Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Post-Christmas

I had hoped to get a post or two in before and on Christmas, but obviosly that didn't happen. I hope everyone out there had a good holiday and got some rest and relaxation, and if not, I hope you got some good swag.

I walked away with the Megatron from the Transformers: Energon line, Tidal Wave from the Armada line, Smokescreen from the Alternators line, and the Generation One Devastator set, minus one bot, Hook. That kind of irked me because the person who bought it had no idea that the set was six robots and not five, so she got kind of ripped off. My Mom couldn't get me much, but she put together a great photo album for me, which was pretty nice. I got one movie, the Shawshank Redemption Special Edition, which was great, cuz it's the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE and all.

I also got a surround sound system, a good one, it almost blows me out of my room. Wait, I did get a pair of used DVD's too, the new Harry Potter and Ginger Snaps 2. I got a watch and and a Mythological Encyclopedia, as well as the comics I ordered from Mike awhile back. Muchos Gracias for him getting them to me before the holiday, you rock Mike!

My brother bought me a Crow lithograph which was pretty amazing, it's got an image of Brandon Lee surrounded by three beautiful women. Not sure who the women are, but hey, they're hot, even if the are drawings!

I walked away with a zero in the clothes department, unless you count socks, and that was only one pair. For me that's a good thing, I hate people buying me clothes.

I am eventually going to have a post about comics, hopefully tomorrow, and I've put off reviewing lately, so I've got to get back in that habit as well.


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