Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Y Ask Y, Try UltraVi(olet)

I do have some more Top Shelf books to review, but right now I don't have the time. So, here's two quick reviews.


Well, I've put off watching this for awhile, mostly because of all the negative press. I'd like to say it was undeserved, but sadly, no. It's a gorgeous movie, and a decent enough concept, there's more than enough here to make this at least a good film, if not a great one. but, it never commits to itself, if that makes sense. If all the rumors about studio interference is true then it's understandable. It looks like they set out to make a modern sci-fi epic (a la Blade Runner) and ended up with a rip off of Aeon Flux. Could've been really good though.

Y, the Last Man #56

Five years, and we finally get some real payoff. I can honestly say that the last scene in the book is one of the most emotional pieces in mainstream comics in quite some time. With only a few issues left I'm dying to know how things will wrap up. Looks like far too many plots to tie up, but I've got faith. Vaughan has brought us this far, I'm sure he can bring it home.

Back tomorrow with a review of Lone Racer!


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