Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hitting the Links has some interesting articles up, including their weekly Comicscape and Vidiocy columns. They also report that Barbershop director Tim Story has signed to direct the upcoming Fantastic Four film. Tons of other things too, check it out.

Steven Grant should have a new Permanent Damage up later today, so do yourself a favor and read that as well.

Mike Sterling has a few interesting things to say over at Progressive Ruin, most of them about the first two Superman films and Hellboy, which he has yet to see. Always worth a look.

Neilalien has an interesting link about Brian M. Bendis' indy comic hit, Powers.

Finally, Patch Drury has an interesting little tidbit about forming a modern day League of Extraordinary Gentlmen, using real people as opposed to fictional characters. You'll have to click the blog link on his main page and scroll down a bit, but it's worth it.

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