Thursday, July 22, 2004

Quick Hits-Finally!

Mystery In Space #1   $2.50

Unlike most, I didn't buy this for the Morrison story, I bought it for the cover. Despite what some thinks about Alex Ross (Dorian, for one), I love his work, and this cover definitely intrigued me. So, DC, mission accomplished, I bought a book because the cover looked interesting. Both storieson the inside are well done, and for a mere $2.50, this is well worth the price of admission.

District X #1   $2.99

On the recommendation of a few people (ADD, Dorian) I picked this book up (along with #2 & #3) and surprisingly enjoyed it. It has the mandatory "pre-story" Marvel seems intent on giving us these days, but it's still quite good.

Tales of the TMNT #4   $2.95

The "Worms of Madness" storyline finishes up this issue, and while longtime TMNT fans might enjoy it, I can't say that I have really loved it. The art was wonderful, but the story confused me a bit. However, the backup story in this ish was fantastic, as I've become a big Utrom fan.

Loki #2   $3.50

Rodi and Ribis continue the story of Loki's success. After finally defeating Thor Loki has taken control of Asgard. Well worth the cover for the art, but Rodi's story proves almost as wonderful, even if the dialogue can be a bit confusing.

Seaguy #3   $2.95

Seaguy's adventures comes to a close with the death of his best friend, meeting a mummy on the Moon, and having everything returned to status quo...I think. I got a bit confused in the last few pages, so I'm not exactly sure what was going on...but it was pretty.

Cable & Deadpool #5   $2.99

Sigh...Deadpool's dialogue was great, but this story is a bit ridiculous, and I still feel that Cable's character is a bit off...why couldn't the just have a Deadpool book?

That's it for now.


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