Friday, January 06, 2006

Where Were We?

I've been meaning to post, honest I have. Life has just become one big blur lately, with hardly any time for amusement. So, what have I been up to?

I'm almost through with The Prisoner. I'm loving it. The most recently watched episode was "Living in Harmony", and I think it's definitely my favorite so far. Though, the other episode on the disc is quite good as well. I've watched some of the special features on the discs I've sent back, didn't find too many of them that interesting, though one interview contained a kind-of spoiler, so I decided to skip anything other than the episodes from then on.

Caught Scrubs hour long premiere the other night, and was really unimpressed with it. I missed most of last season for some reason or another, and I might decide to skip this one voluntarily. Outside of a handful of funny moments in the second episode I just thought it was lackluster. Also watched the premier of Four Kings. Not great either, but it has a heart to it that a lot of sitcoms lack, I doubt if the show lasts long at all.

I'm now an official convert to How I Met Your Mother. I hated (HATED) the first epsiode, but since then the show has improved vastly, and if they could ditch the Bob Saget stuff I'd be ready to proclaim it the best new show on TV. Instead, My Name is Earl gets that honor. Also still loving Two and a Half Men, CSI Miami, and all the other crap I watch regularly. Oh, Arrested Development is as brilliant as ever, too bad it's ending. But, at least we got what we did, right?

The year definitely started off on a sour note, hell it ended on one too. The Falcons don't deserve any damn thing. They don't even deserve the 8-8 record. Football is a team sport, and apparently they forgot how to play as a team. When the offense clicked, the defense crumbled and if the D made a goal line stand the offense couldn't get in the endzone. Typical Atlanta, never able to play to their fullest. Said it for years now, they can only put half of themselves into any season, game or drive. Vick has improved as a short passer I thnk, but it's those 20 yard throws that he just can't get down. I give him one more year in Atlanta, if he can't do it next year, he's trade fodder.

I've had a few new things show up at the Galaxy; my Demo review and a column that I may have already linked to. While you're there check out the exclusive Barry Windsor-Smith preview, it's truly awesome stuff. Speaking of the column though, that may be my last, at least for awhile. I really haven't had the energy for it and it's not exactly fair to keep doing it if I'm not going to give it my all.

Other crap that's kept me the last week?

Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty. Not a great film by any menas, but not a bad one. Has it's funny moments, the acting is spot on, but the script could have used some work. It all feels very forced. Still, I liked it more than most, probably because I saw the tongue-in-cheek style it was trying to pull off. Also watched March of the Penguins; very depressing. And I saw Melinda and Melinda, Woody Allen's latest film. Great, great story, with no Allen in sight. Well, unless you count Will Ferrell's pretty accurate imitation. Not his best work, but maybe his most commercial. Longtime fans will probably not love it, but for people like me who think less Woody is better, it's a good bet.

Reading? The usual.

The Perhapanauts #2 was good. The story has me intrigued. But, the letters page confuses me. Was this series being published somewhere else? I'd never heard of it til this new mini. I'll have to track some info down about it.

Spider-Man/Black Cat #5 hit last week, and man does it blow. Not even the hyper-sexy Dodson art can save this crap. Seriously, rape? Is that all comics are about anymore? Is that what every woman hero in comics must become, a rape victim? Not to make light of any real life victims (I know quite a few, so I know how damaging it can be), but that's just beyond dumb. There are ways to tell an emoptional story with women that don't involve them being raped, just like their are ways to tell emotional stories about kids that don't involve them being molested. In the world of fiction it's an old hat, it's tired and cliche. But, I guess no one's said Kevin Smith was original since Clerks, have they? Personally, I like Dogma better than all of 'em.

Y #41 was another stand alone. This time we got 355's "origin". Hey, thanks for nothing Vaughan. That wasn't an origin, not really. More like "Hey, pad this story out a little bit." "Okay, I have the perfect idea!" Still, it was better than anything else I read this week.

Fallen Angel #1...Well, I'm sorry I pre-ordered so many issues before I read this one. The art sucks and I'm completely friggin lost with the story. Dammit. But David's X-Factor is rocking my socks off. #2 was funny as hell, even with little miss "I move the plot along."

The Hyperactives preview sucked. No more Alias books for me, thank god. I'll have to go into that at some point in time. Funny story...

What if?... Starring Wolverine. Ooooh, I know, what if this didn't suck! I love Daniel Way, but this was barely readable. I didn't even see the Punisher reference until I looked at the cover again. Speaking of the clawed one. I liked Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. It's like Con Air in comic book form. It's senseless just for the sake of being senseless.

Justice #3 came out, and I don't even remember reading it. That's sad, I enjoyed the first two issues a lot. This every other month thing is gonna kill me. Also read Testament #1 and wasn unimpressed. We've all seen Logan's Run, please stop re-making it, thank you.

Do I sound bitter? Man I hope this year gets better!


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