Saturday, January 03, 2004

Looking Forward (Part 1)

This promises to be lengthy, so I'm breaking it up into smaller parts.


Sadly, this will primarily focus on more superhero books as I rely on a Mr. Doane (ADD's Blog link is to the right of the page, go there!) to inform me of what's going on in the world of independent comic books. He has my eternal gratitude for that. I will touch on a few books that aren't mainstream, so hopefully that counts for something. Also, I'm taking a more journalistic approach in providing info about series I don't necessarily read, so enjoy!

Brian Bendis' Books

The man does warrant his own section.

Brian Bendis' Alias series (which I actually read the first arc of, good stuff) is morphing into The Pulse, which will chronicle Jessica Jones' adventures as a reporter, having her interact with superheroes, giving us a more grounded view of things. Personally, it sounds like Joey Q. is trying to make it Powers for the Marvel Universe, which may not be a horrible thing, just a clone of a better book.

Ultimate Spider-Man will see an odd twist in Peter learning that Sony is making a film about him and skipping out on the royalty checks. We'll see Peter interact with some of the actual people behind the movie while trying to get onto the set. After that look for Ultimate Carnage to make his debut, and knowing Bendis, his identity is sure to be a shocker.

Bendis will conclude his run on Ultimate X-Men shortly, finishing off his "New Mutants"
arc and then doing a self-contained issue. After that the talented David Mack will take over the reigns. Since I don't read the book, that's about all I can tell you.

Ultimate Fantastic Four sees it's debut (#1 came out Friday, and I'll have a review up soon, swear) as Bendis and Mark Millar re-imagine Marvel's first family. The first arc will run through the first five issue where we'll see the group gain it's powers (I'm sure there will be a twist) and face down the Ultimate Mole Man. After that look for Ultimate Namor to show up in the next arc.

Secret War, a six issue painted series, will have Bendis writing some of the original characters that he's re-imagined over that last few years. Secret War promises to tie all of Marvel's techno-villians together (with a twist of course!) and it gives Bendis a chance to play across the entire Marvel U.

Powers will relaunch in March witha new #1. As with Ult. X-Men, I can't say I know that much about it since I don't read it anymore. However, Bendis is one of the best in the business, so I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Whew, that man does too damn much.

The Almighty X

The X-Men franchise gets another shake up and will celebrate Chris Claremont's 30th year writing for the X. Grant Morrison ends his long run on the mutants with an arc set 150 years in the future, dealing with the Phoenix Force. Marc Silvestri returns to pencil the series for the rest of Morrisons tale. After that Chuck Austen steps on board as interim writer while Marvel finds another big name to attach to the team. Look for big changes in creative teams after that, with Claremont possibly taking over Uncanny, and leaving Austen out of the loop. Don't look for me to pick up any of it unless the New X-Men writer is just phenomenal. Oh, and Origin 2, the sequel to the much hyped origin of Wolverine, will see the light of day in some for or another.


Mark Millar and Terry Dodson team up once more to do Marvel's version of DC's recently wrapped "Hush" story in the Batman title. Seems the House of Ideas has become the House of Stealing Ideas. Either way the art promises not to disappoint, and Millar's got a love for the character that may prove to overcome this tired plot thread. (Oh, yeah, someone discovers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, yippeee! Haven't seen that before!)


DC's promising changes aplenty for the Big Blue Boyscout, with Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee taking over the flagship title. Look for lots of action and plenty of close ups on various Supes body parts. Don't look for me reading it.

Identity Crisis

The next company wide crossover from DC promises to leave you gasping. Just like all of their other crossovers it will probably leave you pennyless from spending that much money on books you don't really want, but your collector mentality compels you to buy. Again, don't look for me to buy it.


John Byrne and Chris Claremont reunite in an attempt to rekindle the magic they had on Uncanny X-Men years and years ago. This might be the worst idea EVER.


Mike Mignola and company celebrate the much anticipated release of the Hellboy movie by kicking off a new ongoing series of mini-series of the B.P.R.D. That was certainly a mouthful. Mignola's creator owned series never disappoints, and after the movie hits hopefully it will garner him some much needed time in the spotlight. If you haven't read any of the Hellboy tales, do yourself a favor and go pick some up.

Y, The Last Man

Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra kick off the new year with "Safeword," where Yorick, a master of escape, encounters a dangerous woman who happens to be an expert at bondage. No, not that kind of bondage. This book hasn't been a let down yet, and remains one of my favorite buys every month.


We'll finally get amonthly dose of Green when Tales of the TMNT launches, and I for one can't wait.


Ed Brubakers acclaimed series returns with Sleeper: Season Two. While I have yet to read the first book, I assure you I'll get around to it, especially when Alan David Doane recommends it, and he does!

(Hmmm...seems my fixation with Mr. Doane is akin to his own with former Title Bout writer AK. Funny.)

Last, but not least (This is the only book I'm DYING to get my hands on)


This will be the best book of the year. Period. Reuniting the creative team behind The Castaways (this is a whole other discussion, but if you haven't read what ranks as one of my favorite graphic novels ever printed, thengo here: and order one right now.) Rob Vollomar and Pablo Callejo, Bluesman will likely be too great for words, seriously. If you only buy one book this year (at least I hope it comes out this year!) make it this one. Hell, if you don't plan to buy any comics this year, do yourself a favor and buy this one. It will be the best money you've spent all year.

That about does it. Like I said, mostly mainstream stuff, but anything that I come across that's worth a look will definitely get some of the spotlight.

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