Monday, June 11, 2007

Robots & Rabbits

Two books up for review today, Robot Investigator and Rashy Rabbit...

First, the robot:

Robot Investigator by Vincent Stall

I've never been big on "silent" comics, in fact the only one I've ever cared for is Owly I think. I can now add Robot Investigator to that extremely short list. Like Owly this book explores relationships between creatures who can't communicate. There's an innocence here that's lacking in mainstream entertainment. Looking at the world from an outsider's eyes, it can seem a bit idealized, but when the robot encounters a group of people that knock it uncoscious a harsh reality is imposed. It really is a cute, quirky look at life and relationships.

Then the rabbit:

Rashy Rabbit by Josh Latta

This, on the other hand is a pretty bitter look at life. After finding himself unemployed for over a year, Rashy finds a bit of a distraction in the form of a sexy drug dealer. When things don't go so well he takes a ton of drugs and goes to a strip joint. Not a complex plot for certain, it's really just a harsh look at a stoner's lifestyle. There's no redemption for the character, in fact he doesn't really even learn anything. That probably makes it more true to life than anything. But, in the end, just like Rashy's new drug dealin' pal, the book winds up being more of a distraction than an important life lesson.


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