Wednesday, July 14, 2004

More Quickies

First up:

Family Reunion $?

This is the other mini I had spoken of a few days ago. This one's written by Sean Stewart, based on characters he's (apparently, I haven't read it) created for his book Perfect Circle. It's the story of a kid, Will who can see ghosts. Yeah, it's not an original idea (what is?) but it's a great take on an established one. Now, it's known, though not discussed by his family, which makes it far more interesting. As the title suggests Will is at a family reunion, and while listening to his Great Aunt Ginny-Mae tell the same tired story of her son and how he died a hero in Vietnam he discovers that the ghost of her son is still here, at the reunion. We go on to learn how he'd been drafted, along with a few bits about his personality. Will is determined to find out just why he's still around, to the point that he'll ask him himself. The answer will surprise you, not in a shocking way, but in a heartwarming way. Stewart's script is excellent, and like Mike over at Progressive Ruin, it has me wanting to read the book. You instantly like Will, and despite seeing little of his family, like them as well. Once again it's odd to read such short material and come out satisfied that you've read something from beginning to end, even if it doesleave you wanting. As for the art, it's excellent as well, far better than Me and Edith Head, in both story and art. The art here has more detail, and instantly drew me in. Even the characters in the background interested me, due to both plot and art. This is definitely one of those "perfect marriages" you hear about, where the two seem to compliment each other, yet neither overpowers. This one's a definite must have, so go get it.

Unknown Soldier TPB $12.95

More of my Garth Ennis-a-thon. After reading Goddess I was a bit weary on starting another TPB. While I thought it was a great read, it did prove to be a rather long one, and not just in pages. Bah. What I'm getting at is that this book hooked me in like nothing Ennis has done since Preacher. From the first page I was had. I could not put it down. Yeah, all the cliche's in the book, but they're true. It's not long at all (half as long as Goddess) which might account for it's quick pace. The art was fantastic, by Kilian Plunkett, who I'm not sure I'd ever seen before now. Add in the Bradstreet covers and it's a winner. Ennis once again proves why he is hands down my favorite writer.

Also on the list was Sam Keith's Scratch #2 $2.95 and all I have to say about it is: I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but it sure is pretty to look at.


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