Friday, June 30, 2006

Cable & Deadpool #28-29

Cable takes over a country. This feels like a rehash from previous storylines, specifically where Cable STARTS his own country. Next up is a Civil War tie-in. I find myself not caring at all. The book is still funny, which is primarily the reason I still buy it, but the plots are pretty stagnant. I did like the stuff with Domino though.

Civil War #1

Yeah, when I read Infinite Crisis #1 I was lost, not so much here. But, Crisis #1 at least felt important, this feels like wasted time.

Helios: In With the New #3

The team deals with the death of their mentor Jack, which hits Ashley the hardest. She abandons the compound the night before the team is sent on a mission to rescue some hostages. A misdsion the proves fatal to one member. But, in the wake of that fatality we found out not every "death" is final. Definitely the best issue of the series so far. Penny and Rand brilliantly pull the wool over your eyes, ending the story with a genuinely shocking surprise. Two actually. And Pena's art continues to get better, still making this the best superhero book out there.

Jeremiah Harm #3

Harm gets another accomplice and finally discovers the location of Dak Moira and Brune. Reading this makes me miss Trencher. Despite the fact that he's almost identical to all the other "bad-ass" characters out there (all of which are carbon copies of some other "bad-ass"), Harm has something most of them don't. He's fun. This weird mix of sci-fi, humor, action, and an ensemble cast just works. And Rael Lyra's art is just awesome.

Secret Six #1

The big build up is to the Mad Hatter? What the hell? Outside of that I pretty much enjoyed the issue. I've always been a villains person so it wasn't too hard to get into, add in Brad Walker's pencils and it made for an all around good read. Until the end. Sorry, but you lost me with the Hatter. He's a great character, but when your book is a build up to him, it's just a letdown. For me at least.

Shadowpact #1

I like Blue Devil. And the idea of that chimp in a series amused the hell out of me. But I just did not understand any of what the hell happened in this book.

Star Wars/Conan FCBD

Wow, I actually enjoyed both stories, the SW more than Conan oddly. Even more oddly, the art more than the actual story, for both. "The Spear" felt like just a lead in to a future Conan story, where as "Routine Valor" is much more of a one-off piece. One of my favorite FCBD books this year.

Star Wars: Legacy #0

Dammit, I thought this was going to be an actual story. Good thing it was only a quarter! Still, it's cool to see this future SW stuff, to see how good it can actually be outside of Lucas' hands. I might actually pick up the series.

X-Factor #7-8

More Civil War build up/tie-in stuff. David's juggling a bit too much with the series I think, not his fault I'm sure. There's so much going on in the MU right now and having to address them bogs the book down. The "what caused the decimation?" thing intrigues me though.

X-Men: Fairy Tales #1

I have no idea why I bought this. It's not bad, it's pretty good in fact. I just have no idea why I bought it, it's pretty pointless in the scheme of things. And it's such a bizaare idea.

X-Men/Runaways FCBD

Yeah, this is crap.

Y, the Last Man #45-46

Dr. Mann's girlfriend confesses to being a spy, she gets stabbed, Yorick and 355 find Ampersand and an army is on their way to Natalya's front door. Still slow-moving, stil enjoyable as hell.