miami - The Complete Second Season

Side note here: It seems the turnaround on TV-to-DVD is becoming uber-swift. Not sure how that effects the extra material, hopefully it doesn't, but it's nice to know you never have to wait that long.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Collector's Edition)

Dammit. I'm gonna start giving away old DVD's as some sort of prize, cuz every time I buy something a Special Edition hits stands inside of a few months.

Fraggle Rock: Dance Your Cares Away

This made me smile.

God, The Devil & Bob: The Complete Series

Hard to believe the obscure things that get put out on DVD isn't it? Good show, glad to see it's still got fans.

Las Vegas: Season One - Uncut and Uncensored

See. Fast turnaround.

Little Black Book

If you like this movie and you read this blog, do me a favor...don't come back.

Millennium: The Complete Second Season

More from the land of cult TV obscurity.


Maybe it's not just TV, didn't this just come out? Or am I thinking of another film?

Lots more coming up, stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005


"One of the legends of the comics world has passed on. Will Eisner, creator of THE SPIRIT, died on Monday evening from complications arising from his quadruple heart bypass surgery conducted the month before. He was 87.
Throughout his career Eisner pushed the field of comics to their envelope, paving new ground for every comic creator that followed. In 1942 he was drafted into the Army where he drew numerous comic strips and posters for the service, raising the morale of troops. In later years he would resume this endeavor by creating more strips for corporations to use in educational matters. In 1978 what many comic professionals feel was the first long-form comic story, the so-called "graphic novel", was created by Eisner. Unlike the many superheroes stories that dominated the monthly comic book rack, Eisner's A CONTRACT WITH GOD was drawn from his experiences living in New York's Bronx during the '30s and showed many that comics could tackle any genre of storytelling.
The comics community saluted Eisner by naming the Comic-Con International awards after the writer/artist. Held every year at the annual event in San Diego, the Eisners are to comics what the Oscars are to film.
A posting at Eisner's official website states that more information will be posted in the days to come."

This is truly one of the saddest days ever in the world of comics. I'll be picking up something Eisner related tomorrow I think, I don't own Contract With God, maybe I'll get that.

Also, even though I've been silent for the last few days, I'm going to declare a "blog of silence" if you will, until tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.