Thursday, December 16, 2004

Getting Worked Up

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and fight off the depression that's been setting in to peruse the web for awhile. I found a few things that got my blood flowing...

First was the new Chris Allen Comments at CBG. Chris is one of the few writers that I can read regardless of subject. Much like his partner in crime, ADD, I'm always glad to see what he's got cooked up. His latest focuses mostly on Bob Layton and his excuses for the demise of Future Comics. It's witty and insightful, and yes Chris, mean at certain points, but honesty is never easy to give or take.

I hadn't read all of Layton's list of B.S. yet, so most of it was new to me, and if you have, Chris' comments should get a pretty good laugh out of you. Go check it out.

Then I got linked to Christopher Butcher via the CBG Blog, and I discovered something new and wonderful. Like both Mike and Dorian, Chris works at a comic book retail store, apparently one of the best. His current topic is something I've seen discussed at length, but his comments about it are funny and very, very right. Example:

"If you want to know what's wrong with giving people what they want, I'll tell you: It's the same reason we don't let children smoke or drive cars, put child-proof tops on asprin, or let business' pollute wherever the fuck they want (without paying a massive kickback first). It's the same reason that many legitimate, intelligent business favour steady and incrimental growth over a scorched-earth policy of sales: Because people need to be protected from themselves, a lot of the time. "

Great stuff, and as soon as I update my sidebar (soon, I swear), he'll be added.

Speaking of Mike and dorian, they've got the rundown on New Comic Book Day, always a favorite of mine.

Comicscape wants to know your favorite and least favorite books of the year, and there's also a review of Rising Stars #23 up. I don't necessarily agree, but it's well written and makes some good points.

For anyone wondering, yes, I seem to have gotten the hang of HTML. Maybe more later if I can drag myself out of the house.


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