Thursday, July 01, 2004

Quick Hits

Ultimate Fantastic Four #8 $2.25

Ellis does a good job with the FF, but his Doom is a complete mystery. Much better than the previous issue, but still nothing to write home about.

Powerless #1 $2.99

Huh? I picked this up on a whim, and I still don't know what to think about it. It tries to be intriguing, but comes off more convoluted. The fact that you seem to have to know Marvel historypretty damned good to keep up with it didn't really help matters either.

The Punisher #8 #2.99

Not sure what it is, but this doesn't seem to be as strong as Ennis previous storyline. The man can't be perfect all the time I suppose. Still, well written, and good art.

Batman: Harley & Ivey #3 $2.50

I was wondering if the fact that they put Bats' name on the cover actually helped sales of this book any, because I'm sure that's why it was done. That aside, the three issues of this book have probably been the most fun-to-read comics in the last few years or so. Well written, well drawn, maybe a bit too "mature" for some younger readers, but nothing that's seriously harmful. I'm dying for them to give Dini and Timm a regular assignment, hell I'd even pay a $5 cover price. Don't miss out on a book that actually puts the "comic" back in comic book, best of all, you don't need to have read the other issues!

Spider-Man 2

Saw it yesterday and loved it. I'll wait a few days or so before I post anything major about it, so as not to spoil it. If you haven't seen it by Monday, there will be spoilers here, so beware.


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