Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Another small week

DVD Tuesday has become quite disappointing of late, but I have a feeling it will pick up next year!
So, here's what's headed your way this week:

American Wedding

The last in the American Pie trilogy of films, haven't seen it, but if you're a fan of the others, this one probably won't disappoint.

Andromeda: Season 3, Volume 3.2

I haven't been posting releases like these, but I'm doing so now to point out why. Usually they have no special features, only contain two or three episodes, and retail for over $20. In my opinion it's just another way to steal your money. But, every argument has two sides.

Dragon Ball GT: Baby - Calculations
Dragon Ball GT: Baby - Revelations

The same applies here, after the saga is over, it'll be released as a complete set, so why buy the singles?

The Order

A Heath Ledger vehicle about corruption in the church. It reunites almost the entire cast of A Knight's Tale, including the writer/director. May be a good film, but it may stink, so rent wisely.


Movie version of a 70's cop show, it can't possibly be worse than Charlie's Angels.

And that about does it, so shop smart people!

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