Monday, November 15, 2004

More Rambling!

Got called into work yesterday, so no posting for me, apologies. (I do that alot...)

I did get to see my Falcons win against the Bucs, a team that has had their number for almost three years.

Dorian pointed out something I thought was extremely funny, the "death" of Future Comics, and the fact that Bob Layton blames retailers for it. His comments are spot on. I read one or two (did they offer two...can't remember) of their Free Comic Book Day offerings and found them severely lacking. The art was atrocious, the plots seemed boring as hell, and the characters were uninspired. Hey Bob, that's never a thing. My local shop never carried a single issue, and if it had there might have been people storming through the door demanding their money back. Go visit Dorian!!!

Speaking of...I noticed something a few days ago and was happy I'm not the only one who's done it. This isn't a "look at his mistakes" cry, because God knows I screw something up in each post, but Dorian and I both spell Brian K. Vaughan's name wrong. I noticed when reviewing The Runaways that I've been spelling it Vaughn, then Dorian posted something and spelled it the same way as well. It was a relief to see, and made me feel infinitely less like a jackass.

So, here's a public apology to Brian K. Vaughan, sorry I've been spelling your name wrong for over two years...

Mike over at Progressive Ruin is pleading for people to crash his comments section. So go do it. He wants to know what your current favorite monthly book is.

Still haven't been able to get the The New Frontier, and I'm thinking it will have to wait for Thanksgiving, I should have plenty of time then. I've also gotten all of Marvels Human Torch series and I'll dive into that pretty soon as well.


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