Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The Convention

As reported last week I attended a comic book convention in Atlanta this weekend, a very small one, but worth the price of admission. I spent only about $50, and most of that went to the fine owner of Odin's Cosmic Bookshelf, whose store is located in Lilburn Ga. (360 Killian Hill Rd to be exact), and open seven days a week; so if you're ever near there at a decent hour stop in and tell him Logan sent you.

Back to the books...not much to discuss really, it was mostly 25/50-cent boxes or big money collections most people can't afford, so I spent my time in the discount bins, filling in holes in my collection. The memorable books I picked up were Footsoldiers #2-4, Heartland (by Ennis, one of my favorites), The ABC Sketchbook (mostly for the Ross art, but it's all excellent stuff), and some older books like Son of Satan #5, Looney Tunes (don't recall the number, but it's for 1960, and bought for my Dad), and Rawhide Kid (also for my Dad), along with some toys for myself, more on those later.

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