Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Some Reviews and the Return of an Old Favorite

First, head on over to CBG and check out D. emerson edyy's latest words of wisdom, How to Quit Reading Comics. Great, hilarious stuff, and sadly, he's completely on the ball with it. Also, today is the offical CBG anniversary, so, one more Happy Anniversary! to you guys over there.

Next, a review:

Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men $1.50 (Cover)

Creative Team: It'd be easier to name the people who weren't involved.

What's it about? The X-Men go up against an entity they just can't seem to fight, one who can attack them mentally. Turns out it's some kind of force as old as manking who feeds on misery. It's a pretty substandard story overall, but the point of the story isn't lost, and in fact you pretty much get beat over the head with it.

Why you should read it: Well, the art is pretty great, and the dialogue is well written, but considering the talent involved it'd be hard for it to be horrible. There's a great cover by Art adams, and a Jim Starlin does a back cover that's impressive enough. It's pretty standard X-Men stuff from the mid-80's, with great dialogue and good art, great art in some places. I found it in a quarter bin, and that makes it well worth it, but I believe the guide price is between five and ten bucks, I doubt it's worth that.

Wild Things 2

I'm not even gonna run the list of creative talent, because they should all be embarassed. Not for making a T&A movie, but for making a T&A movie badly. And that's pretty hard to do. In fact, before watching this idiotic film I would've said it's impossible. Well, turns out nothing is impossible. This movie sucks, and in the worst way possible.


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