Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Autobiographical is a really long word...

So, book two in my Top Shelf reviews is Feeble Attempts by Jeffrey Brown.

Like yesterdays book, Feeble attempts is a collection of strips about its author, with the occasional oddity thrown in for good measure. Unlike yesterday's book there's a ton more material here. But, more doeasn't mean better of course.

Brown's work here is more along the lines of James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diaries stuff (Vol. 2 of which I'm reading now). But, where Kochalka uses a minimalist approach, Brown loads his pages down with panels. It reminds me very much of reading some of the more serious Sunday comics in the paper.

For me the book's highlights are when Brown deviates from his own life. Strips like Cycloctopus and My Jesus is an Awesome Jesus being the absolute funniest for me. But, given the gigantic range of topics here everyone's sure to have a different favorite. For the uninitiated it's a great introduction to Brown's work, and anyone who enjoys this should pick up AEIOU as a followup. Brown shines most in his more linear storytelling I think, but as collections of strips go Feeble Attempts is a damn good one.

And like yesterday, for another look at this book, check out buddy Johnny B's review (scroll a bit, or read it all, it's good stuff).

Speaking of James Kochalka, tomorrow I'll get to four of my favorite comics of the last few years, Superf*ckers.


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