Monday, January 16, 2006

All Better

Well, despite a very bad reaction to some painkillers, everything is A-OK, abcess gone, with nothing but a sore jaw to remind me of it. But, that will be gone in a day or so as well I suppose. Or, I hope. I'm glad to have successfully survived my first trip to the dentist in probably ten years. And yes, he felt the need to bombard me with questions about why I don't go to the dentist, blah blah. But, I've been living on my own since I was about 16, dental work has never been part of the budget. I can thank my lackluster parenting for no providing it before then.

So, yeah...

Finished watching The Prisoner today, watching the guide thing right now. The only thing I knew for certain was that #6 was (or would become?) #1, like Dorian said, it's said at the beginning of every episode, you just have to listen to it. I had my suspicions about that ( "Who is #1", "You are #6" or "You are, #6"), Dorian's comment had me almost positive about it, and the final episode answered it. But, it still leaves alot to interpret, which makes it so damn brilliant I guess. I might be cancelling my Netflix, I don't have time to watch the DVDs I've bought, much less ones I'm paying for monthly, so until I get through all my unwatched stuff, Netflix is on hiatus. Ashame too, because I had a ton o stuff I've been dying to watch. Coming up next was Babylon 5. But, inside of a few months I should have most of my purchases watched and resume my subscription.

And ,while I'm here, if you've got some dough to spare, good buddy Patch Drury has some more comics to get rid of, all of 'em pretty damn cheap. He even started a blog for it. Head on over to Buy Patrick's Comics and buy something from him. Mention I sent you, and he might charge you more! I've alread decided to get the two Frank Miller Daredevil books, as I've read maybe a hanful of his DD, and probably a few more things as well. Good stuff, great prices, he's like Wal-Mart, only with less illegal aliens.


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