Thursday, June 24, 2004

El Quicka Hits!

Eh, I got nothing...well, nothing funny anyway, here's what I picked up this week:

Venom #16 $2.99

Daniel Way continues to hold my interest in this book, despite the fact that it's turned into a "guest starring Spider-Man!" title. There is a bit too much going on for the story, and there's definitely not enough focus on Robertson (aka the new Venom). I'm hoping that the end of this storyline will end the involvement of Spidey, but I'm definitely looking forward to the two symbiotes meeting.

30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow #4 $3.99

The people of Barrow prepare themselves for the vampires, too bad the vampires have learned their lesson about going in there unarmed. That's right...Vampires with guns, lots of them. I've praised Niles and Templesmith to no end, so I'll spare you that and just say read the damn book, it's awesome.

Empire TPB $14.95

With quite the positive praise surrounding this book it was a tough one to NOT pick up. I'll start off by saying all the postive praise was well deserved. Waid explains the thoughts behind the story in his great intro, and ADD has a great review of it over at CBG (links to the right!) so, again, I won't bore you with all that. I do have a few negative things to say though...the big reveal towards the end as to who the "traitor" is felt forced, as if it were thought of at the last minute. Not to say that it wasn't shocking (I never saw it coming) but just that I felt it wasn't the original plan, kind of thrown in at the last minute. I'm probably wrong, but that's how it felt, very rushed. Second, the fact that Golgoth never removed his mask bothered me a great deal, and I'm not sure why. But as the end got close he began to feel more like a pro wrestling villian to me. However, the series is well written (for the most part) and despite those two things, manages to pull off the concept. In a world (or medium as the case may be) of recycled ideas, this is about as close to original as you can get. Buy it.


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ADD said...

Mick Martin wrote the Empire review, but it's worth a look as something off the usual Waid path with terrific art.