Thursday, December 18, 2003

Fiction is Fun

Yesterday was new comic book day for some, and here's a look at what I picked up.

New X-Men #150

The best issue in perhaps Morrisons most mediocre arc on the series is still better than the crap Claremont spits out any any day of the week. The issue has some memorable moments, most notably is Mag's (Screw you John Byrne!) head bouncing on the ground. A good read, and an even smarter one for those who buy the trades as this had a $3.50 price tag.

Hulk Gray #4

Also an expensive read ($3.50), but one that's quite excellent. Loeb and Sale seem to be able to print gold when they collaborate, and this is no different. Having the Hulk fight Iron Man was quite a shock to this rehash of the Hulk's early days. (Any old school fan will know that they're first recorded meeting came much later, when the Hulk was green, at the forming of the Avengers, and it's pointed out for those who don't.) Only one complaint though, I can read this book in about two minutes, and while the gorgeous artwork makes up for that, you'd think they could've lowered the price tag or upped the page count.

TMNT #13

At $2.99, this is the best sooper hero (Hi, Alan!) book on the stands, and well worth the price. However, it seems I missed the last issue and have to track it down so that I know what's going on, because I was lost at the beginning. Still a solid read despite the confusion though. One suggestion to Laird though, make TPBs available! You'd gain more readership that way.

Transformers/G.I. Joe #4

The worst read of the week, but still not a bad one. The art is what keeps the book afloat for me, as the plot seems a little tired and stretched out. Jae Lee was born to draw stuff like this, and it shows.

Unfortunately that's all I picked up, but I'll leave you with this:

It's truly the best way to start your day. Right now Alan's talking about some of the floppies he enjoyed this year, among which is the New X-Men series I mentioned above. He's also got some links to places that are musts for comic books fans, and are always a good way to kill some time.

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