Wednesday, December 24, 2003

In Remebrance

This year saw the passing of some true legends in their field, and since this will likely be the last chance I get to make a lengthy post for the rest of the year, I'd like to close out my blog by remembering those we lost.

Maurice Gibb

One of the Bee Gee's, and a pioneer in the world of Disco Music. He was 53.

Richard Crenna

Probably best known for his role in the Rambo movies, the veteran actor died of pancriatic cancer at age 76.

Hank Ballard

The name may not sound familiar, but the man who created the dance craze, The Twist, in the early 60's, died of cancer at 76.

Little Eva

Singer of the '62 chart topper Loco-Motion died, she was in her early 60's.

Sir Paul Getty

A billionare philanthropist, and lover of the arts, he died from a a recurrent chest infection at age 70.

Rober Stack

Known best for playing Eliott Ness in the Untouchables, and hostin Unsolved Mysteries, Stack died from heart failure. He was 84.

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

The Man in Black and his wife died within months of each other, proving that true love does indeed last a lifetime.

Gregory Peck

The Five time Oscar Nominee, and star of one of the best damn movies ever put on film (To Kill A Mockingbird) died at age 87.

Catherine Hepburn

A true legend in her field, she was nominated 12 times for an Academy Award, winning four for best actress. She was 96.

Barry White

The one true voice of love, White died from kidney failure at age 58.

Buddy Ebson

The star of The Beverly Hillbillies and Barnaby Jones died at age 95 from an undisclosed ill ness.

Bob Hope

Two months after becoming a decade old, the legendary comedian died of pneumonia. A legend of radio, television, cinema, and stage, always ready to make you laugh, when asked where he wanted to be buried, his only reply was "Surprise me."

Gregory Hines

A tap dancing legend, and star of both cinema and television, died from cancer at age 57.

Charles Bronson

Veteran B-Movie star, Bronson died from pnuemonia at age 81.

John Ritter

A star of both television and film, Ritter fell ill suddenly on the set of his newest sitcom, and died from heart complications. He was 54.

Robert Palmer

A music legend, Palmer died from a heart attack at age 54.

Donald O'Connor

The man who wowed everyone with his Make 'Em Laugh number in the classic film Singin' In the Rain, died at age 78 from heart failure. His last words: "I'd like to thank the Academy for my lifetime achievement award that I will eventually get."

Elia Kazan

A legend behind the camera, and two time Academy Award winner, Kazan died at age 94.

Bobby Hatfield

One half of the soul duo, the Righteous Brothers, Hatfield died at age 63, and was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame earlier this year.

Michael Kamen

Oscar and Emmy Award winning composer, Kamen may have been best known for collaborating with Pink Floyd on The Wall record. He died at age 55 of an apparent heart attack.

Warren Spahn

The greatest left-handed pitcher to ever play baseball died at age 82

Art Carney

Best known for his role on the Honeymooners, Carney was 85.

Rod Roddy

The voice of The Price is Right died at age 66.

Johnathan Brandis

The Seaquest DSV actor died tragically at the age of 27.

I apologize for anyone I overlooked, it wasn't intentional. My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends, and to anyone else who lost someone close to them this year. It's a pain I've known and don't wish on anyone.

I hope that everyone has a great holiday, and I'll leave you with Catherine Hepburns words about life, her's in particular.

"I could have accomplished three times what I've accomplished," she once said. "I haven't realised my full potential. It's disgusting. But," she said "Life's what's important. Walking, houses, family. Birth and pain and joy - and then death. Acting's just waiting for the custard pie. That's all."

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