Thursday, November 04, 2004

Comics, TV, More Comics, and More TV

Smallville was pretty good last night, looking forward to seeing exactly what Lex has up his sleeve, and hopefully seeing more of Mr. Mkxlptk, or however you spell it. Next weeks episode looks to continue the "sexed up" feel this season seems to be carrying. Which is a shame.

I'm down to my last episode of Angel Season One. Looks like Season 2 will be on my Christmas wish list. I'll be starting Roswell this weekend, here's hoping it doesn't suck.

AOL members got an exclusive peak at the teaser trailer for Episode III, and color me impressed. Still looks a tad bit over the top, but promising nonetheless.

Picked up quite a few floppies this week, including WE3, which I apparently missed last week. Also picked up Volume 1 od the Daredevil Hardcover series for $20.

Now, it looks beautiful, and I've read the stories within (it includes Smith's run and Mack's, minus issue #12 for some strange reason) and they're pretty damned good. I do have a huge glaring problem though, the names on the cover are Smith, Quesada, and Mack. Yes, they're probably the three most notable cpntributors, but was there really no room for Jimmy Palmiotti's (did I spell that right?) name? My local shop also has Vol. 2 & 3 for $20 a piece, I'm looking forward to getting them.

Look for my reviews to be exclusive to CBG, unless it's just going to be random older stuff I pick up now and then. I've been reading that Kingpin mini from awhile back, and apparently I'm missing the last issue, which gives me an even better reason to finally get with Mike (over at Progressive Ruin) about some stuff I've been wanting to buy.

Both South Park and Drawn Together were disappointing last night. I thought Parker & Stone's bash on Wal-Mart was odd. Not wrong, not right, just odd. As for matter how many times you say it, vagina isn't a laughter-inducing word guys...

My other comics this week were Y, the Last Man, the Guardians, Ult. Fantastic Four, and Rising Stars. It was nice to see a new issue of Rising Stars after, what, almost a year? Maybe more? Still good stuff, but the art almost soured it for me. Ult. FF is next on the drop list, since this wraps up the Doom arc. I'm hoping Guardians continues, because I've read a few things about that being the last issue. Anyone know anything?

Oh, yeah, and I got the Intimates #1 too, haven't read it yet though.

I'll post a link whenever I get the reviews done and the get put up.

Still working on the New Frontier re-read, and hoping that DC will wise up and produce a HC of the entire series.

Oh, looks like the Hand-Puppet is gonna be here four more years. At least he actually got elected this time.

Pal Dino (blog to the right) has a ton of info and complaints about the election and the results, so anyone looking to read politics, head on over, he's a pretty passionate guy.

As always, more later.


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