Friday, July 14, 2006

Comics...Lots and Lotsa Comics

Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk #2

This came out a while back, and still no sign of #3. I love Yu's art, and I'm surprisingly intrigued by the story. I think Lindeloff really gives a sense of sporadicness (is that a word?) to the Banner/Hulk transformation. I love Hulk's inner thoughts, and I got a kick out of the nod to Bill Bixby. Also digging the mystical approach to the Hulk/Banner entity. Hopefully we'll get a new issue here soon.

Jonah Hex #9

Hex hires some men to find him for a woman that thinks he murdered her daughter, then they let him go...If that confuses the hell out of you then welcome to the club. The art is almost unbearable and the plot really doesn't make any sense until the end of the story. That's not always a bad thing, but here it just gave me a headache. Guess they can't all be winners, but if the next issue doesn't impress I'll likely drop the book.

The Flash #1

Well, since I didn't follow Crisis, I have no effing clue what is going on here. That's about the best way I can put it. I did like the art though.

All-Star Superman #4

These need to be coming out faster! Easily the greatest superhero book on the stands right now, Morrison taps into what used to make Supes comics so enjoyable (or so I'm told, I've never read one before 1980) and he makes Jimmy Olsen a character that you can really enjoy. AND he adds a little 90's flavor to the book, with great success. Seeing Olsen as Doomsday, one of the greatest things I've ever sen in a comic. Then seeing him go toe-to-toe with his idol? Priceless. Oh, and it's drawn by the always-excellent Frank Quitely.

Justice #6

I think I'm done with this book as a monthly. I can't remember what happens because the span between issues is so big, though I'm still enjoying it, I just get tired of rereading the last issue. Seeing Red Tornado strewn about in so many parts was gruesome, even if he is a robot, and the last image of Flash unable to stop running was haunting, as was Hal's discussion with his power ring. Shazam throwing Supes into the son kicked ass, but I wasn't impressed with the Bats/Wonder Woman stuff.

Y, the Last Man #47

The secret origin of Dr. Mann. I read this series would be coming to an end here soon, which means the group may be reaching the last leg of their little journey. As much as I do like the book, I'm glad. Vaughan has a bad abit of stretching everything out to an insane degree. This issue was good, it's about time we got to see a different side of the Doc, and the guest pencils by Sudzuku were excellent.

Tales of the TMNT #22-23

#22: The Turtles team up with Hatori (an old friend I guess) to take down his father's evil company. #23: The Turtles rescue Leatherhead from a prison in space and find out a startling secret about their origin. The Hatori issue was a good but forgettable read, but the Leatherhead issue really stands out as one of the best of the series so far. Hell it's one of the few issues that really addresses any real changes to the mythos of the Turtles.

TMNT #27-28

Mostly these two issues deal with Mikey escaping from prison only to be captured by another group of people (in space, of course) and Leo fighting in the Battle Nexus. Oh, and the return of Shredder...kind of. There;s really nothing I can say about this book that I haven't already. It's consistently excellent, Laird is determined to keep the Turtles moving forward, and the art is great. I did notice a logo change for #28, which I thought was odd, especially since it isn't really addressed in the letters/editorial page. I just hope we get to see the boys back together this year, it's been awhile since Mikey's seen his brothers.

Tomorrow (maybe): more comics!

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