Monday, April 05, 2004

Crapfest '04

Yesterdays convention outing was a complete bust. There was one, count it, ONE table with any sort of comic books, and a majority of those were overpriced Spider-Man issues. Most of the dealers were there selling various gaming products (Magic, Heroclix, etc.) and toys. Now, I'm a huge toy fan, but most of what these guys had was well over my monetary limits. It was cool to see some things I know I'll never be able to afford though. I did find a guy that had a few bins full of toys, all out of package, most missing parts, that he was selling for $2 & $3 a pop. So, I spent most of the hour or so that I was there digging through those. I came away with a few things that only someone like me would love.

I picked up two of the Ninja Turtles figures from the old cartoon (Krang & Roboturtle, at least, I think that's what his name was) and a very large Sabretooth from the now-canceeled X-Men Evolution line. No comics though, which saddens me, I was greatly looking forward to some new reading.

With the leftover money I caught up on last weeks books. So, as soon as I get around to reading them, I'll throw some opinions around.


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