Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I had a life. Now all I have is The List.

That's from Aeon Flux for those who didn't see it. By my count that should be all of you.

Aeon Flux (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition)

I'm dying to see just how bad it really is.

Aerobo Cop: Super Hero of Fitness

Well, at least it's well intentioned...and goofy as hell.

American Dad, Vol. 1

Debating on if I want to buy this. The first few episodes were very hit or miss but it picked up a lot towards the end.

Bogie & Bacall - The Signature Collection (The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, Key Largo, To Have and Have Not)

Good deal for some great movies.

Crumb (Widescreen Special Edition)

Haven't bought this yet, here's my chance.

Doctor Dolittle 3

Also available in a boxed set. None of them are really worth a damn.

Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children (2-Disc Special Edition)

It has to be better than The Spirits Within.

Inspector Gadget: The Original Series

Law and Order: Trial by Jury - The Complete Series

A Law and Order show that didn't last 18 years? Holy cow!

Match Point

Might be the best film I've seen this year, don't pass it up.

Nero Wolfe - The Complete Classic Whodunit Series

Yay, a detective show!

Odyssey 5 - The Complete Series

Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting. Five people sent into the past to uncover a plot that will destroy the Earth. Cool.

The Patriot (2000) (Extended Cut)

There's nothing the world needed more.

Reba - Season 3

I stand corrected, THIS was what the world really needed.

Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter

Includes the CD, might have to buy this.

The Replacement Killers (Widescreen Extended Cut)

Woo produced, Fuqua directed=good flik.

Serenity/The Chronicles of Riddick

Oh dear God, if ever two movies did not deserve to be boxed together it was these two.

Tristan and Isolde (Widescreen Edition)

Am I wrong for wanting to see this?

The Wedding Singer - Totally Awesome Edition


Windtalkers (Director's Cut)

I thought this was already out?

The Waltons - The Complete Third Season

Goodnight John Boy.


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