Thursday, January 22, 2004

Some more comics!

Yeah, yesterday was Wednesday, so that meant new comics to read. I picked up quite a few things, but here's my opinion on the few I've actually gotten to read:

New X-Men #152 $2.25

Part two of Morrisons final arc, "Here Comes Tomorrow," is set entirely in the future. It's somewhat confusing, but interesting just the same. I still won't spoil anything, I'll save the real review for when the arc's complete.

Fantastic Four #509 $2.25

I haven't been following the book for quite awhile, but I did know the outcome of last months issue. If you don't want to know, I suggest you stop reading now...

Ben Grimm is dead, and at the hands of his best friend, Reed Richards no less. It seems the Four...or Three as the case may be, have gone their seperate ways at the beginning, but Reeds discovery that Ben's soul still exists reunites them on a search for their fallen friend. With Wieringo back on art duties and Waid still writing the scripts, Fantasic Four climbs to the top of my list of must read superhero books. This is one of the best books available, and it looks like it will just get better.

Here's what else I picked up:

Thanos #5 $2.99
New Frontier #1 $6.99
Freaks of the Heartland #1 $2.99

More on those as soon as I read them.


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