Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here Come the Superf*ckers!

I've reviewed the first issue of this absolutely fantastic series before, which can be read here.

I got issue #2 awhile back, and I don't remember talking about it, then I got the next two, so I'm gonna talk about all four. First read my review, then head on back.


Well, all those elements are still here, all the insanity, the vulgarity, the goofiness. All still here. In fact, it all seems magnified.

What's most amazing in the books now 4 issues, I think, is that Kochalka has established exactly what he set out to do with the odd numbering system. Instead of a chronology to the story, each issue jumps ahead in the story by a few issues.

I remember Kochalka commenting that one thing he wanted to accomplish was the feeling you got as a kid pulling comics off of grocery store racks. Since there was no direct market, sometime you missed an issue...or four. But what were you gonna do, stop reading? Well, today's collector-focused readers probably would, but I guaruntee you that as kids they certainly did not. So, with each issue you do get a sense that you've missed parts of the story, but Kochalka manages to fill you in and advance the plot along.

That's another thing, plot. You'd think a book about foul mouthed, sexed up cartoonish superheroes would be enough to drive the book, but Kochalka actually infuses it with a plot. Of course, it's as insane as the characters that follow it, but it's there nonetheless.

Still, the comedic value of the issues far outweighs anything else it has to offer. The exchange between Jack Krak and Richard about what is and isn't gay, resulting in Jack bemoaning "Yeah, but...Jack Krak is the muterfucker." has got to be one of the funniest bits ever put to panel. Like some sort of R-Rated Who's on First routine.

Too many people will write these of as lowest-common-demoniator hack tales, appealing to frat boys and stoners. And they're right, kind of. But, there's a lot of highbrow stuff in here too, things you may not see on your first read. Mainly because the cursing and dick jokes overshadow them, but they're there.

That Kochalka can take these kinds of humour and meld them together, simultaneously shining a spotlight on the inane nature of superhero comics past and present, and still tell a viable story just proves the man to be a genius.


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