Friday, November 04, 2005

Desert Island Post

Okay, sorry for the lack of posting this week, but babysitting and working have pretty much gotten out of hand, with me pulling double shifts on both, but hopefully next week will be slower in that department. Well, at least with the babysitting for little bro.

So, simce this will likely be my last post of the week, I thought I'd make it at least a decent one. After this I have to send off a review I promised a few days ago, but this is the first chance I've had to sit for a while and HTML it up. But, that's not what this post is about.

It's idiotic to think that any of us would ever be stuck on a deserted island. And if we were I'm sure there would be other things to worry about than entertainment. But, we all like to have out little lists. Things we would have to take with us. So, if I were Napoleon and they were exiling me to some island, with only precious hours to choose the things I would take, this is what they would be, assuming I had some of the comforts of home. Yes like electricity, a TV and a DVD player.


You'd want to keep it essential, so no time to grab my vast X-Force collection, I'd just get bored with it after the first day...


This one's an easy pick. Not only is it superheroes, but it's enthralling. The few times I have re-read it I've loved it just as much as the first time. Doesn't hurt that it's kind of lengthy either. There's plenty to think about, me and my volleyball can have long discussions about the importance of the book.


Also lengthy, also important, but not a capes book. This one would keep me in touch with the world I've been taken away from. If I got bored I could act it out like a play with said volleyball.

The Acme Novelty Library HC

Just got this one not too long ago from ADD. It's brimming with content. I've barely scartched the surface in reading it, so at least it would be new. I don't think I've ever seen a book that was so carefully crafted in my life.

The Castaways

Fitting, no? And if I had time I'd squirrel away the piece of original art sent to me by Pablo. It's hands down the greatest thing I've ever recieved, and I'm eternally grateful for it. As far as I'm concerned Rob and Pablo are the best there is.

Bone: The One Volume Edition

I've only read the first two collections in color, but having the whole book to go through carefully and methodically would be wonderful.

I'd take more, but I need time to gather other stuff too. Like...


This is a tough one. I'd have to limit myself to just two TV sets and three movies. That just makes it seem impossible, but here goes.

Shawshank Redemption

I've said it before, but this movie is all about hope in the face of impossible obstacles. It's one of the greatest films ever made and I don't think I could live the rest of my life without seeing it, that alone might kill me.


Probably the second greatest film ever made. Doesn't hurt that the DVD is chock full of excellent material, like a Bugs Bunny parody, radio broadcast, an episode of a spin-off TV show and so much more. This movie has it all, and so does the DVD.

Rio Bravo

One of my favorite films ever. Watching it brings back memories of my childhood and more importantly my Grandmother. Like Shawshank, never seeing it again might be what kills me.

Firefly-The Complete Series

Might be the best TV show ever. On an island all alone, these guys would be my best friends.

Sports Night-The Complete Series

One of the funniest shows ever made, and it satifies two loves. Comedy and sports. Good acting and great dialogue, just like Firefly, only not. Definitely can;t leave home without it.

Man there are so many that could have been on that, but if I had to just take five, those would be the five.


Well, haven't read that many in the last few years, but I think I know five I'd want to take...

The Talisman

Not sure how this holds up, but when I read it years ago I loved the hell out of it. A boys journey through another world to save his mother. Just the kind of escapism I'd need.

America: The Book

Hilarious, and I'd need all the humour I can get. No matter how many times I see the jokes they still make me laugh. Plus, it's like a svhool book, if I ever came back at least I would have learned something.

The Encyclopedia of Mythology

Not sure who published this, but I love it. It would be another type of escapism, and kind of superhero-ish. I love this stuff.

The Bible

Well, at least it would take me a while to read it. Maybe with all that time I could begin to understand it. Doesn't hurt that there's a few good stories in it either. Hopefully it would be an easy to read version.

The Great Movies

Ebert's book would help fill the void left by losing so many of my favorite films.

Not bad, I don't see myself getting bored very quickly by these, as long as I read them slowly and carefully.


Another toughie...

Guns N Roses- Apetite For Destruction

I'd need this just to get my blood going in the morning. Raw, powerful, unapologetic, balls to the wall rock. It's the best rock album ever.

Counting Crows-August and Everything After

An essential. It's bittersweet, much like my situation would be, but overall very hopeful. It moves me like very few records can.

John Oszajca-From There To Here

Fun and poignant, Johnny O is one of my favorite musicians, and since right now this is his only album, it has to come with me. Can't live without it. It's been in rotation on my CD player since i bought it five years ago.

Bubba Sparxxx-Deliverance

One of the best rap albums ever, and a constant reminder of my home and my roots.

Eminem-The Eminem Show

The best rap album ever. Period.

Lots of stuff I'd include if I had more space, but these are probably my five favorite albums ever.

Hmmm...not really much else to cover. I suppose video games would be another category, but that's easy. Take the X-Box and have about 30 games on the HD to play forever, including discs that have every NES and Atari game ever made. I'd never be bored.

So, yeah, that's my desert island wish list. What's yours?



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